Patchetts EC showjumping results, 13-14 March, 2011

  • KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Excellent Adventure (L Barnes-Lewis); 2, Warren’s Fleurdish Lady (D Barnes); 3, Little Miss Valentine (A Rose). discovery.— 1, Con Amour (M Blunt); 2, Edger Too (A Lewis); 3, Florence VI (L Rogerson). Patchetts 1.05m.— 1, Inky II (EJ Slater); 2, Miss Chievous (A Lewis); 3, Dotti II (T Love). newcomers.— 1, As D’Exploit Van Groenhove (C Powell); 2, Uvistar (L Lock); 3, Jumping Jack VI (C Coleman). Patchetts 1.10m.— 1, Inky II; 2, Diamond Ex (J Hall); 3, Zando DM (L King). newcomers.— 1, Basic (P Miller); 2, Ace Pilot (EJ Slater); 3, Chablis Z II (R Reeve-Young). 1.15m.— 1, Constance (R Clay); 2, Casimir II (EJ Slater); 3, Liandro (N Edwards). Horse & Hound Foxhunter/ grade C.— 1, Miss Denman (M Dorgan); 2, Casimir II; 3, Cash 132 (C Nash). Patchetts 1.25m.— 1, Uttah Van Het Indihof (EJ Slater); 2, Playboy II (M Dorgan); 3, Liandro (N Edwards). national 1.30m/classic Q.— 1, On The Mind (J Crippen); 2, Very Versace (P Miller); 3, Wantos (J Crippen). KBIS Insurance British novice.— 1, Cartier Z III (R Prater); 2, Bravour Of The Fairplay (R Prater); 3, Roma IV (P Miller). Equissage discovery.— 1, Willvellitt Sarason (M Dorgan); 2, Alonso (J Broad); 3, Longacres Rafiki (N Freeman).

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