P-P results – 7-11 February 2001

  • LUDLOW 7 February


    1 Mr Dow Jones (IRE) (The Bart USA) (Mrs L A Goldsworthy), 11-11 Miss S Vickery
    2 Silverdalesureshot (Mrs P Evans), 12-04 R Burton
    3 Derring Dove (H W Lavis), 11-07 K Burke
    Also: Cavalero 12-07, fav (4), Stanmore (IRE), 12-00 (5), Ajar (IRE), 11-07 (6), Hags Way (IRE), 11-07 (7), Jet Boys (IRE), 11-11, vis (8), Debt Of Honor, 11-07, bl ,tt (pu), George Ashford (IRE), 11-07 (pu), Glevum, 11-09 (pu), HeesA Dancer, 11-11 (pu), Poucher (IRE), 11-11 (pu), Professor Strong (IRE), 11-07 (pu).14 ran. 1/2l, 5l, nk, 15l, 3l, s hd, 14l. 6min 25.3s. TOTE: £9.90; places £2.40,£2.20,£4.80 Ex:£76.70 CSF:£121.29. SP: 9-1. (S. Pembs).

    BANGOR9 February


    1 Master Boston (IRE) (Soughaan USA) (R D E Woodhouse), 12-00 B Woodhouse
    2 Caracol (C G Bolton), 12-00 C Williams
    3 Monicasman (IRE) (), 12-00 J Alexander
    Also: River Unshion (IRE) 12-00 (4), Dragon King, 12-00 (5), Dr Jazz (NZ), 12-00, fav (6), Fardross, 12-02 (pu), Gale Toi (IRE), 12-02 (pu), Wizadora, 11-02 (pu). 9 ran. 11/4l, 20l, 11/2l, 24l, 2l. 6min 14.8s. TOTE: £13.10; places £2.50,£2.10,£2.00 Ex:£193.00 CSF:£157.97. SP: 14-1. (Sinnington).

    HAYDOCK10 February

    102 WALRUS HC 3m

    1 Gunner Welburn (Gunner B) (W A Ritson & D Hall), 12-00, fav R Cope
    2 Ardstown (Mrs R F Knipe), 11-13 F Windsor Clive
    3 Pats Cross (IRE) (J Byrne), 12-04 A Evans
    Also: Balisteros (FR) 12-07 (4), Varykinov (IRE), 12-07 (5), Epsilo De La Ronce (FR), 11-07 (6), Manhattan Rainbow (IRE), 12-00 (pu), Stormy Session, 12-00 (ur). 8 ran. 21/2l, 5l, 10l, 29l, 5l. 7min 09.3s. TOTE: £2.40; places £1.30,£2.20,£1.50 Ex:£15.00 CSF:£11.31. SP: 5-4. (Pytchley).

    UNITED SERVICES,Larkhill, 10 February


    1 Ruperts Choice (IRE) (Phardante FR) (C H Sporborg), 7x, bl S Sporborg
    2 Copper Coil (R A Lloyd), 5x D Alers-Hankey
    3 Alltime Dancer (IRE) (Major & Mrs C F Lambert) C Lambert
    Also: Matchless 7x (ur), Red Brook Lad (f), Tales Of Bounty (IRE), 7x, fav (ur). 6 ran. 10l, 25l. 6min 47.3s. TOTE: £4.70 DF:£2.00. SP: 3-1. (Puckeridge).

    104 RESTRICTED (Div I), 12st

    1 Belski (Arctic Lord) (J , G & M Cox, K Dean, G Foot, Ms K Lovell & R Wilding), tt L Jefford
    2 Pharniskey (IRE) (J Studd) A Charles-Jones
    3 Sibor Star (T Price) A Martin
    Also: Lost Your Marbles (IRE) 5a (4), Hatch Gate (5), Drumdoney (IRE), fav (f), Freemount Boy (IRE) (pu), Neily Joe (IRE) (pu), Niloufer, 5a (pu). 9 ran. 20l, 11/2l, 25l, 25l. 6min 55.4s. TOTE: £6.00 DF:c/f. SP: 9-1. (Taunton V.).

