Pup found with rotting leg

The RSPCA has launched an urgent appeal for information after a six-month-old dog was found wandering in Sheffield with a rotting leg encased in an old bandage.

The male, tan crossbreed was found on Deerlands Avenue, Parsons Cross, on Tuesday 24 June, by a local authority dogwarden, who was horrified by what she saw and immediately contacted the RSPCA.

The dog’s right hind leg was wrapped in a festering bandage, which the RSPCA believes had been professionally applied, but had clearly not been changed for months.

Once the dressing was removed, the dog’s entire leg was found to be necrotic. The dog underwent emergency surgery to amputate the limb at Beechouse Veterinary Surgery, Greengate Lane, High Green, Sheffield, and is now recovering well.

Inspector Matt Bell, who is leading the investigation, says: “The bandage had obviously been applied by a vet, but the owner had failed to return for the dressing to be changed. I believe that when the smell became over-powering the owner decided to abandon the puppy, rather than face certain prosecution.

“The bandage removed was of a type routinely used by the PDSA, but they have such a vast client base, they are unlikely to be able to trace the owner, if he or she is a client at all.

“I am urgently appealing for anyone who recognises this dog and can lead us to his owner to contact the RSPCA immediately. We need the public’s help to track the person responsible for allowing this puppy to get into such a state. He was in agony when he was found and must have been enduring terrible pain for weeks.”

Anyone with any information should contact the RSPCA in confidence (tel: 08705 555999).

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