Northern Horse

  • NORTHERN HORSE Grange Park, Wetherby

    M&M in-hand (Mrs G McMurray) stallion lge 1, J Pennel’s Lowhouses Black Magic; 2, E Tattersall’s Willbrown Warrior; 3, C Saynor’s Liscanineene Boy. small 1, S Hide’s Huttons Ambo Alpha. lge mare/geld 1, D Slack’s Raisbeck Casino; 2, E Woolley’s Linnel Fern; 3, R & F Longstaff’s Lowhouses Rebecca. y’ling lge 1, F Dickson’s Beinn Eibhinn; 2, J Pennell’s Nipna Clematis; 3, E Tattersall’s Glossopdale Smokey Top Class. 2/3-y-o lge 1 & ch, R & F Longstaff’s Daoumis Dawhinnie Dream; 2, S Fleetwood’s Precious Lassie of Combebank; 3, E Woolley’s Littletree Tia Maria. mare/geld sml 1, A Green’s Sharpham Wizard; 2, N Stanier’s Dunmere Cardamon; 3, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween. y’ling do 1, F Dickson’s Drum Na Guie. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, A Green’s Cayberry North Country Cherry; 2, S Cambage’s Roecliffe Fox’s Path; 3, S Hide’s Huttons Ambo Flotsam. New Forest in-hand (Miss N Kemp) stallion 1, Abbeybrook Stud’s Furzley Charaide; 2, K Baxter’s Wayland Golden Harry. mare/geld 1 & res, P & D Hadwen’s Highfox Evensong; 2, J Bridglea’s Fijal Gemstone; 3, S Grantham’s Ladybrook Ammeretti. y’ling 1 & ch, P Bevill’s Mallard Wood St Peters; 2, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Sharaz; 3, C McLeod’s Cuckoopen Twite. 2/3-y-o 1, J Moxan’s Sabinas Northern Light; 2, G Sawyer’s Applewich Lunar Lad. best ridden 1, P & D Hadwen’s Highfox Forever; 2, Ladybrook Ameretti; 3, A Plummer’s Merrie Makilash. best working 1, Ladybrook Ammeretti; 2, D Rayner’s Ashurst Cheeky Charlie; 3, A Bebbington’s Rushmoor Sunrise. Shetland (Mrs Z Snape) stallion 1 & ch, Barughs’ Birchmoor Viceroy; 2, A Ridout’s Asta Of Belmont. mare/geld 1 & res, D Sandham’s Talwrnisaf Black Beauty; 2, Barughs’ Eastlands Daylight; 3, R & J Headen’s Eastlands Moira. foal 1, Barughs’ Birchmoor Drover; 2 & 3, S Sandham’s Sandhamvill Britiny & Sandhamvill Harvey. y’ling 1, J Walker’s Oxendale Kayman; 2, H Snook’s Applegarth Nutmeg; 3, S Preston’s talwrnisaf Dwnywen. 2/3-y-o 1, R & J Headen’s Langa Evania; 2, A Ridout’s Tammy’s Moonstruck. miniature 1, C Armstrong’s Amy’s Early Peach; 2, H Snook’s Applegarth Nugmeg. best coloured 1, V Howard’s Parlington Lizzy; 2, H Snook’s Applegarth Nutmeg; 3, G Snaith’s Crank Magpie. NPS home-produced M&M (Mrs R Bown) small 1 & res, Huttons Ambo Alpha; 2, A Partington’s Cholderton Halloween; 3, J Howard’s Beckside Good As Gold. lge 1 & ch, T Walker’s Josethdene; 2, C Singer’s Tiercel Snowdrop; 3, T Heathcote’s Drumburgh Emma. Welsh sec C (Mr B Llewellyn) 2-y-o & over stallion/colt 1 & res, C Nee’s Neebro Rising Sun. mare/geld 1 & ch, D Gant’s Menai Lady Caryn; 2, R Dickinson’s Littlebeechen Legacy. foal 1, D Gant’s Kirkhamgate Rebellion. y’ling 1, S Pearce’s Kirkhamgate China Doll. 2/3-y-o 1, A Oldroyd’s Neuaddparc Tiger Lace. sec D (Mr B Llewellyn) mare/geld 1 & ch, A Fawcett’s Pantanamlwg Free Gift; 2, K Ellis’s