NPS Scotland showing results, 13 June

  • M&M in-hand (S Strang), Connemara 4-y-o & over.— 1, J Staveley’s Eastlands Dunrose: 2, E McDonald’s Pilgrims Fantasy; 3, D Efthymiou’s Carlingford Cherub. 2/3 y-o.— 1 & ch, J Staveley’s Eastlands Black Beauty; 2, D Gibson & S Williams’ Dirndahill Diggar; 3, A Gerrard’s Crossowen Jay. y’ling.— 1 & res & 2, W Hodge’s Kirtle Laurel & Kirtle Kryptonite; 3, A Gerrard’s Crossowen Angelina. Highland (S Baird), geld/mare.— 1 & ch, B Malim’s Creag Chrannach Of Meggernie; 2 & res, M Campbell’s Tormaukin Bryony; 3, L Riddell’s Yokel Of Croila. 2/3-y-o.— 1, S Dykes’ Donovan Of Mendick; 2, J Dykes’ Dougal Of Mendick; 3, L Riddell’s Annabelle Of Croila. Welsh sec A (C Willis-Burton) stallion.— 1, D Rowland’s Gartconnel Starlight; 2, R & E Elliott’s Fosterhouses Philospher; 3, Raithill Stud’s Ceannaitech Marcus. b’mare/geld.— 1 & ch, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Don; 2, J A Russell’s Gartconnel Wonderful; 3, J Allen’s Friars Golden Cascade. 2-y-o.— 1 & res, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Devi; 2, A Orr’s Mardenway 007; 3, R & D Elliot’s Oldvicarage Northumbrian Honor. y’ling.— 1, Waxwing Stud’s Llwyfo Terry; 2, Raithill Stud’s Talgoed Ballerno. sec B b’mare.— 1, C Dickins’ Brookhall Paddy Moon. 2/3-y-o.— 1, M C Nimmo’s Duntarvie Antony; 2, E Fraser’s Llanarth Charmer; 3, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Mynach Orion. y’ling.— 1 & ch, Waxwing Stud’s Waxwing Penny Gold; 2 & res, E Crate’s Skellorn Grafitti; 3, E Fraser’s Glenlichd Fairy Charm. sec C/D geld/mare.— 1 & ch, Passford Stud’s Barwood Bronwen; 2, C Frith’s Ristol Corine; 3, B Hull’s Menai Anrheg. 2/3-y-o.— 1, C J Anderson’s Avonvale Pendderyn; 2, D Russell’s Llandlyllin Elgar; 3, N Luti’s Glynhir Brenhines Haf. y’ling.— 1 & res, 1, S Murray’s Passford Brenin; 2, A & P Aitken’s Springfield Park The Stig; 3, E Houston’s Durris Out Of The Blue. Shetland (P Campbell) geld/mare.— 1 & res, Transy Stud’s Stelalp Of Transy; 2, A Hodgson’s Lathom Juni; 3, M Glacken’s Kinfauns Romance. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, Transy Stud’s Charlotte Of Transy; 2, M Glacken’s Struie Daz. y’ling.— 1, G & N Hamilton’s Tyrie Golden Giagha. mini Shetland.— 1, G & M Hamilton’s Hamlet Of Belmont. Dartmoor, Exmoor 4-y-o- & over.— 1 & Exmoor ch, G Whetter’s Cosmic Lacerta; 2 & res Exmoor, L Mulholland’s Beinnliath Hartshornpike; 3 & Dartmoor ch, S Lean’s Blairhill Caper, 4 & res Dartmoor, S Lean’s Blairhill Nutmeg. dales, fell, New Forest 4-y-o & over.— 1 & New Forest ch, E & P Rennie’s Willoway Carousel; 2 M & J Gunn’s Willoway Chatterbox; 3, N Luti’s Wellbrow Warrior. 2/3-y-o.— 1 & fell ch, Messrs Smith’s Bracklinn Jackpot; 2, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Warrior; 3 & fell res, M Hall’s Wellbrow Alma. y’ling.