Product test: Dry food for active dogs

  • HHO’s canine staff member, Casper, tests this Adult Performance dog food from Nutro Choice and gives it the paws up

    Nutro Choice Adult Performance dry dog food has been specially created for active or working dogs, but is also suitable for convalescing dogs and fussy eaters.

    Formulated with high levels of protein and fat, the feed is tasty and easy to digest, providing high levels of energy. Nutro Choice has also included glucosamine and chondrotin to help maintain joint health.

    Available in 2.5kg, 7.5kg or 15kg bags.

    Cost from around £7 for the 2.5kg bag, £21 for the 7.5kg bag and £38 for the 15kg bag.

    For more information contact Premium Pet Foods Ltd. (tel: 0800 068 0608) or visit www.nutro.co.uk

    Tester’s comments

    “I prefer feeding Casper dry food because I don’t like the thought of leaving meat out, especially during summer,” explains HHO writer Emma Thomas. “Dry food is also more practical, as he is a fussy eater and prefers to snack throughout the day rather than eat his meal in one go.

    I’ve tried Casper on several types of dry food and this is by far his favourite. It comes in small round pellets and he seems to find this easier to eat than some larger varieties of dry food.

    Casper also leads a very active life – he accompanies me on hacks, comes running and loves to go swimming.

    He sometimes looked a little bit on the lean side but since feeding this food he has kept weight on and has bundles of energy.

    In the past, Casper has suffered with dry itchy skin and has needed extra oil in his feed and regular washes with specialist shampoos. Since being fed on Nutro Choice Adult Performance he has got a lovely shiny coat and his skin is soft and supple.

    In comparison to other dry foods, Adult Performance is quite expensive, but I no longer have to buy extra oil or medicated shampoos from the vet, so it is more economical in the long run. And, of course, it makes Casper healthy and happy, and that is what matters most!

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