NPS Area 20 Show 27 June ’04

  • NPS AREA 20 South of England Showground, 27 June

    open ridden M&M (A Robertson) sml breeds 1, ch, sup mini ch & res sup ridden, J Minns’ Glenwood Caradog; 2 & res, C Ward’s Uppacott Hermitage; 3, Mes Burchell-Small & Shemilt’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah. do lge breeds 1, L Waite’s Karnarth Lysander; 2, J Minns’ Whitebridge Maverick; 3, Mr & Mrs L Wilkinson’s Wernderris Footprint. HOYS M&M LR (A Robertson & V De Quincey) 1 & res, J Templeton’s Islyn Gwawr; 2, D Barr’s Lacy Targed; 3, J Lloyd’s Langfield Prideth. do FR 1 & ch, Glenwood Caradog; 2, Mrs Burchell-Smalls’ Blanche Mandy; 3, S Woyka’s Treowen Rhian. jnr handler 13-18-y-o (P Baker-Beall) 1, E Kember’s Nanteos Afarina. 12-y-o & under 1 & ch, A Somerset’s Roseisle Confetti; 2 & res, E Holder’s Brynuane Little Cracker; 3, E Edwards’ Hafdre Fern. home produced M&M in-hand (M Northam) sml breeds 1, A Coulburn’s Raci The Dream Catcher; 2, J Harding’s Blanche Minx; 3, S Page’s Floreat Bourbon Cream. do lge breeds 1 & ch, Mes Hird & Edmunds’ Gigha Of Carlung; 2 & res, T Dale’s Charford Zaffron; 3, J Hobden’s Blaengwen Gazzer. jnr ridden M&M sml breeds 1 & ch, C Ward’s Uppacott Vacqueyras; 2 & res, K Sarling’s Barkway Stormbird; 3, S Rampling’s Collenna Hebe. do lge 1, S Turner’s Whitefield Lord Zaire; 2, C Ward’s Trehenlli Ianto; 3, Mr & Mrs Bowley’s Ashgrove Renown. PUK novice ridden M&M (J Godden) lge breeds 1 & ch, A Pill’s Allins Welsh Angel; 2, Brysmith Stud’s Brysmith Midas Spirit; 3, Mrs Hird’s Brungrange Steffanie. do sml 1 & res, L Symon’s Thornberry Ptarmigan; 2, C Chubbs Meadowlands Winter Jasmin; 3, Barkway Stormbird. mixed M&M in-hand (V Hampton) lge breeds y’stck 1, Gigha Of Carlung; 2, S Burt’s Walstead Songbird; 3, M Dell’s Cocas Pretty In Pink. do 4-y-o & over 1, ch & sup ch M&M in-hand, S Burt’s Walstead Mimosa; 2 & res, D Weedon’s Faradale Pride; 3, Karnarth Lysander. 3-y-o & under sml breeds 1, J Rand’s Duranti Marksman; 2, Mr & Mrs T Capon’s Davdor Acclaim; 3, J Hawkins’ Carrwood Acclaim. 4-y-o & over 1, T Mockford’s Bartletts Lola. NPS int M&M Dart/Ex/Shet/Welsh sec A 1 & res, Rowfantina Simply Sarah. do sec B & C 1, Ashgrove Renown; 2, SRS Showteam’s Seventhorn Merlyns Moon; 3, Brysmith Midas Spirit. do NF/Conn 1, A Fitzsimons’ Cailin Mac Nought; 2, D Boylan’s Corellian Caleb; 3, Mr R Blackburn’s Glencarrig Eleanor. doFell/Dales/High/Welsh D 1 & Ch, Mr A Reeves’ Aysgarth Purple Heather; 2, D Pickering’s Naiad Welsh Dragon; 3, L Shoults’ Oakcroft Talisker. NPS M&M LR 1 & res, Lacy Targed; 2, L Hammond’s Thorncliffe Ruby; 3, C Davis’ Dunmere Dansedufeu. do FR 1 & ch, Glenwood Caradog; 2, K Smith’s Uffington Elvis; 3, J Lloyds