Parc Yvonne; 3, N Thompson’s Hillgarth Jubilee. foal 1, A Fawcett’s Trefforest Versace. y’ling 1, D Boot’s Penniment Stepping Princess; 2, M Armstrong’s Cyntaf Seren Mai. 2/3-y-o 1, D Boot’s Minyfford Emily May; 2, T Gibson’s Tanelles Cariad. sec A (Mr B Llewellyn) stallion/colt 1, B Thompson’s Dukeshill Dotcom; 2, A Brough’s Dukeshill Panache; 3, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Newsflash. barren mare 1, H Sweeney’s Penhwnllys Mink; 2, A Brough’s Swinford Pensaer; 3, A & W Dobson’s Brierdene Samantha. mare 1, Thompson & Groom’s Randan Bellisimo; 2, A Pygott’s Pengaston Mystic; 3, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Criccieth Rebecca. foal 1, Thompson & Groom’s Penech Barrug; 2, Mr & Mrs Waddington’s Brackenrigg Ryn; 3, A Pygott’s Willowdale Windy Miller. y’ling 1, G Oldroyd’s Tamevalley Twist; 2, Mr & Mrs Perrins’ Lippens Omega; 3, J & S Oates’ Minmon Ffesant. 2/3-y-o 1, A Oldroyd’s Brynseion Louianna Belle; 2, A & A Dobson’s Brierdene Tiger Lily. sec B (Miss K Wainwright) stallion/colt 1 & ch, Telynau Stud’s Eyarth Mercury; 2, J Mansfield’s Newtonhill Prince Bertis. barren 1 & res, R Wright’s Duntarvie Venetia; 2, C Street’s Kingsmead Elaine; 3, Mrs Bartle’s Talklands Spring Maiden. y’ling 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Nightshift; 2, J Mansfield’s Jonpete Mother’s Pride; 3, J Blackburn’s Stock Tyrol. 2/3-y-o 1, L Dickinson’s Barkway Sir Galahad; 2, P Fillingham’s Stockham Penelope. part-bred Welsh (Miss K Wainwright) 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, M Mansfield’s Rotherwood Peek A Boo; 2, Mr & Mrs Miller’s Llanarth Topcat; 3, A Lindley’s Kouros Sweet Charity. foal 1, M Mansfield’s Rotherwood Peep Around; 2, K Walker’s Brynoffa Evangeline. y’ling 1, J Laffey’s Deanhills Cover Girl. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Laffey’s Deanhills Sweet Rhapsody; 2, J Grace’s Deanhills Prince Regent. RP breeding (Mrs M Robson) b’mare 1, A Lindley’s Kouros Sweet Charity; 2, T & J Aldred’s Craigbanog Haf Arian; 3, K Pollard’s Colbeach Quintessa. foal 1, K Pollard’s Pearson Pandora; 2, Harden & Slack’s Barrowell Boy George; 3, T & J Aldred’s Treddenoch James Ray. b’mare 1, D Kersey’s Seabeech Jesse. foal 1, D Kersey’s Senateview Oliver. y’ling 1, J Laffey’s Deanhills Cover Girl; 2, J Hugill’s Manorview First Edition; 3, P Doughty’s Cortworth Mr Bojangles. y’ling 1, J Langley’s Scarlett Ribbons. y’ling to exc 138cm 1, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Royal Talk. 2/3-y-o 1, J De Pree’s Charn Secret Story; 2, J Gilchrist’s Bradmore Swansong; 3, P Mortimar’s Baysbrook Royal Reflection. not to exc 138cm 1, J Thompson’s Tomfoolery; 2, R Timson’s Bentley Brook Miuette. stallion/colt 1, J Judge’s Heavenly Boy Blue; 2, End House Stud’s Thursden Valley Raphel. home-prod breeding (Mrs M Robson) y’ling not exc 148cm 1, T & J Aldred’s Larchspur Oracle; 2, J Hugill’s Manorview First Edition; 3, K Smith’s Sandbank Earlybird. