Ponies UK West, 7 June ’03

PONIES (UK) WEST Somerford Park, Cheshire, 7 June

open ridden M&M (Mrs M McTiffin) Welsh sec A&B 1, J Pipe’s Karsl Mohican; 2, C Preece’s Smoketree Caesar; 3, D Holt’s Mynach Moonwalk. small 1, N Holling’s Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, J Corbett’s Wistmans Pericles; 3, S Bowling’s Cranbrook Paddocks Cragganmore. sec C&D 1 & res, J Knipe’s Ffoslas Ceredig; 2, M Bowley’s Penstacan Calon Lan; 3, R Staley’s Wiston Mat Express. lge 1 & ch, P Robson’s Quest Of Mendick; 2, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 3, P Penny’s Hesket Willow. M&M in-hand (Mrs E Hide) sec A&B y’stk 1, L DeMarce’s Thornberry Fair Game. small 4yr 1, P Penny’s Breamish Jollity. small 1 & ch, J Crane’s Nantdywyll Pwyll. lge1 & res, S Burton’s Lintavon Moon River; 2, J Glass’s Wolds Swift. sec C&D 1, L Joinson’s Hetherington Finale. over lge 4yr 1, G Marsden’s Slaypits Misty; 2, J Crane’s Rackwood Robin; 3, P Penny’s Hesket Willow. sec C&D 1, J Marshall’s Eisteddfod Megan; 2, S Varley’s Betus Rhamant; 3, H Mooney’s Delgarth Black Magic. confined novice ridden M&M (Mr P Miller) small 1 & res, E Wallace’s Antur Mai; 2, S Anderson’s Thistledown Venus; 3, B Simcox’s Moortown Lord. lge 1 & ch, S Bowling’s Dwyfor Annwen; 2, J Ruston’s Estel Tempo; 3, J Knipe’s Ffoslas Ceredig. jnr ridden M&M (Miss D Chadwick) small 1, J Dean’s Langfield Nightcap; 2, J Corbett’s Wistman Pericles; 3, F Barltrop’s Littlestones Button Moon. lge 1 & ch, S Bowling’s Laochan Of Kingennie; 2 & res, S Richardson’s Sydserff Oliver; 3, K Manning’s Wellbrow Jacko. confined novice M&M (Mr P Miller) LR 1 & res, A Prince’s Blackhill Solo; 2, P Moore’s Brierdene Benjamin; 3, P Prickett’s Cusop Biggles. FR 1 & ch, T Cuthbertson’s Heniarth Doris Day; 2, Blackhill Solo; 3, M Haddon’s Escley Top Flight. open M&M (Mrs Hadwen) LR 1 & res, Escley Top Flight; 2, Brierdene Benjamin; 3, S Wood’s Colne Tara. small 1 & ch, H Turner’s Vean Hobajon; 2, Dykes Rosie Mead; 3, L Jackson’s Dagwood Bengalese. open M&M FR 1 & ch, Escley Top Flight; 2, P Rushton’s Pinina Sandpiper; 3, F Barltrop’s Littlestones Button Moon. small FR 1 & res, J Findlow’s Brandsby Achilles; 2, Vean Hobajon; 3, J Thompson’s Bourneside Magic Flute. b’mare 138cm (Mrs A Calvert) 1 & ch, A Moynihan’s Thornsett Love Story. foal 1, Mrs A Moynihan. part-breds (Mr J McNaught) y’ling 1 & res, M Scott’s Fidra Double O’Seven; 2, D McCormack’s Rivendale Splendor; 3, D Edward’s Eskdale Dark Minara. 2/3-y-o 1, J Laffey’s Deanhills Tequila; 2, Dunellen Sweet Rhapsody; 3, J Fitchett’s Soretto. 