Product Test: Fieldhouse front tendon boots

  • HHO tests the 2000 Range Open Tendon Boots from Fieldhouse

    Manufactured from leather and neoprene, these boots offer flexible protection for the horse’s lower leg. Smart brass fittings ensure that the boots fit snugly and sit firmly in place.

    The neoprene lining means the boots are easy to keep clean as dirt and gripe can easily be wiped away.

    Available in medium and large and in black or havana.

    Cost at around £33.

    For more information contact Fieldhouse (tel: 01922 638094).

    Tester’s comments

    I really like thelook and style of this tendon boot – they are very smart.

    Trooper is 17.2hh and although he doesn’t have a lot of bone, he is quite long in the cannon. I sometimes find that boots tend to be a little short on him. These Fieldhouse boots fitted him really well, extending down around the back of the tendon, although on a smaller horse they be slightly too long.

    I am always wary of neoprene lined boots as they tend to make Trooper’s legs sweat. However, the boots are really light and although his legs were warm after working, they didn’t sweat so I was impressed.

    The style of open front boots suits Trooper as he can be a little clumsy and I believe they encourage him to pick up a bit more.

    These are really good value for money for leather boots. I would definitely buy a matching pair of fetlock boots if available so Trooper has a set.

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