P(UK) South Show results

  • P(UK) SOUTH SHOW Newbury, Berks 4 May

    Connemara in-hand exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, M Pearce’s Spinway Celebration; 2 & res, R Blackburn’s Glencarrig Eleanor; 3, J Cook’s Millfields Sportsman. Fell in-hand 1/3-y-o 1 & ch, M Goddard &M Longsdon’s Bewcastle Blinky Bonny; 2, T Good’s Underwoods Kingfisher; 3, S Prior’s Townend Carly Iii. do exc 4-y-o 1 & res, T Good’s Underwoods Icarus; 2 J Lloyd’s Darrenvale Rebecca; 3 G Duncan’s Townend Badger. Dales in-hand exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, L Ahmet’s Dartdale Bobbie; 2 & res, S Hobday’s Sunglow Sovereign. Highland in-hand 1/3-y-o 1 & res, D Cunningham-Reid’s Balleroy Isabella; 2 C Carrington’s Kington Wick Sky Lark; 3 F McWilliam’s Brittleton Strath Isla. exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, A Hart’s Armtriochtan Drugal; 2 J S Crane’s Governer Of Whitefield; 3 B Bingham’s Millgrove Tayberry. New Forest in-hand 1/3-y-o 1, S Andree-Parsons’s Sabinas Bright Light; 2 A Bailey’s Applewitch Clairvoyant; 3 J White’s Wheely Down Sonnet. exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, J Whitham’s Woodrow Delights Double; 2 & res, N Williams’s Peronne Palaver; 3 K Cornwell’s Sabina’s Gold Slash. Exmoor in-hand exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, A Nicholls & J Webb’s Blackthorn Sea Poacher; 2 & res, GRees-Agnew’s Frithesden Celebration. Dartmoor in-hand 1/3-y-o 1 & res, H Houseman’s Fengate Starburst; 2, Mesdames Grange & Arnold’s Blacknest Prince Hal; 3, Parkinson & Reid’s Micklehill Aceamour. exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, J Newbery’s White Willows Myster; 2, S Prior’s Broxdown Keuka; 3, A Higgins’s Drumphin Capercaillie. Shetland in-hand 1/3-y-o 1, E House’s Bincombe Pastry; 2, D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Clivacast Bi-bi; 3, Messrs Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Hector. exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Turvill’s Highwood Fidelity; 2 & res, E House’s Bincombe Perth; 3 D Pickett & A Sargeant’s Champlers Ebony. Welsh A in-hand y’lng 1, P Smith’s Trefedw Byron; 2, T Armstrong’s Glenfield Chip; 3, M Sheen’s Hazliebank Perselis. do 2/3-y-o 1, C Reynolds’s Blanche Maytime; 2, A Overton-Ablitt & Mrs Devenish’s Colne Nightflight; 3, T Capon’s Hallows Snapdragon. exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, C Reynolds’s Blanche Mandolin; 2, T Armstrong’s Friars Supreme; 3, D Thomas’s Penwisg Bart. sec B in-hand y’lng 1, C Davies & Mr Poulter’s Daukester Simon; 2, K Bowyer’s Symondsbury Royal Envoy; 3, V Watson’s Newcott. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, P Fillingham’s Stockham Goldfinger; 2 & res, J Upton’s Bluebury Galliano; 3, C Davies & Mr Poulter’s Akadame Mimique. do exc 4-y-o 1, C Davies & Mr Poulter’s Oldacres Hetty; 2, D Bell’s Holyoake Harmony; 3, A Morris’s Dymock Ballet Dancer. sec C 1/3-y-o 1 & ch, N Shelling’s Popsters Secret-love; 2 & res, H Rogers’s Bryngelli Bronze. sec D 1/3-y-o 1 & res, N Hutchinson’s Caerddaniel Abigail; 2, D Smith & A Jones’s Broughton Stepaside; 3, Mr & Mrs Deacon’s Tyr Capel Michael. do exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, W