Patchetts show jumping results, 6 August

  • PATCHETTS EC Aldenham, Herts, 6 August
    Tri-Zone newcomers.— 1, Zyprio Z (A Watkins); 2, Tito (S Rawding); 3, Wanted II (N Hale). 1.15m.— 1, Findon Luckmoney (O King); 2, Out For Justice (M Dorgan); 3, Neptinis (A Watkins). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/1.20m.— 1, Truly Scrumptious III (E Mantel); 2, Marlborough Of Haynes (C Berger); 3, The Magic Man (C Garnham). 1.30m.— 1, Santhos (S Rawding); 2, Capriole (R Hill); 3, Catweezle (S Reeve-Young). 1.35m.— 1, Bahrain Clover (M Dorgan); 2, Santhos; 3, Catweezle. Derby House British novice.— 1, Dunmore Lady II (S Turner); 2, Cascade IV (J Keith); 3, Holme Grove Canaletto (C Wilson). Equissage discovery.— 1, Temple Pialotta Z (S
    Webber); 2, Vyper (S Alexander); 3, Lasko 46 (S Taylor).

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