    105 RESTRICTED (Div II), 12st

    1 Fate A Compli (IRE) (Over The River FR) (C M Gardner), fav R Young
    2 Remember Ridemore (IRE) (A & Mrs J Barron) A Farrant
    3 Perky Lad (IRE) (R H York) P York
    Also: Franklins Best (IRE) (4), Jolie Roslin, 5a (pu), Jurist (f), Moonlighter, 5a, 1ow (pu), Quit The Creek, 5a (pu), Regal Wolf (pu), River Mulligan (IRE) (pu), Royal Dew (IRE), 2ow (pu), Well Matched (pu), Wild Native (IRE) (f). 13 ran. 4l, 15l, 30l. 6min 45.2s. TOTE: £3.40 DF:c/f. SP: 4-1. (Portman).


    1 One Of The Natives (IRE) (Be My Native USA) (Miss J Pimblett), fav A Farrant
    2 Possible Pardon (NZ) (B H Pike), bl A Charles-Jones
    3 Unsinkable Boxer (IRE) (P Green) R Walford
    Also: Stillmore Business (4), Man Of Steele (IRE) (5), The Hobbit (IRE) (6), Berude Not To (IRE), bl (pu), Lord Bargy (IRE) (pu), Mostyn (pu), Parman (IRE) (pu), Prince Sandrovitch (IRE) (pu), Tell The Nipper (IRE) (ur). 12 ran. 4l, 1l, 15l, 10l, 30l. 6min 40.2s. TOTE: £1.80 DF:£10.00. SP: 5-4. (Mendip F.).

    107 INTERMEDIATE, 12st

    1 Goawayoutofthat (IRE) (Carefree Dancer USA) (Mrs P Duncan), fav Julian Pritchard
    2 Peasedown Tofana (Sir Richard Sutton), 5a R Young
    3 Strong Tea (IRE) (Mrs J M Tucker) J Maxse
    Also: Secret Cant Say (IRE) 5a (5), Givus A Hand (6), Itsforu (2d), Arabitan, 5a (pu), Cardinal Cobh (IRE) (pu), Castle Avenue (IRE) (pu), Dromod Point (IRE) (ro), Melody Princess, 5a (pu). 11 ran. Originally 2l, 10l, 6l, 30l. 6min 49.7s. TOTE: £1.40. SP: evens. (Cotswold).

    108 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo (Div I), 12st

    1 Beyond Control (IRE) (Supreme Leader) (P K Barber), fav A Farrant
    2 Kingston-Banker (H Wellstead), 7a R Walford
    3 Northsprite (Mrs A P Bird) A Martin
    Also: Just Reuben (IRE) (4), Sparkling Secret (5), Pulham Downe (6), Crack On Cheryl, 5a (bd), Don Royal (pu), Jenski (f), Larry Fifty (IRE), 7a (f), Miraggio, 7a (pu), Solo Trip, 5a (pu), Whatacharlie (f).13 ran. 30l, 21/2l, 15l, 10l, 25l. 7min 00.5s. TOTE: £3.10. SP: 5-2. (Blackmore & Sparkford V.).

    109 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo (Div II), 12st

    1 Ballyhackamore (IRE) (Insan USA) (M J & Mrs J Arnold), fav E Walker
    2 Telimar (IRE) (I M Ham & S M Francome) J Barnes
    3 Grey Spirit (J A Keighley), 7a Miss P Gundry
    Also: Bathwick Annie 12a (pu), Bold Contender (f), Brain Of Rosehill (pu), Dizzy Lad (IRE), 7a (pu), Even More (IRE) (ur), Mr Baloo (ref), Parsonhumfrywebber, 7a (pu), Queens House, 5a, 2ow (pu), Season Express (f), Too Deep By Phar (IRE), 5a (pu). 13 ran.15l, 3l. 7min 03.5s. TOTE: £3.40. SP: 5-2. (N. Cotswold).