Hill & Mr McNewman’s Tydfil Survivor; 2, SaithStud’s Saith Marjgal Dream; 3, A Dunn’s Tuscani Manifesto. M&M in-hand sml 1/3-y-o 1, T Capon’s Hallows Snapdragon; 2, A Overton-Ablitt & Mrs Devenish’s Colne Nightflight; 3, D Bell’s Holyoake Shameka. do exc 4-y-o 1, D Bell’s Holyoake Harmony; 2, S Board Jones’s Greenlinks Special Edition; 3, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Capacino. M&M in-hand lge 1/3-y-o 1 & ch, N Hutchinson’s Caerddaniel Abigail; 2, K Eynott’s Sabina’s Cracker Jack; 3, Mr & Mrs Deacon’s Tyr Capel Michael. do exc 4-y-o 1 & res, Saith Stud’s Saith Marjgal Dream; 2, T D Good’s Underwoods Icarus; 3, W Hill & Mr McNewman’s Tydfil Survivor. con nov ridden M&M sml 1 & ch, P Smith’s Blackbridge Sweet Pea; 2 & res, C Grisdale’s Locksbit Whispering Wind; 3, F Pearce-Thomas’s Newcott Mikado. do lge 1, F McWilliam’s Mountain Rowan Of Craigie Loch; 2, S Hodgkins’s Atlantic Ace; 3, M Corrigan’s Parkville Black Prince. open ridden New Forest/Connemara 1, S Avery’s Tulira Smokey Pat; 2, H Armstrong-Small’s Hungry Hall Penny Come Quick; 3, J Morgan’s Village Favourite. do Fells/Dales/Highland 1 & res, F Sweeney’s Townend Breeze; 2, H M The Queen’s Balmoral Curlew; 3, L Ahmet’s Dartdale Bobbie. do-Welsh A&B1, S Darlington’s Marden Merlyn; 2, T Collett’s Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 3, Miss V Hesford’s Wortley Wizard. do Dartmoor/Exmoor/Shetland 1, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter; 2 Parkinson & Reid’s Denbury Down Diplomat; 3, S Love’s Fairmarsh Marabou. do-Welsh C&D 1 & ch, U Marcel’s Murrayhall Faiths Reward; 2, L Carey’s Cwmtawe Hinsey; 3, S Richardson’s Cwmclydan Oscar. jnr ridden M&M sml 1, T Collett’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, T Hodges’s Stockham Solitaire; 3, J Barton’s Holyoake Tallisman. do jnr lge 1, F Sweeney’s Townend Breeze; 2, K Ramsey’s Aberarth King Flyer; 3, C Allen’s Tybanadl Brenin Siarl. open M&M LR Welsh sec A 1 & ch, A Prebensen’s Rubilyn Rambo; 2, A Overton Ablitt’s Colne Trisca; 3, Carrs B M W’s Cosford Chaucer. open M&M LR 1, unlisted; 2, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Shilstone Rocks Titan; 3, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter. FR 1, V White’s Langfield Binth; 2, A Haynes’s Oldmere Holly; 3, M Sheen’s Gryngallt Prospector. con nov M&M LR 1 & ch, Waitwith Sedona; 2, J Horton’s Wharley Fwll Ebrill; 3, L Pope’s Yeoland Humbug. do FR 1 & res, J Newbury’s Millcroft Gothic; 2, M Sheen’s Gryngallt Prospector; 3, A Higgins’s Drumphin Capercaillie. M&M FYFR 1, M Ainscough & E Gray’s Priestwood Mirth; 2, D Barr’s Dryknowl Colcairn; 3, A Prebensen’s Rubilyn Rambo. RP y’stk 128cm y’lng 1, J Baker’s Classic Cameo; 2, C Sandison & A Eccles’s Bankswood Red Pepper; 3, S Paffett’s Beverley Sonata. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Clark’s Deanhills Prima Donna; 2, C Constable’s Bracon Top Flight; 3, J Baker’s Colouiann Self Portrait. 138cm y’lng 1, L Bishop’s Falconhurst Simply Magic; 2, H Crowley’s Hollowmarsh Just William; 3, P Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Talk Of The Town. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, K Sarling’s Colbeach Sofistication; 2, J & K Saggers’s Crystal King; 3, J Weedon’s Jipson Pipit. 