Ponies (UK) Southern Winter Championships showing results, 21-22 March

  • Keston M&M in-hand 1-3-y-o (D S E Dear).— 1, S Board’s Bronheulog Goldfinger; 2, E Gill’s Shilstone Rocks Florin; 3, S Hastings’ Riverbank Danielle. sml breeds.— 1 & res, G Wood’s Hose Erica; 2, V G De Quincey’s Erimus Pilkington; 3, J S Barton’s Moortown Honeyman. 4-y-o & over Welsh sec A.— 1, P Lauder’s Rhulan Golden Girl; 2, B Hobbs’ Owston Black Prince. lge breeds.— 1, sup, res sup & ch, S Wooderson’s Clifford Casino; 2, D Baker’s Moss-side Orchul Laddie; 3, J L Rose’s Clandon Goerdie. do sec C/D (D S E Dear).— 1, M Batchelor’s Nebo Herbert; 2, C A Simmonds’ Cargarsar Silver Shadow; 3, J Gomez’s Horeb Meredith. Keston conf nov M&M in-hand 1-3-y-o.— 1 & res, T Stevens’ Lynbrie Welsh Lord; 2, J Gomez’s Llywarch Summer; 3, Bronheulog Goldfinger. sml breeds.— 1, H Seymour’s Katem Alfie Moon; 2, J L Rose’s Wilby Valiant; 3, J Barlow’s Priestwood Oscar. lge breeds.— 1 & ch, Cargarsar Silver Shadow; 2, Moss-side Orchul Laddie; 3, Lady Tyrrell’s Cremully Western Pride. Llanarth M&M 4-y-o & over sml breeds.— 1 & 2, J S Barton’s Moortown Countryman & Moortown Honeyman; 3, A Bromwich’s Waulkmill Redstart. sec B.— 1 & ch, M Morley’s Bounds Adiemus; 2, C Chubb’s Steehorst Elegance; 3, S East’s Stockham Secret Spy. lge breeds.— 1 & ch, F Atherden’s Sterlingdene; 2 & res, J Hopkins’ Bunowen Cascade; 3, Clifford Casino. sec C/D.— 1 & res, S Cottrell’s Oakmill Burlington; 2, M Hoare’s Yswain Demetrius; 3, A Thomas’ Trevallion Stepping Buck. 4-y-o & over sml breeds (C Whiteley).— 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Delami D’Artagnon; 2 & res, H Harrison-Shave’s Shilstone Dunna Brook; 3, Moortown Countryman. lge breeds 143cm.— 1, N Clarke’s Brynithon Melody; 2, Clifford Casino; 3, L Carey’s Parvadean Goldring. ridden exc 143cm.— 1, C Thorpe’s Rhinnes Point Fergus; 2, Cremully Western Pride; 3, Nebo Herbert. Colne M&M LR 4-y-o & over 122cm (W E Toomer-Harlow).— 1 & ch, L Simms’ Breamish Julian; 2, J Van Praagh’s Millhouse Diamond Ice; 3, S Parkhouse’s Clivocast Nemo. exc 122cm.— 1 & res, K Williams’ Forlan Honey Royale; 2, L Burton-Taylor’s Rhydgwillim Gwen; 3, J A Hawkins’ Ysselvliedts Glamour Boy. conf nov 122cm.— 1, J Harvey’s Rhydgwillim My Coyne; 2, Ysselvliedts Glamour Boy; 3, Forlan Honey Royale. Waxwing M&M FR.— 1 & res, S L Craven’s Prince Of Willoughby; 2, R Newby’s Whitsand Warrior; 3, D L Burrill’s Gryngallt Perseus. rider 10-11-y-o.— 1, J Ward’s Thistle; 2, res sup, res sup & ch, L Eaton’s Moortown Master Craftsman; 3, L Miller’s Templedruid Blizzard. conf nov rider under 12yrs.— 1, J Ward’s Thistle; 2, Moortown Master Craftsman; 3, Prince Of Willoughby. Bebo jnr M&M rider under 14-y-o (C Whiteley).— 1 & ch, Delami D’Artagnon; 2, Bounds Adiemus; 3, J Filmer’s Longhalves Sword Of Gold. 138cm rider under 18yrs.— 1, Brynithon Melody; 2, J Cullen’s Waxwing Rigmarole; 3, T Neal’s Thistledown Sabrina. rider under 18yrs.— 1 & res, V Green’s Millfields Sonnet; 2, Rhinnes Point Fergus; 3, J Owens’ Bramhope Stardust. Downland Smuggler WHP 133cm (N Oliver, D Spears).— 1, H Copping’s Stambrook Pivotal; 2, B Agar’s C J’s Tonto; 3, M Morley’s Temmas Little Diamond. 143cm.— 1 & res, L Kelly’s Soulsbury Otters Jetstream; 2, K Vanner’s Greenfields Bits & Pieces; 3, D J Barbour’s Butlers James Bond. 158cm.