    VALE OF CLETTWR,Erw Lon, 10 February

    110 HUNT

    1 Current Speech (IRE) (Thatching) (E Rhodes (T G R Racing Club)) A Rhodes
    2 Dyffryn Prince (IRE) (H M Thomas) P Sheldrake
    3 Sheepcote Hill (IRE) (E Rhodes (T G R Racing Club)) J Jukes
    Also: Danas (4), Be Lucky Colin (IRE), bl, fav (ro). 5 ran. 1/2l, 6l, dist. 7min 25.0s. SP: 5-1. (V. of Clettwr).

    111 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Brydferth Ddu (IRE) (Supreme Leader) (D Brace), 5a, fav J Jukes
    2 King Henry (Mr & Mrs P Dando) E Williams
    3 Perryland (W D Lewis), 5a M Lewis
    Also: Blue Label 7a (4), River Gun (5), Aganon (pu), Finner Cottage (IRE) (pu), Snow Cloud, 5a (ur). 8 ran. 1/2l, 2l, 5l, 25l. 6min 53.0s. SP: 4-6. (Llangeinor).

    112 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Tiny (Romany Rye) (Mrs J M Hegarty), 5a E Williams
    2 Bonny Boy (IRE) (D A Rees) P Sheldrake
    3 Brombil Lady (J W Tudor), 12a James Tudor
    Also: Black Magic 5a (f), Cefn Woodlander, 7a (f), Dannys Roision, 12a (pu), Dreamington Rovers, 5a (pu), Keldan Star (IRE) (pu), Little Eleanor, 5a, fav (ur), Miss Gilda, 5a (f), Roman Governor (IRE) (pu), Winning Ronnie (IRE) (pu). 12 ran.1l, dist. 6min 50.0s. SP: 5-1. (Glamorgan).

    113 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Powernglory (IRE) (Accordion) (C Campbell) T Vaughan
    2 Firechick (Mrs J Mathias), 5a, jfav D Jones
    3 Stormhill Daydream (Mrs H E L Williams), 5aMiss C Williams
    Also: Midnight May 5a, jfav (4), Preseli Heather, 5a (5), Sleepy Boy (6), Just Ruffled (7), Annies Magic, 5a (f), Cracker Ticket (IRE) (s), Once Is Enough, 5a (pu), Rebel Yell (IRE), 5a (pu), Roughly Maid, 5a (pu), Sweet Belle, 5a (pu).13 ran. 4l, dist, dist, 2l, 15l, 2l. 6min 49.0s. SP: 3-1. (Banwen Miners).

    ALDENHAM HARRIERS,Cottenham, 11 February

    114 HUNT

    1 Lonesome Traveller (NZ) (Danzatore CAN) (M Stevens) I Pearse
    2 Bachelor-Carrasco (IRE)(Miss J E Cook), fav S R Andrews
    Also: Water Pepper (U) (pu).3 ran. 20l. 6min 54.0s. SP: 3-1. (Aldenham H.).

    115 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Cut A Niche (Callernish) (Mrs G Pidgeon, P Kay & P Riddell) M Baldock
    2 True Chimes (Mrs E V Cardew) J Owen
    3 Tarthooth (IRE) (W J Tolhurst), 5x, fav S Sporborg
    Also: Monyman (IRE) (4), Borrow Mine (IRE) (5), Dual Or Bust (IRE) (6), Northern Yarn (IRE) (7), Dalligan (IRE) (8), Ballygar Boy (IRE), 5ow (ur), Buckman (f), Fire On Ice (IRE), 3x (pu), More Fun (USA) (pu), Novatara, bl (f). 13 ran. 1l, 20l, hd, 4l, 1l, 8l, 30l. 6min 35.0s. SP: 8-1. (Bicester with Whaddon).

