Ponies UK Part 2 16 – 20 August ’05

  • PONIES (UK) Summer Championship Part 2 Peterborough, 16-20 August

    Ardennes Lee-Smith int SHT (V Smith, P Johnson) 1, J Cook’s Colorado; 2, R Neale’s Penstrumbly Our Dom; 3, D Miller’s Young Oliver. ridden SP (L Cadman, J Griffin) 128cm 1, W Hartley’s Sycamore Master Romeo; 2, F Allsopp’s Daldorn Skye Dancer; 3, P Starkie’s Farnley Super Star. 138cm 1 & ch, J Blundell’s Chiddock Speed Limit; 2, S Wortley’s Classic Connection; 3, C Creeney’s Sycamore Mardi Gras. 153 1 & res, J Walsh’s Thirkleby Master Gold; 2, J Thomas’s Holtess Little Sweet Melody; 3, A Armstrong’s Seawinds Votecatcher. HOYS hack (J Williams, L Bell) small 1 & res, C Helliwell’s Roulette V; 2, S Payne’s Rocaille Moondance; 3, S Hawkins’s Courtland Be Fair. large 1 & ch, Lady Benton-Jones’s Daldorn State Melody; 2, V Campbell’s Foreign Exchange; 3, K Harris’s Starlyte Pageboy. Carrs Wharf SP premier (V Appell, J Coltart) 1 & ch, L M Minchin’s Ellenbrook Sophistication; 2 & res, G Martin AWCF’s Broteifi Pillow Talk; 3, B Hatton-Ritchie’s Little Springs Muffet. Shearwater Melton int premier (R Young, B Farrell) 1 & ch, K A Manning’s Noble Diamond; 2 & res, C J Burrows’ Rivervale Mannequin; 3, S Hawkins’s Courtland Be Fair. HOYS SHP, 133cm (S Ward, A Brickell) 1 & res sup, D & S Morton’s Fairholme Rossetas Rhapsody; 2, J Hopkins’s Braveheart IV; 3, R Templeton’s Whalton Whizz Kid. 143cm (S Ward, A Brickell) 1 & res, A M Haynes’s Chiddock Over The Limit; 2, K Marriott-Payne’s Hardacres Chatterbox; 3, A J Heginbotham’s Whineray Beachboy. 153cm (S Ward, A Brickell) 1, P Ryder-Phillips’ Alderney Ontario; 2, S Wilde’s The Artist; 3, L Mitchell’s Dalcotes Purdey. SHP 4-6-y-o, 133cm (J Coltart) 1 & res, L Curry’s Parkhill Playboy; 2, L Mitrano’s Locksbit Purple Eclipse; 3, K J Neachell’s Hopevale Flint. 143cm (J Coltart) 1 & ch, G G Henderson’s Lyndrose Cats Whiskers; 2, J J Morris’s Classic Crusader; 3, D Clark’s Thimberley Final Edition. 153cm (J Coltart) 1, T Bell-Heather’s Seasons Greetings; 2, S Goodier’s Mosslands First Edition; 3, H Sloan’s Valentino. Glyn Greenwood (D Lee, L Wright) small breeds, 1-3-y-o 1 & res, C Anderson’s Rushfield Bailey; 2, R Hobbs’s Beaconsfield Foxtail; 3, N Middlemas’s Dykes Diplomead. sec A/B 1, Z Evans’s Pontsarn Fable; 2, P Hincks’s Julmar Playmate; 3, L A Calcutt’s Hollizan Hermione. lge 1 & ch, C L Drury’s Greadhaigh Of Talisker; 2, J Woolley’s Restar Lord Henry; 3, J A Stratton’s Hollybrooke High Time. 4-y-o & over, sec A 1, C A Heather’s Memphis Gwawr Cytgan; 2, V Lilley’s Islyn Bandit; 3, J Harper’s Gwauniarll Honey. sec B 1 J A Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy; 2, S M Board-Jones’s Thamesbourne Heulwen; 3, A Cresswell’s Hilin Black Knight. sml 1 & ch, C A Gregory’s Dunsmore Balcarron; 2, R Hobbs’s Cosdon Bracken; 3, J S Barton’s Moortown Honeyman. sec