— 1 & ch, M Morley’s Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 2, C Goudkuil’s Ulitmate Experience; 3, L Benton’s Sportsfield Topper. conf nov 143cm (H Turner, J Holdway).— 1 & ch, Butlers James Bond; 2, G Pedler’s Koszac Mont Beau; 3, Soulsbury Otters Jetstream. 158cm.— 1 & res, Ulitmate Experience; 2, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 3, Sportsfield Topper. Zenith 4-y-o & over (J Holdway).— 1, L B Short’s Alwin; 2, R J Wright’s Catch Fantastic; 3, Longhalves Sword Of Gold. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, Alwin; 2 & res, G L Worrow’s Silver Fox; 3, Catch Fantastic. Horselode M&M WHP 122cm.— 1, H Harrison-Shave’s Littletown Bombastic; 2, Moortown Honeyman; 3, N Varney’s Wistmans Pericles. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Silver Fox; 2, S Wotton’s Dycott Welsh Model; 3, S Dobson’s Merrie Maydance. exc 138cm.— 1, G M Burgan’s Woody Warm Welcome; 2 & res, L Sykes’ Donys Hustler; 3, C Melia’s Tardebigge Day Lilly. conf nov 138cm (T Chalmers).— 1, Oakmill Burlington; 2, Dycott Welsh Model; 3, Bounds Adiemus. exc 138cm.— 1 & ch, J Billson’s Sanws Rhodri; 2 & res, S Dobson’s Popsters Masterclass; 3, T Guyett’s Mitcheltroy Apollo Pride. Mirage SHP 122cm (V White).— 1 & res, S East’s Willowjoy Steward; 2, S Darlington’s Wortley Celebration. 133cm.— 1, V J Windsor-Phillips’ Dykebeck Wild Foxglove; 2, J Harvey’s Romanno Royal Lochnager; 3, J Burton’s Warleigh Wishful Thinking. 143cm.— 1 & ch, L Hillyard’s Van Gogh; 2, P Green’s Pentaran Ambassador; 3, S C Veale’s Kilykeen Kate. 158cm.— 1 & res, E Wells’ Bolgoed Just Joshua; 2 & ch, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 3, S J Wortley’s Cool Kingdom. Springfield ridden part-bred n exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition; 2, V J Windsor-Phillips’ Deanhills Sweet Rhapsody; 3, C V Ladums-Jones’ Logs Master Flash Dance. exc 148cm.— 1, sup, sup & res, C Palmer’s Sahereca Gracious Gift; 2, N Burgess’ Comberton Crusader; 3, E Wells’ Bolgoed Just Joshua. Watson ridden comp/dress M&M (F M Sheffield).— 1, J Bourne’s Haven Justin; 2, L Fraser’s Cricketwood Kentuck; 3, J Filmer’s Lemonshill Falcon. pony 148cm.— 1, K Miles’ Ainthorpe Morning Grace; 2, L Miller’s Courtland Fair Spirit; 3, C Collier’s Fumanchu. exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, L Fraser’s Merlot; 2 & res, E Wilde’s John Doe W; 3, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch. Sawtry open riding horse/cob 158cm.— 1 & ch, K Chapman’s Dylan Thomas II; 2, P Tombs’ First Light; 3, V H Littlewood’s Lord Brocket. exc 158cm.— 1 & res, C Preston’s Beaurepaire Alys; 2, S Gunn’s Cocoa Iv; 3, J Ellis’ Wizzy Willum. Apachee coloured native/trad cob/show cob (V White).— 1, C West’s Zenith; 2, ch & res, K Szostak’s Partial Eclipse II; 3, Fumanchu. ridden non-native.— 1 & ch, J Holmes’ Mosstock Saracen Lad; 2, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 3, Ms L F Towers’ Tudor Independence Boy. rider under 18yrs.— 1, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 2, A Aungier’s Master Mickey Finn; 3, Mosstock Saracen Lad. native/trad rider under 18yrs.— 1, Partial Eclipse II; 2, R Francis’ San Miguel; 3, J Donald’s Lawrences Cookies ‘N’ Cream. in-hand 1-3-y-o.