Product test: Shannagh breeches

  • Shannagh breeches from Lucinda Green Clothing

    Lucinda Green Clothing is a range of co-ordinating and tailored garments for everyday and competition use.

    The range features wooljackets in navy, black and tweed. Show shirts, breeches, tops and waistcoats, as well as a new cross-country helmet, chaps and gaiters.

    Emma Thomas tested the Shannagh breeches, which feature a high waist, microfibre breech. Available in sizes 10-18 and a range of colours including ivory, white, chamois, lilac, wedgewood, cappuccino and cranberry.

    Cost at around £90.

    For more information contact Zebra Products (tel: 01695 550357).

    Tester’s Comments

    These breeches were extremely comfortable to wear and ride in. The fabric was thick without being chunky or restrictive and they didn’t sag despite being worn all day.

    These breeches received a number of compliments from people on my yard who all asked what make they were.

    I like the high waist style, although it takes a bit of getting used to. My only criticism is that despite being 5ft 7ins tall, the breeches were still too long and I had to fasten them outside my boots, to prevent them rubbing.

    Although they are quite expensive, they are excellent quality and I would definitely buy another pair.

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