153cm y’lng 1, D Smith & A Jones’s Glebedale Sharmantty; 2, C Sandison & A Eccles’s Bankswood Scandal; 3, N Henton’s Wayward Explorer. do 2/3-y-o 1, A Macey’s Masterpiece; 2, A Bush’s Rendene Romany Hill. part-bred in-hand: y’lng 1 & ch, L Bishop’s Falconhurst Simply Magic; 2, R Rennocks’s Rendene Distant Music; 3, C Sandison & A Eccles’s Bankswood Scandal. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Baker’s Colouiann Self Portrait; 2, K Sarling’s Colbeach Sofistication; 3, C Constable’s Bracon Top Flight. do exc 4-y-o 1, S O’Sullivan’s Leesburg Sweet Sorrell; 2, N Shelling’s Stainswick First & Foremost; 3, P Kent’s Evian. part-bred ridden not exc 148cm 1 & ch, P Morris’s Rotherwood Peek-A-Boo; 2 & Res Mrs J Thomas’s Sedgelands Riverdance; 3 Mrs J Taylor’s Jobanker Button Bright. do exc 148cm 1, R Templeton’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, H Badder’s Corinthian; 3, S Iliffe’s Nutwood Bestseller. HP: y’lng 1, P Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Talk Of The Town; 2, K Bowyer’s Symonsbury Icarus. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, P Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Starmaker; 2, A Bush’s Rendene Romany Hill; 3, F Kennedy’s Longbourne Love-In-May. do exc 4-y-o 1 & res, A Prebensen’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, S Mosse & Miss Bast’s Moscombe Cappucina. con nov ridden SP 1 & res, J Newbery’s Okehayes Sunset Boulevard; 2, S Deary’s Classical Symphony; 3, C Morris’s Brotiefie Pillow Talk. con nov ridden int SRT 1 & ch, W Haslam’s Kazzbrook Florence; 2, A Allison’s Bee-Minor; 3, V Smith’s Ponsbourne Deception. open ridden SP 128cm 1 & res, A Haynes’s Glenmoss Juliet; 2, J Newbury’s Holltess Sugar Tot; 3, K Hounsom’s Coveham Illustration. do 138cm 1, D Thomas’s Fairholme Request; 2, J Blundell’s Rosslyn Spring Meeting; 3, A Prebensen’s Fidra Alba. 148cm 1 & ch, G Fry’s Calder Impressionist; 2, P Morris’s Rotherwood Peek-A-Boo; 3, J Thomas’s Sedgelands Riverdance. SP 1, R Bosworth’s Parks Looking Glass; 2, S De Boinville’s Pendley Tip Top; 3, J Taylor’s Jobanker Button Bright. open SP LR 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Barkway Happy Returns; 2, Carrs B M W’s Hollyvale Limited Edition; 3, J Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance. do FR 1 & res, C Willett’s Wentward Quality Quest; 2, Barkway Tapdance; 3, L Goodyear’s Madenlie Rag Doll. con nov SP LR 1, K Owens & J May’s Ardenhall Tempting Touch; 2, M D’agati’s Romany River Tittlemouse; 3, S Blacker’s Thamesbrook Fidelio. do FR 1 & ch, T Skeet’s Devon Raindance; 2 & res, Barkway Tapdance; 3, T Salter’s Lowland Bronwin Cariad. SP FYFR 1, A Gaunt’s Roseisle Honesty; 2 D Wethered’s Antionettes Little Toff; 3 A Prebensen’s Raemoir Hoity-Toity. con nov SHP 133cm 1 & res, J Cook’s Rotherwood Peterkin; 2, L White’s Tredeane Viscount; 3, V Bowden’s Chinook Cameo. do 143cm 1, C Morris’s Foxholm Royalist; 2, Gatwick Show Team’s Lydgate Giovani; 3, C Hayles’s Longstone Megan. con nov SHT 1 & ch, G Andrews’s Miss Jones; 2, M Reid’s Woodpark Moon Breeze; 3, Gatwick Show Team’s Pilgrims Trinnia. SHP LR 1, P Ryder & J Phillips’s Courtland Benjamin; 2, J Edwards’s Millay Margarita; 3, J Corbett’s Lindseys Future Star. open SHP 122cm 1, A Prebensen’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, L Goodyear’s Millay Manoleto; 3, N Lewis’s Royalswood Pageboy. 