    116 LAND ROVER MENS OPEN, 12st

    1 Hatcham Boy (IRE) (Roselier FR) (Mr & Mrs A G C Howland Jackson), 7x C Ward-Thomas
    2 Majors Law (IRE) (H H G & D Owen), 7x J Owen
    3 Fandango De Chassy (FR) (C J Hays), 7x, fav N King
    Also: Who Is Equiname (IRE) bl (4), Who Am I (IRE), 7x (ur).5 ran. 3l, 10l, 11/2l. 6min 37.0s. SP: 7-4. (Suffolk).


    1 Mr Snowman (Lightning Dealer) (Mrs T J Hill & S N Wilshire), fav Mrs T Hill
    2 Spring Gale (IRE) (J M Turner) Miss Z Turner
    3 Province (Mrs J M Jones), hd Miss J Foster
    Also: Abuljjood (IRE) (pu), Alfredo Garcia (IRE) (pu), Pongo Waring (IRE) (pu), Upham Lord (IRE) (ur). 7 ran. 4l, dist. 6min 39.0s. SP: 4-5. (V. of Aylesbury).

    118 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 The Red Boy (IRE) (Boyne Valley) (C H Sporborg), fav S Sporborg
    2 Running On Super (NZ) (T Trigg (The Super Seven Club)) M Foley
    3 Glencloy (IRE) (B G Clark & Miss C Lucas) A Coe
    Also: Bathurst (IRE) (pu), Beside Himself (IRE) (pu), Fortune Hunter (IRE) (pu), Imperial Mist (IRE) (pu), Lancaster Boy (IRE) (pu), Mind Your Step (pu), Premier First (IRE) (pu), Primitive Charles (pu), Round The Bend (f), Shingle Beach (IRE), bl (pu).13 ran. dist, dist. 6min 33.0s. SP: 9-4. (Puckeridge).

    119 OPEN MAIDEN 8yo&up, 12st

    1 The Secret Grey (Rakaposhi King) (K Coe) P McAllister
    2 Light The Sky (Mrs B F Abraham) E Andrewes
    3 Thunderbird (H R Hobson), 5a P Cowley
    Also: Kings Mandate (IRE) (4), Cardinal Way (IRE) (f), Classic Model (pu), Green Leader (IRE), 5a, 9ow, fav (pu), Gregs Profiles (ref), Le Garcon Gris (IRE) (bd), Moon Rising (pu), Out Of Actons (IRE), 4ow (pu), Plessey Rose Lee (IRE), 5a, 10ow (ur), Shula, 5a (pu), The Arkle Bar (IRE) (pu).14 ran. 3l, hd, hd. 6min 51.0s. SP: 5-1. (Essex F. & U.).

    120 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo (Div I), 2m4f, 12st

    1 Le Vasco De Gama (FR) (Balleroy USA) (Mrs J Wilson), 7a, fav S Morris
    2 Well I Never (J T Hunt) A Sansome
    3 Second Thoughts (Mr & Mrs W A Wales), 5a W Wales
    Also: African Leader (IRE) (f), Grey Fusilier (IRE) (f), Ilann Des Ernees (FR), 7a (pu), Kingfisher Star, 2ow (pu), Principal Profile, 5a (f), Sovereign Gale (IRE), 5a (pu).9 ran. dist, 1l. 5min 10.0s. SP: 2-1. (Pytchley).

    121 OPEN MAIDEN 56&7yo (Div II), 2m4f, 12st

    1 Syrpiro (Syrtos) (S J Connell), fav S Morris
    2 Mansirat (IRE) (N W Padfield) S R Andrews
    3 Lord Drakkar (IRE) (R Green (Lordship Group)) T Lane
    Also: Sire De Brumetz (FR) (4), Bavard Push (IRE) (f), Riverlord (s), The Flying Dragon, 5a (ur), Three Spires (pu). 8 ran. 1l, dist, 25l. 5min 19.0s. SP: 7-4. (Grafton).

