Northern Ireland Festival, ’06

  • Northern Ireland Festival, ’06

    Kingsford M&M ridden/Ferndale sml.— 1 & ch, Mr A Bell’s Barns Isabel; 2, Mrs M McDonald’s Huttons Ambo Mayflower; 3, Ms A Spencer’s Tallares Whiskey Mac. do lge.— 1 & res, Mrs V Dumigan’s Willowmead Recall; 2, Miss J Maxwell’s Finisglen Boy; 3, N Spurr’s Clanrye Milford Magic. Rosettes Direct LR.— 1 & res, Miss D Irwin’s Kenilwood Music Boy; 2, Mrs G Creighton’s Mountain Gamecock. FR.— 1 & ch, Mr P E Cherry’s Hightopps Lucy Lockett; 2, Mrs M Letters’s Senateview Angelica; 3, Mrs A McClenaghan’s Ballyloughan Scotch Mist. Lords School Lobster Pot M&M LR.— 1 & res, Miss D Irwin’s Maxwelltown Cleo; 2, Mrs V Dumigan’s Belan Liberty; 3, Mrs R E Wilson’s Tamberley Of Hutton. Brineton FR.— 1 & ch, Mr A Bell’s Barns Isabel; 2, Huttons Ambo Mayflower; 3, Mrs R E Wilson’s Thistledown Likely Lad. Brineton SP 128cm.— 1, Mrs L Curry’s Kenilwood Windsong; 2 & res, Mrs J Corbett’s Parkhill First Edition; 3 & ch, Miss D Walsh’s Glenhuntley Trojan Troy. 138cm.— 1, Mrs S Kinley’s Windale Miniature Rose; 2, Ms G F Torrens’s Rhos Royal Velvet. 148cm.— 1, Ms G F Torrens’ Brookvale Court-jester; 2, J Grudgings’s Chinook Calibra; 3, Mr N Cathers’s Mountcaulfield Jasmine. Timberwolf SHP 122cm.— 1, Mrs S Moore’s The Fiddler; 2, Ballyloughan Scotch Mist; 3, Mr Alfred Hanna’s Chocolate Champion. 133cm.— 1 & ch, Glenhuntley Trojan Troy; 2, Mrs S Moore’s Silverstone; 3, Windale Miniature Rose. 143cm.— 1 & ch, Mrs L Curry’s Knockreigh Mistletoe; 2 & res, Mrs J Corbett’s Sahereca Singing Tribute; 3, Mrs J Corbett’s Whitemere Jenny Wren. 153cm.— 1, Miss R Wilson’s Black Bush; 2, Mrs G Henry’s The Connoisseur; 3, Miss L Kelly’s Culsara Tirnanog. novice hunter.— 1, Miss V Ormedilla’s Lucien; 2, Mr R Iggulden’s Magnifire; 3, Mrs D Gomes’s Lady Guinevere. P(UK) Whittakers Lord hunter lwt.— 1 & res, Miss V Ormedilla’s Lorenzo; 2, Ms L Boggs’s Hope Of Kilrush; 3, Mr R Iggulden’s Millar Hill. mwt.— 1 & ch, L Webb’s Golden Graduate; 2, Mrs L Murray’s Newsflash; 3, C Robb’s Braeview Culhullen. hwt.— P(UK) Kempley cob/Royalist.— 1, Miss V Ormedilla’s Cool Kingdom; 2, Mrs A Regan’s Shaskeen; 3, unlisted. Hazelden Rosettes riding horse sml.— 1, Dr H R Flanagan’s Beamish III; 2, M M McCorry’s What A Star; 3, Miss N Wilkinson’s Oakwood Cafe Grad. Commanchee ridden coloured.— 1, Mrs A Minnis’s Mossvale Razzmatazz; 2, Mrs L Anstey’s The Scout; 3, Mrs B Stewart’s.— 1, J Grudgings’s Chinook Calibra. .— 1, Mrs G Henry’s The Connoisseur; 2, Miss L O‘Gorman’s Exclusive; 3, Mrs H Henderson’s Silken Belle. Shearwater open M&M WHP/J D Finance Coalport.— 1, Mrs V Dumigan’s Willowmead Recall; 2, N Spurr’s Clanrye Milford Magic; 3, Ms G Stubington’s Armelina. Colne WHP/J D Finance Coalport Premier 153cm.— 1, Mrs J Corbett’s Warleigh Tittle Tattle; 2, Mr A McDonald’s Cloud Nine; 3, Mrs J Craig’s Ballydown Minstral. Caldecote conf nov WH exc 153cm.— 1 & 2, T Donnelly’s Necarne Libby & Ishd Cool Customer; 3, McDonald’s Tsunami. Hazelden Rosettes WH 153cm.— 1, P Mullen’s Grecian Gold. Brineton Precision sml hunter 158cm.— 1, Mrs S Gault’s Swellegant Elegant; 2, Miss L O’Gorman’s Exclusive; 3, Miss L A Horner’s Midnight Classic Mover. Newcomers Zenith WH/WHP.— 1, Mrs McGowan’s Snowstorm Of Tyrella; 2, Mrs Y Rooney’s Glanymor Mini The Minx; 3, J Taggart’s Drishoge Springer. do.— 1, Ms D Bond’s Barney; 2, Miss J L Leighton’s Cabra Gold; 3, D Finnegan’s Glendhu Snowstorm. Festival WHP starter stakes 133cm.— 1, J Moore’s My Joey; 2, Charters Cameron’s Cassie; 3, Mrs M Brown’s Golden Flight. P(UK) Festival open WHP 133cm.— 1, Mrs B Dixon’s Blackstown Secret Promise; 2, S Hayes’s Lady Arabella; 3, Mrs C Blair’s Bee-jay. WHP 143cm.— 1, Mrs J Corbett’s Whitemere Jenny Wren; 2, Mrs S Clarke’s Wheres My Socks. 153cm.— 1, J Moore’s Toto Matata; 2, W Clarke’s Huntingdon; 3, Miss J L Leighton’s Cabra Gold. P(UK) Festival WH 100cm.— 1 & res, Mr A McCusker’s Connswater Centre; 2, Elaine McKenna’s Ricky Z; 3, Ms L Boggs’s Tamerlane Ice. 90cm.— 1, L Webb’s Golden Graduate; 2, Miss H Flannigan’s Kings Cavalier; 3, Mrs M Rea’s Oscar. 80cm.— 1 & ch, Golden Graduate; 2, Toto Matata; 3, Dr H R Flanagan’s Beamish III.

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