Product test: Turnout socks

  • A turnout boot to help prevent mud fever, avoid dirty legs and protect against injuries.

    Available in long or short versions, these turnout socks from Sportabac are designed to help prevent mud fever, keep legs clean and protect against injuries. They can also be used to keep legs warm, prevent swelling, secure dressings and keep poultices hot.

    A safe alternative to bandaging, there is no worry of pressure points as they fasten with strong hook and loop fastenings. Manufactured in black 5mm neoprene with additional neoprene patches between the heel and fetlock to protect against skid and strike injuries.

    The long turnout socks cover from just below the knee or hock and extend down to the coronary band, while the short version extends down from mid cannon.

    Machine washable they come in four sizes. Size 1 – pony front (11hh-13hh); Size 2 -pony hind/cob front (13hh-15hh); Size 3 – cob hind/full front (15hh-16hh+) and Size 4 full hind (16hh+)

    Cost at around £27 a pair.

    Tester’s Comments

    The concept behind these boots is great. Initially, they stayed firmly in place and although didn’t keep my horse Trooper’s legs completely dry, they certainly helped keep them mud-free.

    However, in order to keep them clean and dry, they need to be washed frequently, but they are easy to wash and dry quickly so it wasn’t a problem.

    A slight word of cautionhowever. After several weeks’ use, the hook and loop fastening began to loose their stick and one fell off. I also found that the “socks” appeared to hold the water against the coronet band which made it very soft, so I had to stop using them for a time.

    Trooper suffered very bad mud fever last year, but thanks to these turnout socks, he has remained mud fever free.

    In my opinion, to truly get the best from these boots, you need two full sets – one to wear while the others are being washed. They might be quite expensive, but if you can afford several sets they are definitely worth the money.

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