Product test: Lunge rein and cavesson

  • 26 March 2002

    Eventing magazine puts a lunge rein and cavesson from Robinsons Country Leisure to the test

    Robinsons Country Leisure has a range of lungeing equipment available, including the Extra Grip Lunge Rein and Neoprene Padded Lunge Cavesson.

    The 7m-long Extra Grip Lunge Rein is made from polypropylene. It has a PVC padded hand loop with two extra padded grips, 70cm and 170cm from the handle. The brass swivel trigger clip makes it simple to attach.

    The neoprene-padded lunge cavesson is fully adjustable and is lined with neoprene on the nose and browband. The three rings on the noseband enable a horse to be worked in side reins, without adding a bit and bridle.

    The lunge rein costs around £7 and the lunge cavesson around £18.

    For more details contact Robinsons Country Leisure (tel: 01744 885555) or visit www.robinsons-uk.com

    Tester’s comments

    “The extra grips on the lunge rein are a simple and sensible idea, but they aren’t necessarily in the right place and make the lunge rein rather thick to hold when looped up.

    “I think a pair of these would be ideal for long-reining though.

    “The cavesson was quite heavy across the nose due to its three rings, and we were not sure that the padding was enough to compensate. We also wondered why the browband was padded rather than the headpiece.

    “However, it adjusted to fit a variety of horses, was practical to use and seems good value.”

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