133cm 1 & ch, D Thomas’s Fairholme Rasputin; 2, JBlundell’s Chiddock Speed Limit; 3, G Simpson’s Rhos Eldorado; 143cm 1, J Blundell’s Chiddock Superman; 2, L Turnball’s Highmead Sanderling; 3, C W Welby’s Sion Brian. 153cm 1 & res, A Allison’s Cherrington Spotlight; 2, C Bond & K Packham’s Harwent Secret Agent; 3, K Hounsom’s Yealand Preacherman. beginner stakes 1 & res, L Robertson’s Amesbury Devine; 2, A Prebensen’s Farchynys Pererin; 3, A Gaunt’s Corn Poppy. NS 1 & ch, Harwel Wizzard; 2, S Nicklin’s PonsbournePirate; 3, N Thompson’s Spinningdale Sienna. open WHP 133cm 1, L Dashwood’s Dancer. 143cms 1 & res, E Lees’s Irish Dragoon. 153cm 1 & ch, P Maras’s Necta Harrier; 2, T Bailey’s Convoy; 3, S Blacker’s Norris Castle Roselight. con nov WHP 133cm 1 & res, T Bailey’s Mickey Finn; 2, S Harris’s Kiltinane Chorus; 3, Dancer. 143cm 1, S Underhill’s Herbie Is Bananas. 153cm 1 & ch, P Coutts Donald’s Sandpiper VIII; 2, M Lawless’s Ruyton Finnegan. open style & performance 133cm 1 & ch, T Collett’s Moelgarnedd Bwrlwm; 2, S Skier’s Little Dandy; 3, Dancer. 143cm 1 & res, S Jobson’s Penstrumbly Truly Perfick; 2, Irish Dragoon; 3 Necta Kestrel. exc 143cm 1, Necta Harrier; 2, S Blacker’s Norris Castle Roselight; 3, Sandpiper VIII. open M&M style & performance sml 1 & res, Harwel Wizzard; 2, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn; 3, W Green’s Newhill St George. do lge 1 & ch, Biddle’s Green Cottage Ambassador; 2, S Underhill’s Wensum Parsley; 3, P Robertson’s Bakeburn Starrman. ridden competition horse/pony not exc 14hh 1 & ch, P Morris’s Rotherwood Peek-A-Boo; 2 & res, N Madeley’s Cornhill Bright Spark; 3, S Jobson’s Penstrumbly Truly Perfick. do exc 14hh 1, D Curtis’s Red Alert; 2, H Badder’s Corinthian; 3, S Conway’s Trehelig Rachael. in-hand competition horse 1/3-y-o 1, J Cruden’s Ambersham Quartermaster; 2, C Evans’s Pc Mill On The Floss; 3, G Decelles’s Elgars Enigma. do exc 4-y-o 1 & res, J Cook’s Rotherwood Peterkin; 2, S Mosse & Miss Bast’s Moscombe Cappucina. do 1 & ch, G Claughton’s Larchbrook Flowing Free; 2, P Kent’s Evian. M&M ridden sport/comp pony sml 1 & ch, T Collett’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, J Hosmer’s Priestwood Barnum. do lge 1 & res, J Guilding’s Willoway Shogun; 2, J Wheeler’s Fleur’s Flight; 3, M Young’s Norris Castle Amboseli. con nov M&M WHP 122cm 1& ch, J Cook’s Stowbrook Snipe; 2, K Girdler’s Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord; 3, B Daffurn’s Balfwrn Little Star. 138cm 1 & res, G Brown’s Wyken Limelight; 2, K Curant’s Holmedown Jade; 3, F Pearce-Thomas’s Newcott Mikado. exc 138cm 1, J Allen’s Ashow Brenin; 2, N Williams’s Peronne Palaver; 3, J Barton’s Sydserff Atlantic Wave.open M&M WHP 122cm 1 & res, S Everest’s Wynhill Seamus; 2, Parkinson & Reid’s Springbank Argonaut; 3, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn.138cm 1 & ch, Harwel Wizzard; 2 Paddock Debonaire; 3 Tireve Trotting Jack. exc 138cm 1, Rhydfendigaid Daniel; 2, Sydserff Atlantic Wave; 3, Fleur’s Flight. int SRT 153cm 1 & res, K Bliss’s Pendley Distinction; 2, Holtess Fairy Nuff; 3, A Smith’s Wentward Gift Of Fidelity. 