Q&A: Canine training

  • Q: My dog who is three years old is very boisterous and is always jumping about when somebody knocks on the door. I tell her to stop, but she just ignores me and carries on running around, can I make her listen to me and stop doing this annoying habit?

    Liz Bulbrook replies: When people come to the door, dogs can react by being aggressive or boisterous depending upon their nature, with some defending their territory whilst other see visitors as more people to play with and to make a fuss of them.

    Unfortunately not all visitors want to be greeted by a having a dog launch itself at them or charge around them.

    By ignoring you, your dog is displaying her dominance and therefore it is important to re- assert your authority and remind her of her training.

    Ideally teach her to sit and stay while you open the door. Stand tall and strong using the voice and eyes to get your message across.

    Take her by the collar before you open the door, move her back from the door then use a deep firm voice when commanding her to sit then “Sit/ Stay”.

    Placing a hand in front of her face with the palm facing the dog, fingers spread and moving it towards her nose whilst giving the command creates a temporary barrier.

    If she stays put then reward her with praise and / or a treat. Eventually she may well respond to your voice without you needing to move her back with her collar.

    Although you could consider shutting her in another room while you open the door, she is likely to just continue running round as soon as you let her out, and also having your dog in the vicinity can be useful should you have strangers knocking on the door, particularly late at night.

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