— 1, M Hall’s Towford Harmarnie; 2, M Hall’s Wellbrow Bella. May de Warrenne M&M overall ch.— Willoway Carousel; res, Bracklinn Jackpot. home-produced in-hand (J Harforth) large.— 1 & ch, S Thomson’s Pennal The Great; 2, Dougal Of Mendick; 3, H Dick’s Carlung Findlay. small.— 1 & res, S Thomson’s Starloch Principle Boy; 2, L Kennedy’s Yanwath; 3, K Peden’s Talgoed Hyacinth. RP in-hand (J Nott) 4-y-o & over, 148cm.— 1 & res, M Armstrong’s Cairnfield Kia Ora; 2, L McGowan & J Hendrie’s Craiglea Pipkin. 2/3-y-o 128cm.— 1, M Cousin’s Romanno Royal Expectations; 2, P Page’s Rosedust Vanessa. do 138cm.— 1 & sup in-hand, J Cousens’ Kenilwood Sirocco; 2, D Robertson’s Braeglen Silhouette; 3, J Dawson & A Shaw’s Mighty Call Girl. y’ling 128cm.— 1, J Cousens’ Kenilwood Nikita; 2, M Armstrong’s Westhill Quizzica; 3, L Cormack’s Landswood Ruby. do 138cm.— 1, J Cousens’ Kenilwood El Nino; 2, D Scott-Downie’s Rosevale Seren Salut. Boyles silver medal.— Kenilwood Sirocco. hunter pony in-hand (J Nott) 2-y-o 143cm.— 1, S Harper’s Braeglen Toytown; 2, C Dawson’s Mighty Witchcraft. 2/3-y-o 153cm.— 1 & ch, S Harper’s Braeglen Masterpiece; 2 & res, S Robson’s Siren’s Song; 3, M Sivewright’s Craigmanzie Fancy Girl. 4-y-o- & over do.— 1, R Elliot’s Nutkin; 2, A Efthymiou’s Langhill Musician. Bankswood SHP in-hand silver medal rosette.— Braeglen Masterpiece. reg part-bred in-hand (C Willis-Burton) part-bred Arab y’ling.— 1, Kenilwood Sirocco; 2, S Gamble’s Rustums Rembrant. 4-y-o & over.— S Gamble’s Behest Tsunamui. part-bred M&M y’stk.— 1 & ch, Braeglen Masterpiece; 2, D Robertson’s Braeglen Silhouette; 3, M Cousin’s Romanno Royal Expectations. 4-y-o- & over.— 1 & res, M Armstrong’s Cairnfield Kia Ora; 2, E Crate’s Penmarc Beginagain. Picton M&M nov (J Harforth) sml.— 1, E Boardman’s Dykes Lily Mead; 2, K Watson’s Omega; 3, L Steel’s Maxwelltown Macguire. dales, fell, Highland.— 1, K Bowling’s Millie-Rose Of Strathmore; 2, G & K McMurray’s Trailtrow Reannich; 3, G Reilly’s Townend Sam. sec D.— 1, J Watson’s Passford Sunnay Boy; 2, J Boyd’s Bybeck Emily; 3, L Jarvis’ Siglan Caradog. Connemara, New Forest.— 1, W Hodge’s Sydserff Misty Morning; 2, Craigie Equestrian’s Wannie Fair Exchange Kilmannan nov ridden M&M (R Avery) dales, fell, sec D.— 1, J Patterson’s Coldwell Black Flyer; 2, N Luti’s Wellbrow Warrior; 3, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Robert The Bruce. Highland.— 1, Millie Rose Of Strathmore; 2, R Chalmers’ Kincardine Eilidh; 3, M McClory’s Carlung Innes. Connemara, New Forest.— 1 & res, E & P Rennie’s Willoway Carousel; 2, J Christie’s Bellindene Franklyn; 3, A Little’s Ennistymon Boy. sec B/C.— 1 & ch, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Nebo Robert The Bruce; 2, L Jarvis’ Starcrest Hermione; 3, J Watson’s Rhoswen Rebel. sml.