Nutrition for canines

  • Chudleys’ Quality Life Care is an anti-oxidant supplement specially developed for dogs

    QLC, the Quality Life Care anti-oxidant supplement, has been developed by Chudleys together withworld experts on anti-oxidants.

    It has been formulated to support your dogs own systems and provide maximum protection from the inside.

    Chudleys have also added a new product to their range, Chudleys Sensitive. Developed for dogs with delicate digestive systems, it is a turkey-rich food and ideal for dogs that benefit from a different protein source in their diet.

    Chudleys range of dog food is available in Original, Classic, Senior, Lite, Sensitive, Puppy, Junior, Snippets, and Supreme.

    For more information on pet nutrition contact the Chudleys Helpline (tel: 0870 442 3322) or visit www.dodsonandhorrellltd.com/chudleys

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