    FARMERS BLOODHOUNDS,Dunthrop, 11 February

    122 HUNT

    1 Better Future (IRE) (Good Thyne USA) (C J Hitchings) T Stephenson
    2 Furious Avenger (B L Lay) L Lay
    3 Perfect Finisher (M A Hawkins & Miss C Smy) M Hawkins
    Also: Blue And Royal (IRE) 7ow (pu), Happy Minstral (USA) (pu), Romany Chat, fav (pu), Vincent Vannui (pu).7 ran. 8l, 31/2l. 7min 09.6s. SP: 5-1. (Kyre Bloodhounds).

    123 CONFINED, 12st

    1 Gildrom (Gildoran) (M T & Mrs J K Elliot), 3x, fav R Lawther
    2 Star Changes (A Hollingsworth) J Jukes
    3 Stag Fight (Mr & Mrs J S Scott) S Joynes
    Also: Down (FR) (4), Desperate (5), Angelos Double (IRE) (pu), Cool Runner (pu), Cruise Free, 11ow (ur), Distant-Port (IRE) (pu), Find Out More (IRE) (pu), Garethson (IRE) (pu), Indian Sunset (pu), Lunar Dancer (pu), M-Reg (pu), Mr Magget (IRE) (pu), Perfect Minstrel (IRE) (pu), Red Rebel (ref), True Steel, 3x (pu).18 ran. dist, 1l, 5l, 12l. 6min 59.3s. SP: 7-2. (Heythrop).


    1 Bagalino (USA) (Lyphard USA) (Miss J Fellows) Miss E Jones
    2 Polo Pony (IRE) (Mrs K D Horan) Miss T Habgood
    3 Mr Custard (M A Tylor) Miss L Sweeting
    Stretchit (6), Perrys Pearl (7), Dalusman (IRE) (pu), Native Quest, 7a (ur), Native Rambler (IRE), 3ow (ur), Night Wind (pu), Rip Van Winkle, fav (pu), Up The Road (IRE) (pu). 13 ran. 8l, 21/2l, 11/2l, 5l, 30l, 7l. 7min 03.7s. SP: 11-2. (Clifton-on-Teme).

    125 RESTRICTED (Div I), 12st

    1 Ten Bob Note (True Song) (J J Smith), bl M Walters
    2 Pertemps (IRE) (M A Trott) J Handley
    3 Mister Kingston (Mrs S Gee), fav R Cope
    Also: Mr Mann (IRE) (4), High Thyne (IRE) (5), Claymore Lad (6), Sunczech (IRE), 5a (7), Abbey Flyer (pu), Caromisu, tt (pu), Divine Inspiration (IRE) (pu), Eddie Rombo (pu), Lothian Magic (IRE), 5a (pu), Up The Slaney (IRE), 5a (pu).13 ran. 8l, 6l, 5l, 30l, 1/2l, 1l. 7min 11.7s. SP: 8-1. (Beaufort).

    126 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Ran Wild (IRE) (Zaffaran USA) (Mrs E W Towler, Miss R N B Brooks & M20 D A Acland), fav J Trice-Rolph
    2 Cumberland Youth (Mr & Mrs T George) B McKim
    3 Jekyll And Hyde (IRE) (G T H Bailey) R Cope
    Also: Bramley (4), Goforitkate (IRE),5a (5), Brown Buzzard (IRE) (ur), Harrys Mare (IRE), 5a (pu), Neighbrook (f), Piltdown Lady, 5a (ur), Regal Chance (pu), Stonecrop (pu), Torian (IRE) (pu), Wise ‰n Shine, 5a, 1ow (pu), Yodeller Bill (pu). 14 ran. 3l, 15l, 10l, 1/2l. 7min 23.0s. SP: 2-1.(Heythrop).