— 1, L Mulholland’s Beinnliath Hartshornpike; 2, A Hay’s Greyoaks Gillian Rose; 3, S Lean’s Blairhill Truffle. Peasedown M&M int ridden (L Briant) sml.— 1 & res, S Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan ; 2, P Simpson’s Pepperwell Andante. sec B/C.— 1, P Burnie’s Oak Bronwen; 2, J McKenzie & F Stewart’s Aytounhill Annabella; 3, P Simpson’s Pepperwell McVitie. New Forest,Connemara.— 1, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Toffee; 2, E-J Murray’s Castlestrange Wee Sparrow; 3, M & J Gunn’s Willoway Chatterbox. fell, Highland, dales.— 1 & ch, Messrs Smith’s Carrock I’m Yer Man; 2, R Darling’s Chesterhill Forrester; 3, N McClung’s Bracklinn Milly. sec D.— 1, B Hill’s Llanllugan Mike’s Lad; 2, E Aitchison’s Skelwith Rocket’s Flash Dance; 3, L Elder’s Thorneyside Max. NPS Baileys M&M Olympia ridden (R Avery) Highland, fell, dales.— 1, F Bell’s Whitefield Prince Henry; 2, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic; 3, D J Chadwick’s Hedgethorpe April Morning. Connemara, New Forest.— 1, A Grainger’s Eastlands Loch Tam; 2, J Fairburn’s Rebel Rouser. sec D.— 1 & ch, D J Chadwick’s Maysmoor Ambassador; 2, S Thomson’s Pennal The Great. sec B/C.— 1 & res, E Boardman’s Stoatleytwo Daisy Jane; 2, F Cork’s Taweigan Red Robin; 3, S Snowie’s Valentine Hierarchy. sml.— 1, E Boardman’s Phi; 2, R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 3, S Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan. Baileys ridden M&M pony of the year (P Campbell) dales, fell, sec D.— 1, Pennal The Great; 2, L Elder’s Thorneyside Max; 3, R Copeland-Wing’s Lunesdale Jupiter. Highland.— 1, F Bell’s Whitefield Prince Henry; 2, Carlung Findlay; 3, G & K McMurray’s Trailtrow Teal. Connemara, New Forest.— 1 & ch, J McCallum’s Sydserff Lord Of The Dance; 2, Lomondside Toffee; 3, J Bishop’s Barney Robbie. sec B/C.— 1, F Cork’s Tawelfan Red Robin; 2, J McKenzie & F Stewart’s Aytounhill Annabella; 3, F Maitland’s Stockham Goldfinger. sml.— 1 & res, R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 2, L Mulholland’s Beiinnliath Hartshormpike; 3, S Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan. horsequest.co.uk M&M ridden silver medal.— Sydserff Lord Of the Dance. Micor Demolition Ltd M&M LR (L Briant).— 1 & mini ch, C Cousens’ Brierdene Lewellyn; 2, Transy Stud’s Rosebestman Of Transy; 3, F Shaw’s Waxwing Milk Tray. FR.— 1 & mini res, C Myles’ Greenferns Shem; 2, S Manners’ Roseisle Something Blue; 3, L Hood’s Aytounhill Anniversary. RHR Demolition jnr, riders under 14-y-o sml.— 1, C Mason’s Llanarw Betsam; 2, P Simpson’s Pepperwell McVitie; 3, F Maitland’s Stockham Goldfinger. 138 cm, 18-y-o.— 1 & res, R Chalmers’ Kincardine Eilidh; 2, N Gillon’s Spottiswood Scarfskerry; 3, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon. exc 148cm, 15-y-o.