Product Test: Performer PolyPad

  • HHO tests a new type of PolyPad designed for competition riders

    PolyPads new Performer saddle pad has traditional Polypad quilting in either single or plus one thickness under the saddle-bearing area, while the sides are lined with soft cotton towelling.

    Designed for competition riders, it’s deeper than the average Polypad and has a curved front and shaped spine for a better fit.

    Available in a range of colours including white, black and brown.

    Cost at around £28 for single thickness and £31 for plus one.

    Contact PolyPads (tel: 01284 850511) or visit www.polypads.co.uk

    Tester’s comments

    The first time I used the Performer PolyPad was for a cross-country schooling session on a bright spring day. The pad stayed securely in place and I was pleasantly surprised by how cool my horse was under her saddle when we finished.

    Apart from cross-country, I have mainly used the PolyPad while hacking and schooling with my dressage saddle, which is fitted with “Flair”.

    While using the Performer, my dressage saddle has kept an even and secure contact on my horse’s back although the pad did slip down and back if my girth wasn’t tight. The lack of bulk between my leg and Stara’s sides made schooling easy.

    I think the style and design of this new PolyPad will make it popular for competition riders to use at home and at competitions, although I would prefer the Polypad branding around the edge of the numnah to be less obvious.

    My horse’s hair brushed easily off the inside of the numnah on both the towelling and quilted areas. It washed well in the washing machine at 40 degrees and dried overnight on the radiator.

    Verdict: A well-designed numnah, which fits well, is easy to keep looking good and is ideal for any discipline.

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