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, J Gilchrist’s Bradmore Swansong; 2, P Mortimer’s Baybrook Royal Reflection. 4-y-o & over 1, Seabeech Jesse. NPS HP breeding (Mrs M Robson) b’mare 1 & ch, W Merryweather’s Goldsborough Princess Royale; 2, J Barr’s Sheraton Organsa; 3, T & J Aldred’s Craigbanog Haf Arian. foal 1, J Barr’s Barrdene Paris Lace; 2, T & J Aldred’s Treddenoch James Ray; 3, W Merryweather’s Rosamar Golden Prince. barren 1, A Hulme’s Autumn Rose; 2, E Edwards’s Star Edition; 3, M Gibson’s Tanelles Hot Chilli Pepper. y’ling 1, Larchspur Oracle. 2/3-y-o 1, Lee & Potter’s Chagford Lewis; 2, J Oates’s Carbryn Fran; 3, P Doughty’s Rhoson Del Boi. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, D Taylor’s Lestarswood Me Adorable; 2, E Edwards’s Betfair; 3, Mr & Mrs Clark’s Catchwater Pippi. colt 1, End House Stud’s Thursden Valley Raphael. SP (Mr J Bradley) nov 128cm 1, G Genders’ Rivenhall Height Of Fashion; 2, K Gibson’s Barkway Tiger Moth; 3, A Leaver’s Hanmere Fairy Princess. 138cm 1, D Thomas’s Wyndham Aristocrat; 2, M Stanford’s Touch Of Mischief; 3, J Clorley’s Kelsborrow Chatterbox. 148cm 1, J Wright’s Kelsborrow Touchstone; 2, T & K Pitcher’s Arch King; 3, Emmerson’s Seatshill Fallen Angel. int 1, L Minchin’s Strinesdale Scenario; 2, R O’Neill’s Party Spirit; 3, G Twitchett’s Redvale Mister. HOYS SP (Mrs E Aitken & Mr J Bradley) 148cm 1, F Sweeney’s Comberton Lord of the Dance; 2, D Thomas’s Mountcaulfield Freedom; 3, R Templeton’s Westhill Gay Sovereign. 138cm 1 & ch, J Gill’s Stanley Grange Roulette; 2, P Starkie’s Hideaway San Zaccaria; 3, D Lacy’s Fofsway Optomist. 128cm 1 & res, J Gill’s Charn Kingfisher; 2, Mrs McDonald’s Hopevale Franceschini; 3, L Fitzgerald’s Harver Relativity. mini (Miss J Brace & Mrs E Aitken) LR 1, S Dennison’s Barkway Black Jack; 2, Bullock & Jones’s Rotherwood Ha Penny; 3, A Cooper’s Roselle Rebecca. FR 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Cambray’s Fofsway Perdita; 2 & res, L Curbishley’s Barkway Misty Morn; 3, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily. int (Mrs K Pole & Miss J Brace) SRT 153cm 1, Mountcaulfield Freedom; 2, R Bosworth’s Harlaw Simply The Best; 3, Mrs Beaver’s Longriver Dark Orchid. 158cm 1, J Findlow’s Gentle Breeze; 2, Harris, Thompson & Aspinall’s Harwent Double O’Seven. SHT 1, N Heseltine’s Little Gemm II; 2, Tornevalley Ltd’s Amoya; 3, J Blundell’s Forrest Gump. SHP (Miss P Aitken) LR 1, S Draper’s Talgoed Honey Blossom; 2, R Helliwell’s Kiltinane David; 3, S Heslop’s Farthanwood Peek A Boo. nov 153cm 1, A Brayshaw’s Treehome Dancer; 2, A Thomson’s Vanceforb Tribute; 3, T Hutson’s Treflan Chocolate Button. nov SHT 148cm 1, R Carter’s Forever Blessed; 2, S Heslop’s Kaliakras Diamond; 3, S Emmerson’s Aussie Tim. 122cm 1 & ch, K Beebee’s Lochar Red Buttons. 133cm 1 & res, L Bates’s Warleigh Star Appeal; 2, C Thackray’s Duntarvie Catcher; 3, E Pye’s Netherfield Calippo. 