— 1 & ch, S Wardrop’s Alysse Of Carlung; 2, A Little’s Ennistymon Boy; 3, E Aitchison‘s Skelkwith Rocket’s Flash Dance. tiny tots FR.— 1, K Stewart’s Rushton Marzipan. LR of SHT.— 1, M Foran’s Roseisle Brave Romance. LR.— 1 & res, F Shaw’s Penucha Thea; 2, C Cousens’ Rivenwood Brave Romance; 3, M Foran’s Roseisle Brave Romance. FR.— 1 & ch, C Bankier’s Barkway Chorister; 2, S Manners’ Hollybush Libretto; 3, C Dickens’ Isley Walton Onyx. mixed ht SP.— 1, S O’Neil’s Myblla Filartina; 2, R Chalmers’ Cairnfield Little Fox; 3, D Robertson’s Courtway Amadeus. do open.— 1 & res, J McCluskey’s Willowhill Forget-Me-Knot; 2, C Mason’s Bracon Toytown; 3, S O’Neil’s Mybella Filatina. do nov SHP.— 1, D Scobie’s Treflan Chocolate Button; 2, M Nicol’s Riversdale Poker; 3, L Mulholland’s Morwyn Lady Verity. do open.— 1, C Bankier’s Bronmheulog Charmer; 2, G Reilly’s Gaindyke Kwik Step; 3, M Nicol’s Riversdale Poker. reg part-bred ridden (J Harforth) part-bred M&M.— 1 & ch, Bracon Toytown; 2, E Crate’s Penmaric Beginagain; 3, S O’Neil’s Mybella Filatina. part-bred Arab.— 1 & res, A Mathesons’ Scarlett O’Hara; 2, M Nicoll’s Marshbrook Liimited Edition; 3, A Efthymiou’s Rangehill Musician. M&M FR WHP (S Clark).— 1, F Longley’s Highland Jury; 2, A Snowie’s Rosedust Smarty Pants; 3, C MacMillan’s Rumworth Moonlight. Bowling M&M nov WHP (R Bown, R James) 122cm.— 1, Rosedust Smarty Pants; 2, K Watson’s Omega. exc 122cm.— 1, Nebo Robert The Bruce; 2, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon; 3, L Jarvis’ Peasedown King Louis. 148cm.— 1 & ch, J McNaught’s Whitefield King Ivan; 2 & res, J Christie’s Bellindene Franklyn; 3, R Claydon’s Hendal’s Hallmark. RIHS M&M WHP 148cm.— 1 & sup, J Fairbuirn’s Rebel Rouser; 2, J Sayer’s Coederech’s Berwyn; 3, K Waterson’s Mayflower Magic. 138cm.— 1 & res, A Simmonds’ Kilmazin Red Kite; 2, C Macmillan’s Rumworth Moonlight; 3, L Tinson’s Lord Of the Manor lll. 122cm.— 1, K Watson’s Brether; 2, Bunbury Czar. Scottish & Northern M&M WHP (R Avery & C Nelson) 122cm.— 1 & ch, C Myles’ Waxwing Pop Over; 2, Highland Jury; 3, S Lean’s Blairhill Caper. 138cm.— 1, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Rosedust March Mist; 2, Peasedown King Louis; 3, L Baker’s Aytounhill Peregrine. exc 138cm.— 1 & res, S Adams’ Petey; 2, D MacTaggart’s Caperann Swift; 3, A Matheson’s Dunedin Magnus. WHP (J Munro, F Reid) mx ht.— 1, W Murray’s Morning Sky; 2 & res, A Dougan’s Vanilla Sky; 3, F Roebuck’s Kitevale Serendipity. CS.— 1, L Hood’s Jakee Peg; 2, Bunbury Czar. NS.— 1 & ch, Georgian Dorian; 2, Vanilla Sky; 3, F Langley’s Skellorn Royal Consort. mx ht nov WHP int.— 1, K Miller’s Pebbly House Martyn; 2, J Dun’s Chinook; 3, A Hay’s Bochym Magic Solo.

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