4yr 1 & ch, A Fradley’s Meadowlands Galway Bay; 2,S Murphy’s Basford Aristocrat; 3, K Chilton’s Palmfields Star Traveller. ridden part-breds (Mrs P Barfield) over 4yr 1 & res, L Minchin’s Eskside Saphire; 2, C Yates’s Marshbrook Golden Dawn; 3, A Rosenbloom’s Valentine Minuet. exc 148cm 1 & ch, N Holling’s Siroccos Gemini Star; 2, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 3, A Embleton’s Longriver Eternity. hunter ponies (Mr J McNaught) y’stk 1 & res, A Mahan’s Isley Walton Turquoise; 2, S Dunellen’s Sweet Rhapsody; 3, K Allen’s Elmsfield Jonathon. 133cm 1, J Pickering’s Amy’s Jubilee Boy; 2, G Neve’s Styalways Amadeus; 3, Richardson’s Pilgrim. in-hand (Mr J McNaught) over 4yr 1 & ch, A Fradley’s Meadowlands Galway Bay; 2, M Beeston’s Stychlands Noble Heir; 3, SMurphy’s Basford Aristocrat. y’ling exc 128cm 1 & ch, M Scott’s Fidra Double O’Seven; 2, R Hulbert’s Highbent Kiara; 3, D Edwards’ Eskdale Dark Minara. 2/3-y-o 1, P Gilfillan’s Deanhills Keepsake; 2, H Barton’s West Leake Playboy. RP y’ling 1, D Evans’s Hardwick View Money Man; 2, D McCormack’s Rivendale Splendor; 3, A Mahan’s Highbent Tamsin. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Salmon’s Henleydown Picturesque; 2, J Pickering’s Kouros Pasmina. exc 138cm y’ling 1, W Lloyd’sMarshbrook Bougainvillea. 2/3-y-o 1, P Hinck’s Pickmere Charleston. over 4yr up to 153cm 1, F Kirk’s Mynach June. confined novice SP (Mrs D Machin) SRT exc 128cm 1, J Robert’s Fleetcroft Temptation; 2, L Minchin’s Fenwood Enchantment; 3, L Minchin’s Courtland Blue Peter. open SP 128cm 1, K Walsh’s Beckside Super Trooper; 2, A West’s Caithness Roaming Astra; 3, S Murphy’s Ellenbrook Music Maker. 138cm 1 & ch, Eskside Saphire; 2, R Bond’s Thornsett Spellbound; 3, B Barr’s Radway Flashdance. 148cm 1 & res, G Thompson’s Hamptonne Close Encounter; 2, J Davy’s Grainagh Rossen; 3, S Morris’s Roodlebats Spice Boy. confined novice (Miss S Wade) LR 1 & ch, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2,A Prince’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 3, P Prickett’s Park Court Jester. FR 1 & res, Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 2, Booth’s Nantcol Mon Petite; 3, A Evans’ Fairley Swan Song. open SP (Mrs D Machin) LR 1 & ch, Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2, P Starkie’s Moeltryfan Bettina; 3, Clarke’s Courtway Patience. FR 1 & res, L Jackson’s Megland Vision; 2, K Hulme’s Starlyte Orinoco; 3, D O’Neil’s Barkway Enigma. SHP (Mrs P Barfield) LR 1, B Barr’s Fayre Calypso; 2, H Barton’s Mountain Gwennol; 3, Moeltryfan Bettina. confined novice SHP (Mrs J Hoyle) 133cm 1 & ch, A Findlay’s Romai Mr Micawber; 2, F Kirk’s Mynach June; 3, N Hollings’ Meadowlands Sun Kissed. exc 133cm 1, G Thompson’s Rotherwood Maybe; 2 & res, E Schofield’s Dalerowan Drum Major; 3, N Hollings’ Master Hamlet. open SHP (Ms K McTiffin) 122cm 1 & res, B Williams’s Breamish Jiminey; 2, L Goodyear’s Millay Manoleto; 3, J Clorley’s Bronheulog Charmer. 133cm 1 & ch, A Evans’ Stambrook Pivotal; 2, B Barr’s Finkley Gladiator; 3, K Manning’s Fair Julian. 