    127 MENS OPEN

    1 Rectory Garden (IRE) (The Parson) (T W Biddlecombe), fav R Biddlecombe
    2 Henry Bruce (Mrs S Cartridge & Miss T McCurrich), bl Julian Pritchard
    3 Archies Oats (J C Trice-Rolph) L Lay
    Also: Coolree Lord (IRE) (4), Smile Pleeze (IRE) (5), Karaburan (6), Macnamarasband (IRE) (7), The Captains Wish (8), Penlet (9), Bee Moy Do (IRE) (ur), Chicodari (pu), Ickford Okey (pu), Looks Like Reign (pu), Maggies Brother (pu). 14 ran. 5l, 11/4l, 25l, 8l, 1l, 5l, 3l, 6l. 7min 09.2s. SP: 4-9. (O. Berks).

    128 RESTRICTED (Div II), 12st

    1 Jimmy Greenspoon (IRE) (Roselier FR) (Mrs C Mackness), fav Julian Pritchard
    2 Quick Response (IRE) (M Harris) A Evans
    3 Mr Smudge (C F Marriott & R Green) A Martin
    Also: More People (IRE) (4), Sideliner (5), Severn Magic, 5a (6), Celias Twink, 5a (pu), Cowanstown Prince (pu), Its Murphy Man (ur), Mr Max (IRE) (pu), Musical Hit (pu), Rickshaw (pu), Rolcap (pu), Sallioko, 5a (pu), Westington (ur). 15 ran. 8l, 8l, 4l, 12l, 5l. 7min 12.7s. SP: 9-4. (Cotswold).

    129 CONFINED MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Just Maybe (IRE) (Glacial Storm USA) (Mrs H Gwin), fav M Rimell
    2 Operetto (IRE) (D P Smith) D Smith
    3 Thors Phantom (Miss D J Day & Mrs B Cartwright) A Martin
    Also: The Ugly Gunner (4), Buster Teeton (f), Panacea (ur), Rifleman Johnston (pu), Speedy (pu), Wood Buzzard (pu). 9 ran. 21/2l, 31/2l, 12l. 7min 26.0s. SP: 5-2. (Heythrop).

    GROVE & RUFFORD,Nottingham, 11February

    130 HUNT

    1 Bucket Of Gold (Buckskin FR) (Mr & Mrs F Denniff) T Denniff
    2 Reel Handsome (C T Pogson), tt, fav J Apiafi
    Also: Audacious Dancer (IRE) (pu), Frisky Cardinal (IRE) (f), Infiraaj (USA) (pu), Jack Dory (IRE) (pu), Nervous Times, 5a (f), Sands Point (pu). 8 ran. dist. 7min 56.0s. SP: 4-1. (Grove & Rufford).


    1 Banteer Bet (IRE) (Black Minstrel) (C H Gittins), 5a W Hill
    2 Banny Hill Lad(A Lawler (Pan of Scouse Partnership)) A Wintle
    3 Square One (IRE) (Mrs C Price), 5a J Docker
    Also: Arthur Henry (pu), Backed To Exact (IRE) (pu), Bobs Tornado (IRE) (pu), Cashel Green (IRE), tt (pu), Deer Park Lass (IRE), 5a (pu), Fair Farm Lad (pu), Gleeming Lace (IRE) (pu), Heir Of Gold (IRE) (pu), Im Dreaming (IRE) (ref), Ishereal (IRE) (pu), Orient Bay (IRE), fav (ref), Playlord (ref), Scallywace (f).16 ran. 1/2l, 1l. 7min 14.0s. SP: 5-1. (N. Salop).

    132 MENS OPEN

    1 Minella Silver (IRE) (Roselier FR) (Miss H J Hinckley) R Burton
    2 Lord Harry (IRE) (M J Parr), fav A Crow
    3 Maitre De Musique (FR) (Dr M P Tate) M Tate
    Also: Deel Quay (IRE) (4), Courage Under Fire (pu), Court Thyne (IRE) (pu), Floruceva (IRE), 5a (pu), Kybos Revenge (IRE) (ur), Malawi (pu), Nitwitty (ur), Primitive Streak (pu), Sharp Monkey (pu), Tudor Falcon (pu), War Whoop (pu). 14 ran. 4l, dist, dist, dist. 7min 07.0s. SP: 2-1. (Wheatland).


