Pikeur Breeches

  • Barbara Young puts a pair of Pikeur pleated front breeches to the test in and out of the saddle

    Pikeur’s pleated front breeches are a manufactured in a 65% cotton-rich microfibre and are available in a range of seven different colours and a range of sizes.

    Cost at around £110.

    For more information contact Belstane Marketing (tel: 01335 372600)

    Testers comments

    “These good looking, well fitting breeches slipped on easily and were a joy to wear – both in the saddle and while pottering about the yard.

    “Aimed at the serious rider, they are designed with reinforced “suede effect” knee to calf grips, which help to secure your leg in the saddle, while the soft “moleskin” feel to the fabric means they are not only supremely comfortable, but wick away perspiration too.

    “In spite of the label stating that they were machine washable at 40 degrees, I was hesitant and almost tempted to hand wash rather than risk them loosing colour and shape. However, having taken the plunge and loaded the machine, it was a relief when I pulled them out, dried them on the line and then pulled them on looking good as new the next day, with no loss of colour or any sign of shrinkage.

    “Pikeur has always had a reputation for quality designs and products which stand the test of time and these breeches, although pricey, passed the “must have” test with flying colours.

    Expect to find them at the top of this year’s Christmas wish lists!”

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