143cm 1, K Manning’s Classic Chancellor; 2, C Twiston-Davies’s Aston High Time Of Warleigh; 3, S Goodier’s Marshbrook Autumn Sun. v153cm 1, S Weaver’s The Tawny Emperor; 2, SWilde’s The Artist; 3, M Tyldesley’s Doodle Dandy. confined novice (Mrs J Hoyle) int SRT 1 & res, Courtland Blue Peter; 2, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari; 3, J Rowe’s King’s Ainjel. exc 143cm 1 & ch, A Gibson’s Carnsdale Cover Girl; 2, SCorlett’s Two Step Rhythm; 3, S Goodier’s Mattise. SHT (Miss N Hall) 1 & ch, K Harris’s Starlyte Page Boy; 2, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 3, Monseratt Sport Horse’s Sea Mistress. int SHT 1 & res, J Knipe’s Special Fix; 2, J Knipe’s Tom’s Lad; 3, A Gibson’s Carnsdale Cover Girl. novice small hunter (Mr A Munnis & Mr T Lucas) 1, J Kwasnik’s Harrington; 2, K Richards’ Just Beano. open small 1, Special Fix; 2, C Standring’s Magic Max; 3, C Gornall’s Old Springfield Stravinsky. novice riding horse (Mr D Machin & Ms S Leatherbarrow) 1 & res, N Holling’s Captain Hastings; 2 & ch, S Cowley’s Tynevalley Technique. open (Mr D Machin & Miss P Holden) small 1, J Knipe’s Silver Wedding; 2, C Cartwright’s StLawrence Masterpiece; 3, V Parker’s Chardanee. lge 1, S Cowley’s Tynevalley Technique; 2, S Tootle’s Wispa Gold; 3, K Klueznik’s Calthwait Dark Secret. novice hunter (Mr A Munnis & Mrs T Lucas) 1, G Hogan’s Ridgeview Phantom; 2, C Booth’s Amazing Grace; 3, Just Beano. open hunters (Mr N Swallow & Mr T Lucas) l’wt 1 & res, C Booth’s Amazing Grace; 2, S Payne’s The Ferryman; 3, Just Beano. over 13st 1 & ch, S Glynn’s Criminal Son; 2, C Rudd’s Lady’s Castle Moyle.cobs (Mrs A Green & Ms S Leatherbarrow) 1, T Winfield’s Faith; 2, E Cheffing’s High Moon; 3, M Hitchen’s Bramley. hack (Mr D Machin & Miss P Holden) small 1 & ch, R Blissitt’s Lord Of The Dance; 2, C Twiston-Davies’s Welwood Chamomilla. lge 1 & res, G Neve’s Maraday Matahari; 2, S Fern’s Farnley Lady In Red; 3, H Manning’s Roi D. coloured in-hand (Mr W Farrell) y’stk 1 & ch, J Brown’s Diggers Gold; 2 & res, G Portnall’s Woodenpride; 3, J Thomspon’s Sub Zero Thyme.over 4yr ridden (Mrs C Ruchwaldy) not exc 153cm 1 & res, M Pickford’s Star Of Michleane; 2, S Wilde’s The Artist; 3, K Ramsey’s Greenfield’s Bits & Pieces. exc 153cm 1 & ch, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, C Booth’s Flash Jack; 3, A Taylor’s A Touch Of Class. competition/sports horse (Mrs H Samuels) 2/3-y-o 1, Styalways Amadeus; 2, A Chadwick’s Stoak Valuer; 3, K Allen’s Elmsfield Jonathon. exc 4yr 1 & ch, Wispa Gold; 2 & res, J Brew’s Nectarine; 3, A Hulme’s Autumn Rose. ridden (Mrs C Rushwaldy & Miss S Wood) 148cm 1, L Spencer’s Hurstead Rowan; 2, C May’s Mayfield Sundancer; 3, P Lings’ Cornmill Bright Spark. exc 148cm 1 & ch, S