Pet essentials by post

  • The new 2001/2001 Comfy Pet and People Products’ brochure has a range of must-have new products, including a traditional willow dog basket, which is available in eight sizes and costs from £13.50 to £32.50.

    Among the many innovative ideas for dog owners are car access ramps (ideal for breeds such as Basset Hounds or ageing canines £60), fleecy bed covers (from £15.50), puppy cages (from £95.50) and an itchy spot massager (£7.95).

    The company also want to hear about new ideas for products. Customers who come up with a new idea, which is subsequently used, will be awarded £100 to spend on items from its brochure.

    Contact Comfy Pet and People Products (tel:01392 881285) or visit>www.comfy-pet.co.uk

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