— 1 & 2, K Russell’s Kavanaghs Geisha Girl & Pintofields Regal Impresario; 3, J-A Carter’s Sproughton’s Bertie Bassett. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, J Maynard’s Spellbound As If By Magik; 2 & res, A MacMillan’s Rustums Scotch Pie; 3, San Miguel. Chesham handler 7-13yrs 153cm (N Oliver).— 1 & ch, Owston Black Prince; 2 & res, S Amess’ Hardacres Chatterbox; 3, K Foley’s Ringcourt Sinatra. handler 14yrs or over.— 1, Hose Erica; 2, Millfields Sonnet; 3, J L Davie’s Gorwell Dance Master. amateur riders Zenith working horse/pony.— 1, P Gange’s Copper; 2, Catch Fantastic; 3, Silver Fox. RP 153cm (V White).— 1, C Chubb’s Stanley Grange Puppeteer; 2, K Short’s Chinook Paprika; 3, Mosstock Saracen Lad. ridden.— 1, Dylan Thomas II; 2, Partial Eclipse II; 3, S Gunn’s Cocoa IV. ridden M&M.— 1, K Szostak’s Hisley Provost; 2, Brynithon Melody; 3, Rhinnes Point Fergus. conf nov int SRT/SHT 158cm (W E Toomer-Harlow).— 1, L Hillyard’s Braeglen Moonlight; 2, First Light; 3, B Bayes’ Clifton Graffiti. plaited jnr riders dress (V J Smith).— 1, C Davies’ Vict; 2, Master Flash Dance; 3, Stambrook Pivotal. snr (C F Dew).— 1, C Bingley’s Amoya; 2, L Fraser’s Merlot; 3, John Doe W. jnr M&M.— 1, N Marsden’s Penwayn Ryan; 2, Silver Fox; 3, Haven Justin. snr M&M (V J Smith).— 1, Cricketwood Kentuck; 2, J Croxford’s Dabernon Reebok; 3, D M Howman’s Monumental Jacks Lad. Glyn Greenwood M&M in-hand 1-3-y-o (B M Halls).— 1 & ch, L Wilkinson’s Ashmeadow Destiny; 2, M Low’s Aquilas Stud Maebelle; 3, S Muir’s Threeshires Zanatan. sml breeds.— 1, E Gill’s Shilstone Rocks River Ripple; 2, S Muir’s Threeshires Dickson; 3, R Watkinson’s Glenkarns My Pretty Maid. lge.— 1 & res, C Meads’ Ciffig Cyo Du; 2, C Carnegie’s Balleroy Minstrel; 3, M Batchelor’s Nebo Herbert. Kingsford M&M ridden sml breeds (A Tilley).— 1 & ch, T Guyett’s Monnow Velcro; 2 & res, Moortown Honeyman; 3, Bounds Adiemus. lge.— 1, Bramhope Stardust; 2, Bunowen Cascade; 3, Clandon Goerdie. sec C/D.— 1, H Cook’s Gwynfaes Chstennin; 2, M Batchelor’s Shardels Remo; 3, L Carey’s Parvadean Goldring. conf nov sml breeds (L Impey).— 1, Moortown Countryman; 2, C Melia’s Laithehill Icarus; 3, M Vaughan’s White Willows Mystery. lge.— 1 & ch, J Kelmanson’s Rossnagenoe Glen; 2 & res, Rhinnes Point Fergus; 3, Cremully Western Pride. Dalkeith jnr ridden sml.— 1, Moortown Master Craftsman; 2, D J Plumb’s Stoak Tanya; 3, S C Veale’s Brookhall Mandalay. M&M lge 138cm.— 1 & ch, T Neal’s Thistledown Sabrina; 2, V Tucker’s Dene Delectable. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Rhinnes Point Fergus; 2, Rossnagenoe Glen; 3, Bramhope Stardust. Colne conf nov M&M LR (B M Halls).— 1, R Newby’s Llanfrechfa Jolene; 2, R Spink’s Winalda Hiem’s Henschel; 3, Clivocast Nemo. Brineton conf nov M&M FR.— 1 & ch, Moortown Master Craftsman; 2 & res, J Ward’s Thistle; 3, C Hawkins’ Polborne Riverdance. Fernie M&M NS (M G Evans).— 1, Moortown Master Craftsman. Caldecote conf nov WH exc 153cm (V E Bruce, H Phillips).— 1, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 2, A Johnson’s Dyfati Benjamin; 3, T Nicholls’ Jucy-Lucy. Domino ridden part-bred 148cm (M Hennessy).— 1 & ch, Stambrook Carnival; 2 & res, P Green’s Pentaran Ambassador; 3, V Archer’s Saxen Snow Cygnet. exc 148cm.— 1, A Johnson’s Dyfati Benjamin. Pollyanna HP M&M in-hand.