158cm 1, K Caesar’s Compromise; 2, D Stennett’s Gentle Breeze; 3,L Kelbie’s Lyndrose Bobby Dazzler. int SHT 1 & ch, D Thomas’s Windy Miller Ii; 2, Dell Park Stud’s Irish Lights; 3, C Standring’s Majic Max. nov WH 1, A Guthrie’s Oscar. WH not exc 153cm 1 & ch, M Lawless’s Ruyton Finnegan; 2,& res M Ball’s Royal Lily; 3, S Blacker’s Norris Castle Roselight. not exc 153cm 1, A Guthrie’s Oscar; 2, C Norton’s Brannigan. M&M WHP 1, M Hoare’s Chicnoir Corn Dolly; 2, Fleur’s Flight; 3, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn. open sml hunter 1, S Callaghan’s Young Oliver; 2, V Hawkins’s Ocean Dream; 3, L Place’s Linzgarth Irish Vision. open sml RH 1 & res, G Andrews’s Broxwood; 2, C Bond & K Packham’s Harwent Secret Agent; 3, L Kemble’s Dancing Flame. open RH 1 & ch, CBardo’s Soldier Brave; 2, Mayday Iii; 3, V Macrae’s Halifax II. con nov RH 1, S Noble’s Tempest Mea. ridden cob lwt 1 & res, C Bardo’s Dandini III; 2, S Noble’s Slieve Sam; 3, F Keeling’s Kelston Madam Butterfly. hwt 1, L Russell’s Betelgewse; 2, K Walsh’s Wash-N-Go; 3, T North’s Kingsey Ace. coloured ridden horse/pony 1 & ch, V White’s Helter Skelter; 2, Lady Clarendon’s Holywell Bedazzled; 3, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Ulverscroft Capacino. ridden pieblad/skewbald not exc 153cms 1 & res, My Little Nutmeg; 2, J Shellard’s Rainbow II; 3, J Wyman’s Mr Moody. coloured ridden horse/pony 1 & res, N Whitelock’s Samehills Mosaic; 2, D Van Tromp’s Woodbury Court Jester; 3, C Gale’s Obie Kanobie. ridden pieblad/skewbald exc 153cms RIHS 1 & ch, Captain Pugwash; 2, Samehills Mosaic; 3, R Templeton’s Hollyland Pacific. in-hand coloured pony 1/3-y-o 1 & res, J Evans & Mrs K Thorpe’s Blenheim Hopscotch; 2, J Evans & K Thorpe’s Blenheim Honeybee; 3, J Thomas’s Toy Horse Dancing Diana. do exc 4-y-o 1 & ch, J Lloyd’s Sister Anna; 2, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow II. do horse 1, Obie Kanobie; 2, C Deacon & A Croft’s Mighty Samson. miniature y’lng 1, N Valentine’s Spotlighits Blue Massiah; 2, A Allison’s Looking Glass Born To Be Wild; 3, M Lewis’s Lewingales Spirit In The Sky. 2/3-y-o 1, A Jarrom’s Patchwork Antalope; 2, N Valentine’s Kilcummer White Wings; 3, Toy Horse Dancing Diana. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, N Valentine’s Pantir Marco Polo; 2 & res, S Tatnell’s Princess Latin Eclipse; 3, Mr & Mrs Rogers’s Starfire Gilton Briar. private driving not exc 138cms 1 & ch, W Wybrew’s Tilston Cardinal; 2, V Neal’s Swffryd Viking Warrior; 3, Mrs Holcombe’s Semley Sauvelon. exc 138cm 1 & res, B Lewis’s Twilight II; 2, J Bennett’s Merryfield Amara Jet; 3, C Sheerman’s Navestock Marksman. concours d’elegance driving 1, Twilight II; 2, Merryfield Amara Jet; 3, Mrs Holcombe’s Semley Sauvelon. ridden hack sml 1, E Young’s Cest La Vie; 2 & res, K Bliss’s Pendley Distinction; 3, A Allison’s Bee-Minor. lge 1 & ch, Mrs Keane’s Marquis Of Queensury. M&M in-hand qual 1, W Hill & M Newman’s Tydfil Survivor; 2, J R Whitham¡s Woodrow Delights Double.

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