Now dogs can “talk” to owners

  • A new invention from Japan means that dog owners are now able to understand their dogs

    For anyone who has ever wanted their dog to talk to them they now have the opportunity as Japanese scientists have developed a canine translator.

    The “Bow-lingual” consists of a dog collar with an inbuilt microphone that records all the noises your dog makes.

    An infra-red voice print is then beamed to the owners handheld pager which then analyses and converts your dog’s sounds into phrases accompanied by a picture.

    There are more than 200 words stored and some of the phrases include:

    • Play with me
    • Throw the ball
    • I need to go outside
    • I’m hungry

    The Bow-lingual was been developed by one of Japan’s largest mobile phone contents provider, Index Corp and the Japanese Acoustic Lab, and manufactured by toy company Takara Co ltd.

    Scientists used 100 dogs made up of 14 different breeds to collate 2,000 different phrases and claim it is over 90% accurate.

    The Bow-lingual went on sale in Japan earlier this year priced around £60 and there are plans to develop an English version in the future.

    Masami Ochiai, president of Index Crop, told Reuters news agency: “We asked ourselves if it was possible to communicate with animals. . . and our answer to that is that it is possible.”

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