Roseisle Tudyr Minstrel. M&M side saddle (M Tarran-Jones) 1, M Sault’s Babylon Precious. horse/pony side saddle 1, Babylon Precious; 2, G Mercer’s Just Add Walter. side saddle equitation 1, C Orchin’s Alanna; 2, Babylon Precious; 3, Just Add Walter. NPS nov M&M LR (M Northam) 1 & ch, S Darlington’s Fishleigh May Breeze; 2, Thorncliffe Ruby; 3, B Firth’s Cayberry Dejavu. do FR 1 & res, T Collett’s Penwayn Ryan; 2, A Lucas’ Moortown Huntsman; 3, Hafdre Fern. NPS nov ridden M&M Dart/Ex/Shet/sec A 1 & ch, Uppacott Vacqueyras. do sec B & C 1 & res, Mr & Mrs G Cooper’s Synod Rufflette; 2, Miss L Dickinson’s Starcrest Marbella; 3, S Barnett’s Peasedown Perfect Puzzle. do NF/Conn 1, P Boon’s Rudgeway Silver Strand; 2, D Boylan’s Corellian Jacob; 3, Hon Mrs Harries & Mrs P Harrison’s Hayselden Artemis. Dales/Fell/High/sec D 1, Brungrange Steffanie; 2, T Young’s Tydfil Lloyd Dun ‘n’ Dusted; 3, K Gibbons’ Pentrepiod Welsh Gambler. M&M in-hand (A Robertson) Conn 1, Walstead Mimosa; 2, J Somerset’s Falfield Golden Arrow; 3, Walstead Songbird. do NF 1 & res, Charford Zaffron; 2, N Shorey’s Willoway Pipers Paragon; 3, Cocas Pretty In Pink. do Fell/Dales 1 & ch, Aysgarth Purple Heather; 2, G Truscott’s Daleshope Charoite Jade; 3, Faradale Pride. do High 1, Gigha Of Carlung; 2, J Harris’ Carse Mac Robert; 3, Mrs & Miss Turner’s Logandene. do Shet 1, Mrs Buchanan-Jackson’s Drykonwl Ennar; 2, C Buchanan-Jackson’s Klingrahool Bobby Jo; 3, J Cobley’s Ulverscroft Magesty. do Dart/ Ex 1, S & J Rand’s Cosley Domino; 2, S Mitchell-Thompson’s Paramount Eclipse; 3, S Bidmead’s Chafford Blyth Spirit. sec D in hand (R Miller) 1, J Berry Wildham Sandlewood; 2, Blaengwan Gazzer. sec B 3-y-o & under 1, Carrwood Acclaim; 2, Davdor Acclaim; 3, S Ash’s Llanarth Sweet Willow. sec B adult 1, T Manning’s Butleigh Diana. sec A y’ling 1, ch & res sup M&M in-hand, K James’ Highland Juno; 2, J Shemilt’s Rowfantina Old Times; 3, J Hayden’s Blisland Masquerade. do 2/3-y-o 1, K James’ Highland Veronica; 2, Floreat Bourbon Cream; 3, Raci The Dream Catcher. do adult 1 & res, S Ash’s Sedgwick Party popper; 2, J Hayden’s Penboeth Chelsea; 3, Bartletts Lola. Olympia Dart/Ex/Shetl/sec A 1 & ch, D Barr’s Lady Eleanor; 2, Glenwood Caradog; 3, Uppacott Hermitage. do sec B & C 1, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Hier; 2, S Roberts’ Fidlin Advantage; 3, T Collett’s Priestwood Burlington Bertie. do Conn/NF 1, B Miller’s Rosenharley Laura Amy; 2, Cailin Mac Nought; 3, D Boylan’s Rosscastle Cippure Cathel. do Dales/Fell/High 1 & res, Mrs Hawkins-Smith’s Lochlands Musician. do sec D 1, A Jones & D Smith’s Broughton Diplomat; 2, Babylon Precious; 3, G Curtis’ Shardels Remo. RP Breeding (D Williams) y’ling 