— 1, R Watkinson’s Glenkarns My Pretty Maid; 2, A Thomas’ Navestock Welsh Flyer; 3, A Cox’s Fletchwood Atlantean. RP 153cm.— 1, S C Veale’s Kilykeen Kate; 2, S Eaton’s Rosevean Romany Song; 3, J Ward’s Warleigh Curtain Call. young handler 7-13yr (J Williams).— 1, Owston Black Prince; 2, S Amess’ Hardacres Chatterbox; 3, V Archer’s Saxen Snow Cygnet. amateur ridden horse/hunter/cob exc 148cm (M Hennessy).— 1, H Leage’s Greylands Royal Salute; 2, Puzzle’s Pleased As Punch; 3, V Tucker’s Seasons Greetings. futurity YR riding horse exc 153cm (N Oliver).— 1, E Scott-Watson’s Melody Sweet Chime. hack SP 148-160cm.— 1, C Sale’s Honey Glider. SP exc 153cm.— 1, M Vaughan’s Captain Hook Of Ottersbrook; 2, J Hopkins’ Kintillo Royal Doulton; 3, L Miller’s Courtland Fair Spirit. M&M sml breeds.— 1 & ch, H Billingham’s Hisley Radiance; 2, Moortown Countryman; 3, S Ready’s Shilstone Hamel Hill. sec B.— 1 & res, L Burton-Taylor’s Locksbit Bellboy; 2, D J Plumb’s Stoak Tanya; 3, Longhalves Sword Of Gold. lge.— 1, A Burchell-Small’s Beno Sonny; 2, Thistledown Sabrina; 3, Shardels Remo. YR M&M WHP 138cm (M G Evans).— 1 & ch, Oakmill Burlington; 2, Brynithon Melody; 3, Laithehill Icarus. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Woody Warm Welcome; 2, L Smith’s Carrowkeel Boy; 3, Donys Hustler. ridden coloured horse/pony (N Oliver).— 1, A MacMillan’s Rustums Scotch Pie; 2, J Fuller’s Charlie; 3, San Miguel. 4-6-y-o ridden M&M sml (A Tilley).— 1 & ch, Shilstone Hamel Hill; 2 & res, Shilstone Dunna Brook; 3, T Neal’s Rhydspence Roseanne. lge.— 1, Cremully Western Pride; 2, Balleroy Minstrel; 3, Bunowen Cascade. 4-6-y-o M&M LR (J Williams).— 1 & ch, Ysselvliedts Glamour Boy; 2, L Hillyard’s Colne Tsar; 3, Shilstone Hamel Hill. FR n exc 128cm.— 1 & res, Waulkmill Redstart; 2, H Billingham’s Hollydell Voyage; 3, R Spink’s Shilstone Rocks War Day. SP 138cm (C Smalley).— 1 & ch, Courtland Fair Spirit; 2, P Green’s Woodview Canasta. 153cm.— 1 & res, Rosevean Romany Song. SHP 133cm (J Williams).— 1 & res, Romanno Royal Lochnager. 153cms.— 1 & ch, J Bentley’s Mondrian Bell Master. coloured horse/pony native.— 1, Hollydell Voyage. non-native.— 1 & ch, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 2 & res, S Wheeler’s Energy; 3, J Ward’s Tasker Flo. ridden hunter (N Oliver).— 1, H Leage’s Greylands Royal Salute; 2, R Francis’ Maybe Summerstime; 3, C Langrish’s Blushing Boy. riding horse lge.— 1, Energy; 2, T J Bonner’s Pretty Vacant. futurity YR M&M WHP 122cm (H Phillips, V E Bruce).— 1, Littletown Bombastic; 2, Penwayn Ryan; 3, T Barnett’s Lippens Mascot. 138cm.— 1 & ch, Oakmill Burlington; 2, Silver Fox; 3, Bounds Adiemus. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, Mitcheltroy Apollo Pride; 2, Woody Warm Welcome; 3, J Beatty’s The Dun Miller. concours d’elegance LR (C F Dew).— 1, Winalda Hiem’s Henschel; 2, D J Plumb’s Templedruid Jaborandi; 3, Clivocast Nemo. ridden M&M.— 1, A Pallett’s Briar Percy; 2, D J Plumb’s Stoak Tanya; 3, S C Veale’s Colliyers Eclipse. RP 148cm.— 1, C Cutmore’s Nuthurst Snowbird; 2, V Archer’s Brookside Sparkling Diamonds; 3, Master Mickey Finn. riding horse exc 148cm.— 1, Tudor Independence Boy; 2, Clifton Graffiti; 3, J Fuller’s Charlie. ridden M&M.— 1, Ciffig Cyo Du; 2, Nebo Herbert; 3, N Wilkes’ Greenwing Alfie Moon.

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