North of England Summer Pony, Arena UK showing results, 16 July, 2011

  • Mini SP (Mr R Parker-Jones, Mrs C Dew) LR.— 1 & ch, Cooper & Cockram’s Deanhills Fascination; 2 & res, I & A Hall’s Sycamore Honey Pot; 3, H Thompson’s Ryehall Viscountess. FR.— 1, T Baldwin’s Thurston House Sundance; 2, J De Pree’s Charn Secret Fairytale; 3, L Simms’ Hollybush Libretto. SP (Mrs C Dew, Mr R Parker-Jones) 128cm.— 1 & res, S Dennison’s Barkway Frivolity; 2, A Choynowski’s Shaldonwood Cocoa Sofina; 3, F Parr’s Sandbank Early Bird. 138cm.— 1, K White’ Pickmere Anser; 2, S Hatton’s Wyndham Little Rascal; 3, G Reik’s Chagford Picture Perfect. 148cm.— 1 & ch, K Smith’s Hollowmarsh Oliver; 2, D Morton’s Oldcourt Charlotte; 3, J Renshaw-Smith’s Moorgate High Hopes. SHP (Miss S Chubb, Mrs G Bayley-Machin) 153cm.— 1 & res, J McCluskey’s Burfordly Sea Lord; 2, L Hillyard’s Vaguely Venture; 3, L Wythe’s Glenmanus. 143cm.—1, J Thurston’s Crafton Waltz Of The Toreadors; 2, J Cambray’s Nutwood Spring Charm; 3, B Walker-Kerr’s Van Gogh. 133cm.— 1, G McCloud’s Telynau Zefferelli; 2, L Simms’ Missoni Starturn; 3, J Bankier’s Parkhills Roaldo. 122cm.— 1 & ch, H Dennison’s Crystal Vision; 2, F Welford’s Littlebriars April Louise; 3, A Pallett’s Lyndeth Idle Early. Pretty Polly LR (Mrs G Bayley-Machin, Miss C Chubb).— 1, J van Praagh’s Joebex Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; 2, A Evans’ Netherfield Mr Rochester; 3, C Marshall’s Nantlais Gwerthkawe. WHP (Mrs N Hall-Turner, Mr C Baxter) CS.— 1, J Wilson-Barnes’ Liberty VI; 2, N Moult’s Pebbly Toy Box; 3, E Hingley’s Measy Berwyn Waving Corn. NS.— 1, H Coy’s Thistledown Royal Cadet; 2, J Armson’s Hanmere Showman; 3, Pebbly Toy Box. 133cm.— 1, I White’s Seaford Top Cat; 2, M Banks’ Valentine Cadence; 3, L Eddis’ Valentine Hazel. 143cm.— 1, H Parkes’ Folly II; 2, M Wilson’s Fair And Square II; 3, A Wybergh’s Chandaem Pippaley. 153cm.— 1 & ch, H Parkes’ Sannan Valley Bounce; 2, A Bletsoe-Brown’s Sannan Valley Bobby Sox; 3, Z Woolley’s Lyndell First Of May. int.— 1, E Collier’s Hearts On Fire; 2, A McCullagh’s Belbeau Beach; 3, J Skillman’s Carnsdale Vanity Fair. mixed ht nov.— 1, Knipes’ Pebbly Goodstuff; 2, G Corteen’s Pippa; 3, A Wybergh’s Wynona. int (Mrs C Whiteley, Mrs G Hill) SHT.— 1 & ch, S Holroyd’s In Tune; 2, R Cooper’s Suwannee River; 3, J Bartle’s State Policy. SRT sml.— 1, D Lacey’s Radway All Talk; 3,M Crichton’s Rosemore Unique. lge.— 1 & res, M Nicol-Thompson’s Fyrefly; 2, E Jenkin’s Buriana Cashel; 3, J Harvey’s Mathemadam High Spirit. SHT.— 1, K Bond’s Westwood Virginia; 2, J Harvey’s Cuinnegam Steady Eddie; 3, C Massey-Dales’ Celtic Jig. Pretty Polly (Mrs C Whiteley) LR.— 1, S Duncan’s Barkway Tom Kitten; 2, J Evans’ Treowen Black Orchid. FR.— 1 & res, M Brannon’s Barkway Chorister; 2 & ch, B Garner’s Basford Playboy; 3, L Hughes’ Tindip Midas Gold. mx ht SP.— 1, C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition; 2, D Crooke’s Tom Foolery; 3, V Archer’s Saxon Snow Cygnet. do SHP.— 1, M Mackay’s Wycroft New Dimension; 2, Van Gogh; 3, J Lee’s Kazzbrook Claudius. Heritage (Mrs C Whiteley) LR.— 1 & res, M Dunne’s Aston Hanner Coron; 2, M Dunne’s Gwynaeardd Bluebell; 3, A Tinkler’s Osbaldeston Camilla. FR.— 1 & ch, M Lindsay-Brown’s Waxwing Painter; 2, J Wilson-Barnes’ Sauvey Omega; 3, M Parker’s Hackamore Hot Toddy. sml.— 1, Waxwing Painter; 2, I Sidaway’s Gwendir Dafydd; 3, M Parker’s Hackamore Hot Toddy. Welsh sec B/C.— 1, C Jones’ Thistledown Samson; 2, L Jones’ Banutt Timpani. New Forest/Connemara.— 1, P Ahern’s Dooneen Frederick; 2, A Vines’ Eric; 3, D McDonald’s Hungry Hall Coronet. lge.— 1, G Wilks’ Llwynhywel Victor; 2, S Brown’s Ffoslas Ceredig. Lilley sup mini pony.—1, R Fahey’s Caridines Little Lord; 2, Basford Playboy; 3, A Farmer’s Woodview Ianthe. Sporting Sam sup int.—1, In Tune; 2, E Lacy’s Radway All Talk; 3, E Blundell’s Forrest Gump. Dalton Stud Pretty Polly sup.—1, T Baldwin’s Fofsway Flutter; 2, B Smart’s Wedderlie Marengo; 3, G Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky. Leaventhorpe Hall ridden pony sup.—1, E Lister’s Kenilwood Sirocco; 2, E Fairey’s Stambrook Wedding Belle; 3, Hollowmarsh Oliver.

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