PONY OF THE YEAR SHOW, Braintree, Essex, 13-17 April ’06’

Hensler & Maybin Jnr Introductory 1, Just One More (T Martin); 2 & 3, Nacona Shafali & Shingle Hall May (R Chinery). Simpson 11-&-under 1, 23 tied. BSJA 128/138cm restricted ch 1, Nantcol Premier (O Davies); 2, Oakfield Autumn Gleam (A Jones); 3, Wakeleys Foxhunter (J Nason). Clivners Talentspotters 1, Nobody’s Blues But Mine (G Haynes); 2, Edsilia (J Whittaker); 3, Witham Way (M Sampson). Frost JA 1, CJ’s Kemosabi & Kadia Mouche (L Saywell); 3, Floating Change (O Hilliard). Plowman Jnr Novice 1, Afon Lad (A Valks); 2, Rapkyns Angel (J Drea); 3, Double R (L Humphries). Pierce JC 1 & joint leading rider, McFly III (H West); 2, B Minor (J Clayton); 3, King Con (L Saywell).

14 Apr: William Claridge Ltd JC 1, Vanilla Cruise (M Webb); 2, Paddy Power (O Evans); 3, B Minor. Swanborough & Simpson Jnr Introductory 1, Treffawr Samson (R Chinery); 2, Drimna Magic Lady (Y Pinchen); 3, Orchids Gentil (M James). K Stockley 128cm 1 & leading rider, Forever Penny (L Smith); 2, Grianagh Harley (T Wilks); 3, Pendini (L Smith). C&K Equine 138cm 1, Diego III (T Wollacott); 2, Pure Angel (M James); 3, Its Lulu II (C Golledge). Sutton Talentspotters 1, Saucy Shenanigans (H Broad); 2, Akka Van Kabnekaise (C McKee); 3, Chapoon (M Sampson). Stoker JA 1, Simply Charlie (M Sampson); 2, Micklow Madness (D Neilson); 3, Gold Harvest (D Willett). Akers 11-&-under 1, 28 tied. Uden Jnr Novice 1, Mosstown Berti (K Wood); 2, Starfield Sassia (S Gunn); 3, Mullaghgloss Larry (A Clements).

15 Apr: Sapsford Jnr Novice 1, Who Dun Dare (F Berry); 2, Homewood Heidi (E Belcher); 3, Shooting Star Supreme (K Ewins). Broad & Caudle 11-&-under 1, 33 tied. Cook JA Sml Grand Prix 1, Micklow Madness; 2, Gold Harvest; 3, Landown Three’s Are Wild (Z Adams). Panthea Leadership JC Grand Prix 1, Delfino (A Plowman); 2 & joint leading rider, Bradley Brown (A Barton); 3, Tinka’s Pearl ( M www.ishop.co.uk & www.cyber.co.uk Talentspotters Grand Prix 1 & leading rider, Mr Nice Guy (J Smith); 2, Stainsby Irish Mist (J Clayton); 3, VIP Tixylix (Z Adams). Dodd & Belcher Jnr Introductory 1, Stafford (I Foster); 2, Graffiti (G Whitaker); 3, Bit Of Interest (I Foster). M&G Hughes 128cm 1, Charley’s Angel (J Mendoza); 2, Forever Penny; 3, Dooneen Abby (J Robertson). Hitachi Capitol Business Finance 138cm 1, More Than Milton (O Wells); 2, Mr Blue (P Goddard); 3, Creative Dancer (S Roe).

16 Apr: Equistiel 128cm Sml Grand Prix 1, Get Ready Freddie (R Gunn); 2, Forever Penny; 3, Pendini. Tennyson Homes 138cm Sml Grand Prix 1 & leading rider, Creative Dancer (S Roe); 2, Rapkyns Paddy’s Day (J Drea); 3, A Step in Time (E West). Adams 11-&-under Sml Grand Prix 1, April Star (C Jose); 2, Griffins Laddie (G Griffin); 3, Manhattan Friday’s Fable (J Boyles). Elemis Ltd 11-&-Under Grand Prix 1, Will Take A Chance (C Bastone); 2, Magical Miss (Y Davis); 3, Heavens Above (D Armstrong). 11-&-under style & performance award 1, Flinor Songbird (M Allen). West Introductory Grand Prix 1 & leading rider, Drimna Magic Lady (Y Pinchen); 2, Enzo III (T Cook); 3, Shingle Hall May. C Bailey Jnr Novice Grand Prix 1 & leading rider, Starfield Sassia (S Gunn); 2, In A Minute (C Chamberlain); 3, My Little Tommy Tucker (S Frost). BSJA 148cm Restricted Open final 1, Highfields Sir Hugo (D Neilson); 2, Caprice III (S Ward); 3, Saucy Shenanigans (H Broad).

17 Apr: Saywell JC Sml Grand Prix 1, King Con (L Saywell); 2, Paddy Power; 3, Bradley Brown. Hilliard & Ward Talentspotters Sml Grand Prix 1, Air Force One (J Drea); 2, Mr Nice Guy; 3, Highfields Sir Hugo. Whittaker Horseboxes 128cm Grand Prix 1, Show Me Heaven (R Jenkins); 2 & 3, Pendini & Forever Penny. Lithgow & Miller 138cm Grand Prix 1, More Than Milton; 2 & 3, Grey Palace & My Bugsy Malone (D Whittaker). Templant Hire Ltd JA Grand Prix 1 & leading rider, CJ’s Kemosabi; 2, Lakeland Little Wonder (M Sampson); 3, Midwest Star (C Bailey). AJ Catering Ltd Jnr Introductory Sml Grand Prix 1, Kenmare Little Katey (H Andrews); 2, Miss Snicker (S Platts); 3, Trefifawr Samson. Ewins Jnr Novice Sml Grand Prix 1, Molly Pop (A Nuth); 2, Oman (J Williams); 3, Sutton Woods Fancy That (S Stephens).