143cm 1, V Ingoe’s Solomons Seal; 2, C Jackson’s Bledridge Seabiscuit; 3, G Dickinson’s Yealand Vain Glory. 153cm 1, Patterson Horseboxes’ Touchdown; 2, S Berry’s Last Chance; 3, A Brayshaw’s Treeholme Dancer. WHP (Mrs K Pole & Mrs J Bushell) CS 1 & ch, C Walmsley’s Zingymoor Monsanta; 2 & res, K Johnson’s Mellormount Dylan; 3, A Hall-Jackson’s Pebbly Toybox. NS 1, A Wybergh’s Sunset Silver Seren; 2, Pebbly Toybox; 3, Mrs Rodgers’s Old Court Amadeus. 133cm 1, J Gilliam’s Tina Glitters; 2, K James’s Nickadamus Thumelina; 3, J Mellink’s Pannacotta Pebbles. 143cm 1 & ch, D Wittrick’s Folly II; 2, J Hodgson’s Balfern Black Bess; 3, A Green’s Never Say Never. 153cm 1 & res, A Yaqub’s Cadre Noir Z; 2, G Stockhill’s Murphy’s Irish Clover; 3, V Furness’s Celtic Calpurnia. int 1, M Sargent’s Gretna Gamble; 2, J Thompson’s Webster; 3, J Smith’s Noble Taldi. NPS SP/SHP (Mrs M Robson) 138cm 1, L Stevens’s Colbeach Autumn Song. 153cm 1, L Stevens’s Hamptonne Moulin Rouge. NPS novice SP/SHP (Mrs M Robson) mixed ht 1, S Draper’s Flynn II; 2, T Hutson’s Treflan Chocolate Button. NPS/national mini FR 1, Mrs Carr’s Stanley Grange Carmella; 2, M Mackay’s Haighend Chardonnay; 3, K Gibson’s Spinningdale Royal Salute. NPS M&M WHP (Mrs A Nicholls & Mrs R Brown) 128cm 1, K Johnston’s Mellor Mount Dylan; 2, S McBain’s Cwmccarrog Barud; 3, B Scott’s Gwynisle Masterpiece. HOYS M&M WHP (Mrs A Nicholls & Mrs A Berryman-Horne) 122cm 1, B Williams’s Bunbury Czar; 2, Price & Please’s Tawbitts Mystic Maggie; 3, Croft & Legge’s Boston Bo Peep. 138cm 1 & ch, R Proud’s Georgian Dorian; 2 & res, Davies & Smith’s Ponts Green Visit; 3, V Proctor’s Hobcroft Adam. exc 138cm 1, A Wybergh’s Newton Waller. Shearwater WHP (Mrs J Bushell) 122cm 1 & ch, Croft & Legge’s Boston Bo Peep; 2, Bunbury Czar. 138cm 1 & ch, S Adams’s Wedderlie Marmion; 2, E Bell’s Acorn; 3, B Willliams’s Trefynn Princess Saskia. 138cm 1, A McCullagh’s Gwnard Sparkling Cornet; 2, E Haigh’s Drydun Charlie Boy; 3, C Jowett’s Quarryhouse Jasper. NPS/Sealskinz M&M nov WHP ( Mr A Robertson & Mrs G McMurray) 122cm 1, C Walmsley’s Zingymoor Monsanta; 2, E Page’s Locksbit Olaff; 3, H Watson’s Brether. 138cm 1 & res, S Bowling’s Laochan Of Kingennie; 2, K James’s Nerwyn Endor; 3, Trefynn Princess Saskia. exc 138cm 1 & ch, S Grantham’s Windchimes Pure Genius; 2, S Lyons’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, D Rayner’s Ashurst Cheeky Charlie. NPS M&M WHP (Mrs R Brown) sec A 1, G Stones’s Joleon Tosca; 2, R Gray’s Waitwith Welsh Magic. sec B 1, K James’s Nerwyn Endor; 2, Boston Bo Peep; 3, S Adams’s Wedderlie Marmion. sec C 1, P Keepe’s Brynmellion Lloyd George; 2, A Newsham’s Somerford Lady May; 3, S Davies’s Springfield Park Razzle. sec D 1, C McCullagh’s Gawrchod Sparkling Cornet; 2, E Cowell’s Hillgarth Red Ray; 3, E Haigh’s Dryden Charlie Boy. fell 1, C Jowett’s Quarryhouse Jasper. Connemara 1, K Farrar-Fry’s Glanmmore Monarch; 2, Mr & Mrs Casey’s Athenry Culeistor; 3, V Hodgett’s Blue Day Trooper. Kingsford