    1 Vain Minstrel (IRE) (Royal Fountain) (M J Parr), fav Miss S Sharratt
    2 Shallow River (IRE) (R W & Miss S Phizacklea) Miss S Phizacklea
    3 Misti Hunter (IRE) (Mrs D Ibbotson) Mrs C Ford
    Also: George Ashford (IRE) bl (4), The Boiler White (IRE) (5), Hotspur Street, bl (pu), Mr Busker (IRE) (pu), Stretching (IRE) (pu), Tudor Lodge (IRE), 5a (pu). 9 ran. 15l, dist, 30l, 15l. 7min 05.0s. SP: 7-4. (N. Salop).

    134 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Dalus Park (IRE) (Mandalus) (R E Gardiner) J Docker
    2 The Noble Rebel (IRE) (D Ward (The Rebellers Partnership)) C Mulhall
    3 Primitive Satin (R Tate) Mrs F Needham
    Also: Jambo Bwana (4), Kings Choir (5), Fresh Brew, fav (f), Miss Clara (IRE), 5a (pu), Springfield-Baron (pu), Tall Trees (IRE), 7a (pu), Torymac (IRE) (pu), Uncle Ada (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 20l, hd, 5l, 10l, 6l. 7min 40.0s. SP: 12-1. (Belvoir).

    135 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Redmire (Nomadic Way USA) (A Pennock), 5a A Pennock
    2 Go To War (Mrs J Thornton& J Downes), 7a R Burton
    3 Dozmary Pool (Mrs P Sykes) A Wintle
    Also: Branksome (IRE) bl (pu), Castle Wanderer, 5a (pu), Francophile (IRE) (ur), Jolly Jape (IRE) (pu), Magicman, fav (f), Open Invitation (IRE) (pu), Regal Bride, 5a (pu), TappersKnapp (IRE) (pu). 11 ran. 3l, 20l. 7min 24.0s. SP: 8-1. (Staintondale).

    136 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Hot Toddy (IRE) (Glacial Storm USA) (Miss H J Hinckley), fav R Burton
    2 The Other Man (IRE) (Miss L C Siddall) R Douro
    3 Strewth (A Witcomb) R Armson
    Also: Whatasucker (IRE) (4), Tuath Deuchainne (5), Arctic Corner, 5a (f), Balcony Boy (pu), Baltic Oak (IRE) (f), Bold Caste (IRE) (pu), Copper Thorn, 5a (pu), Cut Down The Sound (IRE) (pu), Dolphin Square (IRE) (pu), Mighty Monarch (IRE) (pu).13 ran. 11/2l, 2l, 1l, dist. 7min 27.0s. SP: 5-2. (Wheatland).

    MID DEVON,Black Forest Lodge, 11 February

    137 HUNT

    1 Breeze-Bloc (Sunley Builds) (J B Shears), 5a, fav M Shears
    Also: Yorkshire Terrier tt (ur).2 ran. Finished alone. 7min 31.0s. SP: 4-5. (Mid Devon).

    138 CONFINED, 12st

    1 County Derry (Derrylin) (G T Lever), fav N Harris
    2 Master Toby (Miss L Gardner) Miss L Gardner
    3 Certain Angle (Mrs D M Chanin) E Chanin
    Also: Aavasaksa (FR) (4), Sol Music (5), Mr Magnetic (IRE), 3x (6), Hold Your Ranks (ur), Horrified (pu), Ive Called Time, 3x (f), Johnny-K (IRE) (pu), Kingsbridge (IRE), bl (pu), The Hill Has Moved (IRE) (pu), Tuskar Flop, 5x (pu). 13 ran. dist, 1/2l, 5l, 8l, 4l. 6min 31.0s. SP: evens. (Devon & Somerset).

