Product test: Bucas Buzz-Off rug

  • HHO tests the Buzz-Off Hi-Neck rug from Bucas on an itchy sunburnt cob

    Designed to cover your horse, this rug’s special neck extension maximises the coverage given to the areas of the horse mostly affected by irritating flies and midges.

    This is achieved through its generous cut, which caters for full extension of the head and neck during grazing and optimises comfort and incorporated tail flap.

    It is made from an easybreathing fine mesh fabric, which is durable enough for summer turnout, yet soft enough to be kind on your horses skin.

    Its silvery colour has sun-reflective qualities, which reduce the risks of exposure to UV in extremes of sunshine.

    Its “all-fit” design comes as standard to cater for a variety of horses and ensuring maximum comfort. Like all other Bucas rugs, the Buzz-Off Hi-Neck is available in a range of sizes.

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    Tester’s comments

    Rebecca Pattenden tested this rug on her piebald cob, Thomas, who she describes as “naturally itchy”. Prone to sunburn, especially on his white bits, he also hates flies.

    “Tom has quite a thick coat even in the summer, but I can’t clip him as he tends to suffer from sunburn. I need a rug that is lightweight and won’t make him sweat yet still offers protection against UV rays.”

    “This rug was ideal, lightweight yet tough, it looked like it would withstand Tom’s best efforts to destroy it.”

    “It was a good fit, although like most rugs on cobs, it was a little tight across the shoulders. However, it didn’t rub him and also had the added bonus of keeping him clean and dust-free.”

    “The built-in neckpiece was a great idea, Tom often burns on his mane and neck so it provided him with good protection against the sun’s rays.”

    “This rug is the second rug I have tried this year, the first lasting just 10 days. I’m pleased to say that six weeks later this rug has been machine washed and is still in excellent condition.”

    “I think it offers excellent value for moneyand would definitely buy another.”

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