M&M (Mrs Z Snape) small 1, K Money’s Milford Fair Kestrel; 2, N Davis’s Wian Plume. lge 1 & ch, S Craven’s Ben Macdhui Of Gorstan; 2 & res, M Foster’s Bryndir Jordan; 3, E Tanner’s Townend Carrock. Lobster Pot M&M LR (Mr A Robertson) 1, V Rudd’s Beamish Julian; 2, S Potter’s Westfirle Miss Moppet; 3, J Foster’s Ravenshead Cracker Jack. Brineton FR 1, Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Langfield Beverley Hills; 2, T Harper’s Finglebridge Fairtime; 3, P Sweeting’s Thistledown Royal Centenary. NPS/Micor Demolition mini M&M (Mrs Z Snape) LR 1, J Oliver’s Yaverland Twinkle; 2, P Metcalfe’s Maxwelltown Meric; 3, L Shackleton’s Tallares Pageboy. FR 1, G Stones’s Joleon Tosca; 2, D Roberts’s Torfields Cranmere Pool; 3, S McBain’s Cwmcarrog Barcud. NPS/Micro Ponies M&M nov mini (Mr A Robertson) LR 1 & ch, G Young’s Tamevalley Blackjack; 2, P Metcalfe’s Waitwith Calypso; 3, A Metcalf’s Waitwith Ramona. FR 1 & res, T Neal’s Bushmoor Rocco; 2, V Rudd’s Beamish Julian; 3, L Shackleton’s Tallares Pageboy. NPS/Picton M&M nov (Miss N Kemp) small 1 & ch, Devanney & Vines’s Penwisg Picasso; 2, G Genders’s Torfields Cranmere Pool. sec B/C 1, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy; 2, M Oldfield’s Georgian Dante; 3, P Metcalfe’s Brinmark Aloysius. New Forest, Connemara 1 & res, K Burkin’s Siskin Lad; 2, B McGrath’s Moorbank Havana; 3, S Grantham’s Smokey Blaze. Fell, Highland, Dales 1, M Woolley’s Linnel Fern; 2, B Halliburton’s Echo Of Achnacarry; 3, D Devine’s Darrnevale Viktoria. sec D 1, D Sayer’s Ridgehill Elfin; 2, Z Musavvi’s Yorkin Defender; 3, V Eggleston’s Tayroyd Supreme. NPS/Baileys M&M (Miss K Wainwright) small 1 & res, P Starkie’s Waxwing Paintbox; 2, Langfield Beverley Hills; 3, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Rosefinch. sec B/C 1, K Ahern’s Holyoake Galaxy; 2, G Simpson’s Wortley Wild Jasmin; 3, S Bowling’s Menai Magic Christal. Connemara, New Forest 1, E Milner’s Captain Mac; 2, L Merrilees-Adams’s Rebels Ghost. Dales, Fell, Highland 1 & ch, G Simpson’s Kilmanan Black Wizard; 2, S Peet’s Townend Hamish; 3, D Slack’s Raisbeck Casino. NPS/Peasedown int native (Mrs A Berryman-Horne) small 1, M Williams’s Abbeybells Sister Agnes; 2, G Whetter’s Cosmic Flare Star; 3, T Neal’s Foulsyke Royal Velvet. sec B/C 1 & ch, S Craven’s Cotterell Emereta; 2, S Anderson’s Cottrell Lara; 3, L Wigglesworth’s Fingerpost Tamourine Man Of Moel. Connemara, New Forest 1 & res, B McGrath’s Moorbank Havana; 2, S Grantham’s Smokey Blaze; 3, K Burkin’s Siskin Lad. Fell, Highland, Dales 1, G Evans’s Lambrigg Amber; 2, H Jackson’s Dunstaffanage Dalriada. sec D 1, Mrs Stead’s Danaway Valentine; 2, V Proctor’s Calerux Patriot; 3, E Haigh’s Drydun Drummer Boy. P(UK) Dalkeith jnr M&M (Mrs Z Snape) small 1 & ch, G Genders’s Torfields Cranmere Pool; 2, P Metcalfe’s Brinmark Aloysius; 3, Mrs Parr’s Flydon Afal. lge 1 & res, Mrs McDonald’s Hungry Hall Coronet; 2, Danaway Valentine; 3, A Atkinson’s Danwood