Placing a “horse wanted” advert

  • If you have trawled through the thousands of adverts for horses for sale but still can’t find what you’re looking for, a wanted ad may be the solution. North-eastern-based Edith Ticker was competing at elementary level dressage and wanted to progress through the levels so she appealed to H&H readers to help her find her dream horse.

    “I had a Hanoverian who wasn’t going to go any higher in dressage and had the opportunity to sell him back to the previous owner. I had been looking for a more advanced horse for five to six months. I searched all over the country and even went to Holland and tried many horses.

    “I then thought about being proactive by looking for a horse that wasn’t yet for sale. I placed an advert — outlined in red, so that it would stand out — and was very specific about what I wanted. I also reassured potential vendors that the horse would get a seven-star home.

    “I received three calls on the first day, and the second lady who called lived just north of Cheltenham. As we were at the Cheltenham Festival on Gold Cup day, we arranged to see the horse. He was everything I wanted.

    “By Sunday, we’d bought Anamour, a chestnut Hanoverian gelding by Arogno, who had already competed in a prix st georges test.

    “He’s a beautiful horse with a superb, forgiving temperament. He allows me to make mistakes, hacks out, is experienced in competition and family environments and is an absolute professional. As soon as I sat on him, I knew this was the horse I’d been looking for.

    “The vendors were very honest and open, making me feel comfortable. They wanted to know all about me, too.

    “People often don’t know whether to sell, and Anamour’s previous owner, with whom I fully intend to keep in touch, has asked for first refusal should I ever sell him. I know I’d never have found this horse if I hadn’t placed the wanted advert.”

    Place a wanted advert online or call 0800 731 0616.

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