1, A Bast’s Moscombe Galaxy; 2, C Sage’s Moetryfan Chocolate Drop; 3, B Henderson’s Havenhurst Song of Blue Dreams. do 2/3-y-o 1 & res, E Kelly’s Sandlings American Dream; 2, T Salter’s Chasecroft Dawn Chorus; 3, L Cornford’s Windbourne Je-Reve. do brood mare 1, ch & sup in-hand, J Newnham & M Godden’s Moor Hall Serenade. do foal 1, J Newnham & M Godden’s Moor Hall Magnificat. P/B Welsh (S Phelan) 3-y-o & under 1 & res, H Watkins’ Hindleap Saraphina; 2, T Sage’s Henleydown High Society; 3, D Barr’s Firle Mr McGregor. do adult 1 & ch, A Bast’s Moscombe Little Madam; 2, A Smith’s Teglease Puckwidgeon; 3, A Pocock’s Santigma Feet of Flames. home produced riding pony (A Hart) y’ling 1 & res, Moscombe Galaxy; 2, Moetryfan Chocolate Drop; 3, Havenhurst Song Of Blue Dreams. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Henleydown High Society; 2, Hindleap Saraphina; 3, A Stevens’ Designer Romance. BRP in-hand 3-y-o & under 1 & res, Designer Romance; 2, Hindleap Saraphina; 3, N Sargeant’s Broomdowns Liberty. do adult 1 & ch, Moor Hall Serenade; 2, J Dockray’s Wayward Pollys Song; 3, Mrs J Weedon’s Deanhills Kittiwake. HP breeding y’ling 1 & ch, H Wickes’ Aquilastud Nigia; 2, S Pointing’s Supreme Dream of Midfield. do 2/3-y-o 1, Firle Mr McGregor; 2, Havenhurst Song Of The Blues; 3, P Reynolds’ Priestwood Dixie Chick. do adult 1 & res, K Sheldrick’s Fair Dominic; 2, Moscombe Little Madam; 3, L Cornford’s Ninfield Minks Chippendale. hack in-hand (V Millwood) 1 & ch, Aquilastud Nigia; 2 & res, S Dudley’s Silk; 3, G Drury’s Elusive Connection. sports horse/pony y’stck 1, Havenhurst Song Of The Blues; 2, Moscombe Galaxy. do adult 1 & ch, C Peck’s Justa Touch Of Magic; 2 & res, J Hobden’s Frosthill Free Spirit; 3, M Gosling’s Sargeant Duncan. AA/PBA y’stck 1 & ch, Henleydown High Society; 2 & res, Designer Romance; 3, Silk. do adult 1, J Crozier’s Copybush Devotion; 2, T Heaver’s Alpha Centauri. SHP (P Baker-Beall) LR 1, J Harvey’s Flash Harry VII; 2, D Barr’s Ish-Koo-Dah; 3, S Davidson’s West Firle Miss Mittens. do 122cm 1 & ch, Flash Harry VII; 2, T Salter’s Sianwood Goldflake; 3, Ish-Koo-Dah. do 133cm 1, T Salter’s Caleyhall Exclamation; 2, T Wallace’s Parrock Thatchers Cognac; 3, C Royce’s Warleigh Hot Gossip. do 143cm 1 & res, Fair Dominic; 2, Ninfield Minks Chippendale; 3, J Moyers’ Haighend Tittle Tattle. 