C/D 1, H Hodges’s Abercippyn Carys; 2, S Petchey’s Dabernon Atomic Kitten; 3, A K Bain’s Vignoles Gambler. Connemara, New Forest 1 & res, C Mason-Bloor’s Kippure Thunder; 2, R Francis’s Cloonahinch Tallman; 3, P Maestrani’s Eastland Fawn Sike. Highland, Dales, Fell 1, S Ashworth’s Rivington Prince Charming; 2, C A Morland’s Lunesdale Evening Star; 3, V Johnson’s Border Duchess. sec C/D 1, E Walton’s Dabernon Replica; 2, J Gomez’s Horeb Meredith; 3, G Curtis’s Shardels Remo. Brineton small hunter (B Haughton, S Curtis) 1 & Lee-Smith ch, H Pottle’s After Hours; 2, unlisted; 3, unlisted. Coopers Premier ridden final 1 & ch, L Minchin’s Ellenbrook Sophistication; 2 & res, P Jackson’s Grueon Ianto. Bankswood Lee-Smith RP y’stk 1 & ch, L Farrer-Fry’s Fidra Double O Seven; 2, P Neve’s Hardwick View Moneyman; 3, P Allbutt’s Brookwater Fairytale. Kingvean b’mare (Lady Evans-Bevan) 1 & ch, M Bassitt’s Tamarind Fantasia; 2 & res, J Snedker’s Bradmore Chit Chat; 3, P Sowerby’s Rotherwood Take A Peep. Kateslea foal 1 & ch, P Sowerby’s Millwood Grange Peepeye; 2 & res, W Merryweather’s Rosamel Dark Prince; 3, C Heather’s Memphis Gwawr Niwl. Idyllic Welsh y’stk 1 & ch, Wall & Osborn’s Nynnwood Hosanna; 2, J Newton’s Hill Prince Bertie; 3, Rotherwood Golden Rose. Cuddy (I Dickinson) 1 & ch, K Jones’s Frongoch Cardi; 2 & res, B Smith’s Heaven Sent; 3, Springwater Intermezzo. Bob Templeton showman of the year 1, H Jones’s Remy The Brandyman; 2, L Craven’s Ben Macdhui Of Gorstan; 3, A Minn’s Glenwood Caradog. Bulgaria working (T Best) hunter 1 & ch, S Smith’s Black Monday; 2 & res, M Nevin’s Swinford Smart Man; 3, J Stockton’s Ernford Ballet Box. Lee-Smith ch of ch (D Blair) 1 & ch, H Pottle’s After Hours; 2, D Crossley’s Drama Queen; 3 & res, E L Conway’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelet. supreme in-hand (G Wood) 1 & ch, J A Judge’s Heavenly Boy Blue; 2 & res, M Bassitt’s Tamarind Fantasia; 3, Universal Packaging Ltd’s Deanhills Prince Regent. supreme ridden (P Hilton) 1 & ch, D & S Morton’s Fairholme Rossetas Rhapsody; 2 & res, A Atherden’s Castlehill Flash. supreme (T Best, G Wood, P Hilton) 1 & ch, Heavenly Boy Blue; 2 & res, D & S Morton’s Fairholme Rossetas Rhapsody; 3, S M Smith’s Black Monday. Risely equitation, riders under-11 (D Machin) 1, H J Winson’s Bentley Brooke Nightfall; 2, K Gibbard’s Pantycoed Silver Crown; 3, C South’s Maisie Mawr. do under-16 (D Machin) 1, J Binch’s Laughing Rosswidden; 2, J Bourne’s Lornty Glen Scarba; 3, T J Heaver’s Alpha Centauri. do over 16 (D Machin) 1, D Hart’s Jack Tar; 2 & res, E J Longden’s Rosewood Magic Moment; 3, R A Rodgers-Beesley’s Ali-baba. Risely Sir Lancelot ch, riders under-18 (S Wilford, S A Chapman) 1 & ch, J Binch’s Laughing Rosswidden; 2, S L Danby’s Kilykeen Kate; 3, L Few’s Marchemanor Red Star.

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