Wilde’s The Artist; 2 & res, S Cowley’s Tynevalley Technique; 3,Lady’s Castle Moyle. M&M performance (Mr J Carless & Miss S Wood) small 1 & res, S Keepe’s Gryngalt Playsome; 2, C May’s Skellorn Imperial Consort; 3, R Staley’s Maesde Aderyn Bach. lge 1 & ch, J Greaves’s Dwyfor Scarlet; 2, Z Pashley’s Blakemere Duke; 3, P Penny’s Hesket Willow. working hunter (Mr N Swallow & Mr L Sowerby) novice 1, C Igoe’s Beckett; 2, M Tyldesley’s Touch Stone Royal; 3, J Rowe’s Millrowes Say No More. open 1, Beckett; 2, Old Springfield Stravinsky. confined novice WHP (Mr A Meredith & Mr J Bradley) 1, J Schofield’s Johnny Hero; 2, K Ramsey’s Greenfields Bits & Pieces; 3, B Williams’s Wynmere Cherino. nursery (Mr T Lucas & Mr A Meredith) 1, B Barr’s Edentree Countryman; 2, L Hinton’s Hamptonne Miranda; 3, J Schofield’s Laithehill Ariel. open WHP derby trial (Mr P Johnson & Mr L Selby) 133cm 1, J Cooper’s Flying Colours; 2, L Windsor’s Tynycae Merlyn. 143cm 1 & ch, J Cooper’s Janem Rosen Cavalier; 2, D Walker’s Gems Ballykissangel; 3, A Lafferty’s Henry. 153cm 1, D Bracegirdle’s Royal Alice; 2 & res, F Clague’s Irish Mist; 3, C Igoe’s Sylvester. style & performance (Mrs H Moss & Mr A Meredith) 143cm 1 & res, Gems Ballykissangel; 2, A Lafferty’s Henry; 3, Wynmere Cherino. exc 143 1, Irish Mist; 2, S Keepe’s Dartons Red Robin; 3, C Wilson’s Quintessence. open M&M S&P (Mr G Barrett & Mrs J Adams) small 1, S Keepe’s Hilin Prince David; 2, S Ward’s Bureside Harvest Moon; 3, S Hide’s Buttons Ambo Taboo. lge 1 & ch, A Evans’ Derwen Turpin; 2 & res, K Southern’s Popsters Moon & Sixpence; 3, J Greaves’ Dwyfor Scarlet. confined novice M&M WHP (Mr G Barrett & Miss S Wood) small 1, Huttons Ambo Taboo; 2, S Ward’s Bureside Harvest Moon; 3, C May’s Skellorn Imperial Consort. lge 1 & ch, T Robshaw’s Raclog Mai Jess; 2 & res, Dwyfor Scarlet; 3, Popstars Moon & Sixpence. open M&M WHP (Mrs R Eastwood & Mr G Barrett) 122cm 1, D Holberry’s Valebrook First Symphony; 2, Gryngalt Playsome; 3, B Williams’s Bunbury Czar. exc 138cm 1 & res, C Calvert’s Falcams Marcus; 2, S Keepe’s Hilin Prince David; 3, V Sidaways’ Ben of Gargunnock. exc 138cm 1, Popsters Moon & Sixpence; 2, R Rimmer’s Coedllys Deryn Du; 3, Derwen Turpin. Flashman WHP (Mrs H Samuels & Mrs H Moss) 153cm 1 & ch, Irish Mist; 2 & res, Foster’s Midnight Mystery; 3, C Igoe’s Sylvester. exc 153cm 1, M Tyldesley’s Touch Stone Royal; 2, V Smith’s RufforthRowena; 3, J Dunning’s Czamira. M&M WHP (Mr G Barrett & Mrs R Eastwood) 1, Popsters Moon & Sixpence; 2, Raclog Mai Jess; 3, S Lander’s Kindesella. red rosette sport (Mr J Bradley) 133cm 1, L Windsor’s Tynycae Merlyn; 2, Flying Colours. 153cm 1 & ch, Gems Ballykissangel; 2 & res, J Greaves’s Showtime; 3, J Cooper’s Janem Rosen Cavalier.

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