153cm 1, H Armstrong-Small’s Munden Mallow Haze; 2, G Holder’s Hammonds Next Time; 3, J Marsh Smith’s Longhalves Dawn Raider. NPS novice SP (D Williams) 1, J Godden’s Rhos Exquisite; 2, T Salter’s Chiddock Pillow Talk; 3, Lady Gilbey’s Beckside Gold Dust. NPS nov SHP 1, R Obbard’s Champlers Springbok; 2, Beckside Gold Dust; 3, Parrock Thatchers Cognac. NPS SP LR 1, ch & res sup mini, Mr & Mrs Boyles’ Nantcol Sir Galahad. NPS SP FR 1 & res, J Harvey’s Barkway Tommy Girl; 2, D L Thomas’ Blaircourt Mini Mouse; 3, N Harris’ Lowland Paper Lace. NPS open RP/SHP 128cm 1, ch & sup ridden ch, Rhos Exquisite; 2, Beckside Gold Dust; 3, J Knight’s Barkway Tiger Eye. do138cm 1 & res, T Wallace’s Ninfield Lady Mink; 2, Lady Gilbey’s Culross Sunshine. do 153cm 1, T Strapp’s Hollyoaks Arctic Knight; 2, Sandlings Make Believe; 3, S Pointing’s Beckside Limelight. LR (P Baker-Beall) 1, Nantcol Sir Galahad; 2 & ch, Mrs Armstrong-Small’s Prince Charming VI; 3, West Firle Miss Mittens. FR 1 & res, Barkway Tommy Girl; 2, Lowland Paper Lace; 2, L Ahmet’s Firle Mrs Tittlemouse. 128cm 1 & ch, Mes Jago & Carvosso’s Bradmore Faberge; 2, Rhos Exquisite; 3, Beckside Gold Dust. 138cm 1 & res, Mes Jago & Carvosso’s Ninfield Wuthering Heights; 2, A Love’s Sheraton Georgette; 3, Ninfield Lady Mink. 148cm 1, H Armstrong-Small’s Kingsford Hallmark. NPS nov M&M WHP (D Macnair & S Linden) 122cm 1 & ch, K James’ Highland Jury. do 138cm 1 & res, Mrs Simpson’s Sydserff Dooneen; 2, Peasedown Perfect Puzzle; 3, L Smith’s Dunnabridge Dandy. exc 138cm 1, A Johnstone’s Rosscastle Cippure Rossi; 2, J Lom’s Mr Smee; 3, S Lewis’ Misty Sally. NPS junior M&M WHP 138cm 1 & res, Mrs J Harding Ash’s Mockbeggar Liquorice Allsorts; 2, T Strapp’s Fayre Chico; 3, L Frasier’s Farriers Fire Cracker. do 148cm 1 & ch, F Piarce-Thomas’ Tardebigge Royal Magic; 2, Rosscastle Cippure Rossi; 3, G Burgan’s Woody Warm Welcome. NPS M&M NS 1, J Edwards’ Doylan Silver Buttons; 2, Highland Jury; 3, S Barnetts’ Shilstone Rocks Rough Mountain. NPS int M&M WHP 122cm 1, L Mitrano’s Pentrych Orange Pip. do 138cm 1 & res, G Chapman’s Waveahead Danny Boy; 2, Brysmith Midas Spirit; 3, C Grisdale’s Lochsbit Purple Eclipse. do exc 138cm 1 & ch, S Douglas’ Sunnydale Marmiduke; 2, Mrs & Miss Evans’ Hayselden Pheobe; 3, Woody Warm Welcome. PUK nov M&M WHP (M Tarran-Jones & S Phelan) 122cm 1, Pentrych Orange Pip; 2, Mr & Mrs M Sheen’s Thistledown Beehive. do 138cm 1 & ch, C Kingham’s Meadowrose Plover; 2, Brysnith Midas Spirit; 3, Peasedown Perfect Puzzle. do exc 138cm 1, Mr & Mrs Liddell’s Brownbread Raven; 2 & res, T Crawford’s Finnes; 3, V Tollworthy’s Heaseland Nocturne. M&M LR WHP 1, Treowen Rhian; 2, Mrs J Minns’ Dolau Nia; 3, Miss C Heady’s Twyford Nicholas. PUK open M&M WHP 122cm 1 & ch, D Barr’s Dryfe China Doll; 2, Shilstone Rocks Rough Mountain; 3, Roseisle Confetti. do 138cm 1 & res, Lochsbits Purple Eclipse; 2, A Remman’s Somerford Lady May; 3, Mockbeggar Liquorice Allsorts. do exc 138cm 1, Finnes; 2, Brownbread Raven; 3, Hayselden Phoebe.

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