Mystique. side-saddle (Mrs G Sears) equitation jnr Q 1, P Manivet’s Geronimo; 2, L McCulloch’s Barkway Illusion; 3, C Pickerill’s Oughtrington Tara. snr 1, J Forster’s Lord Snooty; 2, L McCulloch’s Birkham Balou; 3, K Woodley-Hinds’s Altered Image. riding club 1, Lord Snooty; 2, L Williams’s Brogan; 3, A Bell’s Dappled Duke. WHP 1, Lord Snooty; 2, Altered Image. ridden Arab (Mr M Davies & Mrs S Pyke) 148cm 1 & ch, B Burnip’s Eskside Saphire; 2, Harlaw Simply The Best; 3, Mrs Horsfall’s Bankswood Imagination. stallion 1, L Coates’s Tfa Sanam; 2, C Doxey’s Ocean Eilat. exc 148cm 1 & res, J Bennett’s Millyonair; 2, D Bailey’s Cwyrtai Remeldo; 3, D Miller’s Saxon Master Harry. in-hand (Mrs S Pyke) mare/geld 1, Ocean Eilat; 2, P Bullock’s Shaanah; 3, S Brown’s Sulan Easter Princess. 2/3-y-o 1, S Brown’s Sulan Ellectroneeka; 2, P Birbeck’s DNS Mehdaanah. Anglo/part-bred stallion 1 & ch, Heavenly Boy Blue; 2, Mr & Mrs Miller’s Llanarth Top Cat. 4-y-o & over 1, J Davy’s Griangh Roseen. y’ling 1 & res, J Gilchrist’s Rommano Royal Talk; 2, L Bates’s Becca Royal Ascot. 2/3-y-o 1, J Shirt’s Poppyfields Pirouette; 2, J Gilchrist’s Bradmore Swansong; 3, J Laffey’s Sandbourne Royal Ensign. CHAPS ridden coloured (Mr T Wiggett & Mrs G Sears) non-native 1 & res, G Leaver’s Murphy VII; 2, M Collinson’s The Duchess; 3, M Driffield’s Tomahawk. nat pony 1, P Keepe’s Money Spinner; 2, M Lambert’s Theonious; 3, J Barton’s The Tinker. non-nat horse 1 & ch, T Holroyd’s Perry II; 2, R Lenader’s Poncho; 3, L Fleetham’s Palamo Picasso. nat horse 1, E Stanworth’s Hidden Secret; 2, J Hunter’s Norman; 3, C Nicholson’s Tonto. in-hand non-nat pony 1, Murphy CII; 2, V Fleming’s Touch Of Sand; 3, Tomohawk. nat/cob 1, S Hind’s Diamond Onyx; 2, S Greenwood’s Ask Jeeves; 3, J Metcalfe’s Ashanti. non-nat horse 1, A Robinson’s Riverdance; 2, J Hinds’s Zotika; 3, J Cameron’s Towercos Trulli Talented. nat/trad horse 1, Hidden Secret; 2, A Emmerson’s Goose; 3, R Roden’s Checkpoint Charlie. open nat/trad 1, B Seymour’s Hercules; 2, Goose. non nat y’stk 1, F & A Askew’s Enigma; 2, J Hinds’s Zotika; 3, L Harrison’s Lewus. CHAPS NPS Q nov pony 1, M Lambert’s Theonious; 2, Moneyspinner; 3, M Collinson’s The Duchess. in-hand 1, S Kaye’s Cactus Jack. performance 1, P Keepe’s Patch Adams; 2, D Rayner’s Flying Colours; 3, N Driffield’s Dinky Toy. palomino (Mrs Z Snape) 4-y-o & over 1, C Vigors’ Milford Fair Kashmere; 2, V Ingoe’s Solomons Seal; 3, K Money’s Milford Fair Kestrel. y’stk 1 & ch, J Mansfield’s Newton Prince Bertie. in-hand 1 & res, Milford Fair Kestrel; 2, B Bartle’s Talklands Spring Maiden. spotted horse/pony (Mrs A Berryman-Horne) ridden 1 & ch, G Baxter’s Appalachian Boanerge. in-hand y’stk 1, P Armitage’s Aesthete Indra. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Appalachian Boanerge. dun horse/pony (Mrs A Nicholls) ridden 1, P Duncan’s Moreton Maxwell; 2, J Mansfield’s Skellorn Choirboy; 3, Montserrat Sport Horses’ Donald. in-hand y’stk 1 & res, S Fleetwood’s Precious Lassie Of Combeback; 2, L Dickinson’s Barkway Sir Galahad; 3, C Bassendale’s Flanaghans Irish Cream. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, Skellorn Choirboy; 2, Donald; 3, C Buck’s Birtley Cedric. Carr & Day Martin Total Care (Mrs J Bushell) ridden 1, E Woolley’s Linnel Fern; 2, S Cook’s Calamity Jane; 3, Cascob Past Times. Irish Draught (Mr C Hewlett) grade 1 mare 1 & res, D & C Rudd’s Lady’s Castle Moyle; 2, V Bell’s Cringles Scarlett Lady. b’mare 1 & ch, V Morris’s Askwith Blue Princess. foal 1, V Morris’s Askwith Earl Blue. 2/3-y-o 1, C Stead’s Crimson Saphire. y’ling 1, Crimson Saphire. y’ling 1, A Hebron’s Woodclose Eilnora. 2/3-y-o 1, J Leighton’s Lawdale Maverick. ridden (Mrs C Hewlett) 1, Mrs Pittendrigh’s Castle Jordan; 2, D & C Rudd’s Lady’s Castle Moyle. ridden sport horse 1, V Fleming’s Lulu; 2, K Barley’s Bramley Rowena; 3, J Hallyman’s Marcato Gladiator. hunter breeding (Mr T Wiggett) small mare 1, J More’s Dusty Miller; 2, J Houseman’s Captain Caroline. foal 1, J More’s Jemoon Music Man; 2, J Houseman’s Eastern Captain Jones. b’mare 1, K Newton’s Bucks Fizz; 2, J Anderson’s Godor Jasmine; 3, S Goddard’s Highmoor Livewire. foal 1, J Anderson; 2, K Newton’s Kir Royale; 3, K Barley’s Miss Marian. y’ling 1, L Oxberry’s Mimi Medici; 2, V Pilling’s Replicara; 3, J Houseman’s Eastern Mr Turpin. 2-y-o 1 & ch, M Hinks’s Belle Chacon; 2, J Beavers’ The Storm Dancer; 3, J Cameron’s Towercos Trulli Talented. 3-y-o 1 & 3, J Leighton’s Lawdale Maverick; 2, J Cameron’s Expense. ridden hunter (Miss S Chapman & Mr M Davies) small 1 & res, Cooper & Towers’s Eagle Moor; 2, V Clayton’s Mountain Firecrest; 3, K Jerram’s Acton Tiger Lily. lwt 1 & ch, J Jerram’s Dunbeacon; 2, J Armstrong-Small’s Zin Zan; 3, H Hunter’s Applejack II. mwt 1, S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, I Susca’s Crawford; 3, J Armstrong-Small’s Piolus. hwt 1, L Kelbie’s Milov; 2, M Mills’s Ben Mohr; 3, M Surtees’s Autumn Fox. working hunter 1, J Jerram’s Mr Wrinkles; 2, S Tenant’s Black Diamond Clover; 3, Mr & Mrs Fairburn’s Keep Talking. in-hand sport horse (Mrs A Atkinson) y’ling 1, J Houseman’s Eastern Mr Turpin; 2, C Hicks’s Chanson D’Amour; 3, T Head’s Diddi Imp. 2-y-o 1 & ch, M Hicks’s Belle Chacon; 2, J Beavers’ The Storm Dancer; 3, P Wyatt’s Ducal Dancing Rosa. 3-y-o 1 & res, S Pattini’s Solstice Drum; 2, Lawdale Maverick; 3, J Cameron’s Expensive. green working hunter (Mr M Davies) 1, C Grantham’s Galaxy. Cleveland Bay (Mrs S York) 4-y-o & over 1, J More’s Snowdonia; 2, K Hall’s Knaresborough Rite On; 3, J Firth’s Pembridge Juno. foal 1 & res, J Firth’s Barbarian Calipso; 2, N & S Gill’s Highpasture Harlequin. y’ling 1 & ch, D Welch’s Knaresborough Time Out; 2, B Elias’s Highpasture Second Chance; 3, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower. part-bred in-hand 1 & ch, N Mellor’s The Busker; 2 & res, J Moore’s Jemoon Starcatcher; 3, K Woolley-Hinds’ Altered