Pembroke County showjumping results, 14-16 August 2012

  • 1.25m.– 1, S Zermie 3 (A Davies); 2, Touch Of Gold V & Ballinteskin Bankers Hill (G Evans). B&C.– 1, Silverlift (H Nuttall); 2, Tinker’s Tale (M Edwards); 3, It’s Showbusiness (S John). at.– 1, Caritiar Z (P Miller); 2, Walk Tall II (K Doyle); 3, Willem De Lux (S Coffin). accumulator.– 1, Just Jasper VI (E Eynon); 2, Kannan Ball (P Crago); 3, Very Versace (P Miller). 1.25m.– 1, Another Time (P Crago); 2, Doma Sue (T Priest); 3, Nolton It’s Oscar (S Jenkins). Speedi-Beet HOYS grade C.– 1, Millfield Ultymate (T Priest); 2, Another Time; 3, Mr Agassi (B Smith). BS International stairway.– 1, Zig Zag (S Coffin); 2, Pieter VI (J Hughes); 3, A Touch Imperious (H Nuttall). nat amateur 1.15m.– 1, Don’t Touch (R Davies); 2, Pen Y Bryn Zack (J Harris); 3, Ballinteskin Bankers Hill. 1.25m.– 1, Perle Des Aubiers (M Edwards); 2, Harlequin Joe (A Davies); 3, Ballinteskin Bankers Hill. Col JHV Higgon Memorial.– 1 & 3, Highland Cruiser & A Touch Imperious (H Nuttall); 2, Mamma’s Tinker (M Edwards). pony 1m.– 1, Coombe Park Sailor’s Star (W Ridge); 2, Irish Princess Of Tides (R Evans); 3, Jewel (N George).

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