    139 MENS OPEN

    1 Harbour Island (Rainbow Quest USA) (R Flint), bl, fav J Llewellyn
    2 Normania (NZ) (P Frayne & C West) J Barnes
    3 King Of The Naul (IRE) (Mrs J E Purdie) A Honeyball
    Also: Bells Wood (ur), Newmans Conquest, 5a (pu).5 ran. dist, hd. 6min 46.0s. SP: 6-4. (Llangeinor).


    1 Apple John (Sula Bula) (A J Whiting) Miss T Hirst
    2 Holdimclose (Miss V M Tremlett) Miss V Tremlett
    3 Nigels Boy (Miss V J Scott) Miss C Thomas
    Also: Silver Sleeve (IRE) (4), Top Skipper (IRE) (5), Agile King (6), Aqua Star (IRE) (7), Geallainnban (IRE) (8), The Right Attitude (IRE) (9), Kadlass (FR) (f), William ODee (NZ), fav (pu). 11 ran. 1l, 8l, 1l, 5l, 4l, 2l, 25l, 3l. 6min 38.0s. SP: 6-1. (Berkeley).


    1 Blazing Miracle (Shaab) (N & Ms R Heard), 5a Miss T Cave
    2 Iron Pyrites (Miss A E Greenow), 5a S Lloyd
    3 Leon Garcia (IRE) (Mrs F Bishop), 5a, fav J Barnes
    Also: Rossaleen 5a, vis (4), Avril Showers, 5a (5), Itsnotsimple (IRE), 5a (pu).6 ran. hd, 2l, 21/2l, 6l. 6min 53.0s. SP: 4-1. (Silverton).

    142 RESTRICTED, 12st

    1 Barton Rose (Derring Rose) (Mrs S J Evans), fav B Evans
    2 Old Harrys Wife (Mrs J E Purdie), 5a N Mitchell
    Also: Born Natural (IRE) 5a (co), Cucklington, bl (ur), Gunner B Special (pu), Loxley-Lad (pu), Master Laughter (pu), Secretrock (IRE) (ref).8 ran. 25l. 6min 50.0s. SP: 11-4. (Taunton V.).

    143 OPEN MAIDEN (Div I), 12st

    1 Geisha (Royal Vulcan) (Mrs J K Powell & Mrs M Scudamore), 5a T Scudamore
    2 Satori (Mrs J M Cragg) A Ede
    3 All Monty (IRE) (C de P Berry) L Jefford
    Also: Rubian Princess 5a (4), Comet Lord (pu), Darcy Jones, 7a (pu), For Mum, 12a (f), Gambling Man (pu), Grayrose Hip, 5a (f), Mrs Peggoty, 5a, bl (bd), Natural Talent, fav (bd), Sir William, tt (f). 12 ran. dist, 4l, 15l. 6min 57.0s. SP: 13-2. (Cotswold).

    144 OPEN MAIDEN (Div II), 12st

    1 Phoenix Phlyer (Ardross) (Miss C C Stucley & J Duggan), fav T Scudamore
    2 Coolin River (IRE) (Mrs H M Bridges) Miss L Bridges
    Also: Bold Duch (pu), Danny Dolittle (IRE) (ur), Gradient (pu), High Sturt, 5a (pu), Lagham Lad, tt (ur), Morgans Rose, 5a (pu), Nicks Way (f), North Newcombe (bd), Who Dealt, 5a (pu). 11 ran. dist. 7min 00.0s. SP: evens. (Devon & Somerset).

    145 OPEN MAIDEN (Div III), 12st

    1 Jolitan (Joligeneration) (E B A Evans) B Evans
    2 Choc (Mrs V Kenney-Herbert) E Kenney-Herbert
    3 Indiana John (FR) (D A Johnson), 7a, fav T Scudamore
    Also: Owenweld (4), Humara (IRE), 5a (pu), Minstrals Boyo (pu), Nice Approach (IRE) (pu), Sovereigns Gift, 12a (pu), Supreme Fiona (IRE) (pu). 9 ran. 1/2l, 8l, 4l. 6min 57.0s. SP: 25-1. (Axe V.H.).

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