Image. best ridden 1, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Sir George; 2, Jemoon Starcatcher; 3, C Field’s Kirkmoor Dixidale. cob (Mr T Wiggett & Mrs J Pybus) lwt 1 & ch, N Moore’s Casanova; 2 & res, C Atkins’s Tommy Tucker; 3, S Turner’s Carlingford. hwt 1, A Walker’s Raffles; 2, C Booth’s Equator; 3, C Mackness’s His Nibs II. riding horse (Mrs J Webber & Mrs J Pybus) small 1, S Pickup’s Hamptonne Prince Of Tides; 2, J Tate’s Va Loin; 3, J Wilkinson’s Maraday Desert Diamond. lge 1, C Farnaby’s Vale Park Olympian; 2, K Hill’s Hillocks Rustic Gold; 3, C Cocker’s Arlequin Fairytale. hack (Mrs J Webber & Mr N Oliver) lge 1, G Russell’s True Blue; 2, V Hodge’s Hermitage Dark Angel; 3, K Hewetson’s Morning Music. small 1, N Hall’s Take Silk; 2, A White’s Yealand Armanti; 3, A Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express. hack breeding (Mrs J Webber) b’mare 1, E Edwards’s Little Miss Tittle Tattle; 2, E Boardman’s Yealand Quintessence; 3, J Laffey’s Sahara Mist. foal 1, J Laffey; 2, E Edwards. RH b’mare 1, M Vallaly’s White Dove; 2, Captain Caroline. foal 1, M Valally’s Donner Vogel; 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Musician; 3, J Houseman’s Eastern Captain Jones. hack y’ling 1, J Grace’s; 2, Mr & Mrs Millington’s Champagne Charlie; 3, Chanson D’Armour. RH y’ling 1, L Oxberry’s Mimi Medici; 2, J Gibbs-Thompson’s Roslin Extremely Classy; 3, J Houseman’s Eastern Mr Turpin. hack 2/3-y-o 1, L Atkinson’s Danwood Mystique; 2, J Brew’s Devil or Angel; 3, J Short’s Poppyfields Pirouette. RH 2/3-y-o 1, M Traves’ Miss Keeness; 2, S Pattini’s Solstice Drum; 3, P Wyatt’s Ducal Dancing Rosa. hack stallion 1, Grace & Taylor’s Stanley Grange Royal Appointment. British miniature (Mr A Robertson) y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Lang’s Scott Greek My Key To Fashion; 2, G Jones’s Supreme Dream Inspirational Black Knight; 3, Pallets’ Ujeniks Extasys Baby Colours. 2/3-y-o 1, Pallets’ Ujenik Extasy Alpine Boy; 2, P Leighton’s NCF Haile Berry; 3, M Foules’s Zealshouse Black Jack. 4-y-o & over 1, Pallets’ Lucky Four Classy Dude; 2, Sheridan & Williams’s Toyhorse Miss Dior; 3, P Armitage’s Birchwood Uk Flying Colours. solid colour 1, Supreme Inspirational Black Knight; 2, A Deakin’s Looking Glass Baby Lourdes; 3, P Armitage’s NCF Dream On Magic. non solid colour 1 & ch, B Thompson’s Tiny Tom Of Mallards; 2, P Armitage’s Birchwood UK Flying Colours; 3, C Clark’s Celebrations Lucky Royale. foreign bloodline 1 & res, P Armitage’s Mostly Minnies Key West; 2, B Thompson’s Darmonds American Beauty; 3, Pallets’ Ujenik Extasy’s Starlet. veteran (Mrs E Kind) 15-19-y-o 1, Foxtail Fleur; 2, M Cox’s Mayday; 3, T Gresty’s Horsesense Minute Un. pony do 1, S Kaye’s Sir Sidney; 2, Horsesense Minute. Appaloosa (Ms E Kind) in-hand y’stk 1, D Bell’s EBA Northern Light. ridden 1 & ch, J Chard’s EBA Free Spirit; 2 & res, Appalachian Boanerge.

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