North of England Summer Horse showing results, 4 July

  • Amateur (Mr N Arnold, Mr A Varley) cob.— 1, A Kirby’s Tully’s Brady; 2, R Jackson’s Jimmy Choo. hack.— 1, J Nunn’s Lochill High Society; 2, J Beirne’s Odins Profession; 3, S Cowley’s Burfordly Valentino. riding horse.— 1, H Grime’s Craigmanchie Flyer; 2, P Mortimer’s Kingswood; 3, S Fernside’s Othello. hack (Miss L Whitehall, Mr M Lawrence) sml.— 1 & ch, J Cook’s Fleetwater Executive; 2, S Carey’s Stanley Grange Eclips; 3, K Mitten’s Whalton High Flyer. lge.— 1 & res, P Mortimer’s Becconsall Pick Pocket; 2, N Hall’s China Rose; 3, L McCulloch’s Derwent Shadow Play. cob (Mr M Lawrence, Mrs P Miller) lwt.— 1 & ch, R Hetherington’s Hallmark; 2, S Birch’s Goodwill; 3, S Hinchcliffe’s Gemini XI. hwt.— 1 & res, C Bardo’s Randelstown Causeway; 2, H McCloy’s Rodney Boy; 3, S Benson’s Mister Finlay. riding horse (Miss L Whitehall, Mr A Varley) sml.— 1 & ch, T Teesdale’s Military Crisis; 2, L Smith-Crallan’s Royal Envoy; 3, S Iggulden’s Galliano. lge.— 1 & res, V Ramm’s Sirius II; 2, J Stout’s Outlaws Ophelia; 3, P Mortimer’s Kingswood. novice, riding horse (Mrs P Miller, Mr A Varley).— 1, A Blundell’s Wallaroo Bay; 2, J Day’s Party Time; 3, J Brookshaw’s Top Totty. hack (Mr M Lawrence, Mrs P Miller).— 1, N Bradwell’s Bradway Spring Storm; 2, S Hopwood-Clarke’s Joylands Harlequine; 3, J Hunton’s La Folette. cob (Miss L Whitehall, Mrs P Miller).— 1, J Goostrey’s Randelstown Uppercrust; 2, R White’s McNamara; 3, R Simmonite’s Shameless. home-produced (Miss L Whitehall, Mr A Varley).— 1, V Campbell’s Rumur; 2, J Howard’s With A Twist; 3, J Stringer’s Peakstones Tallulah . maxi cob (Mr N Arnold, Mrs P Miller).— 1, C Stowell-Davies’s Strictly Cob Dancing. hunter (Mr P Scott & Miss H Knight) novice.— 1, Mr & Mrs Atkin-Bowdler’s Sutton Place; 2, G Byatt’s Hawksmoor Roly; 3, J Gilliver’s Yarrow Special Eddie. sml.— 1, Cooper Corporation’s Rico Queen; 2, D Heath’s Lanson; 3, V Clayton’s Sir William John. open (Mrs A Varley, Miss H Knight) lwt.— 1 & res, Platt & Le Moignan’s W Regal Wood; 2, J Day’s Hitman; 3, S Armstrong’s Hope. mwt.— 1 & ch, J Day’s Pride And Joy II; 2, G Connor’s Sunset Trend; 3, K Talbot’s Vivaldi II. hwt.— 1, J Philip’s Hagrid; 2, G Connor’s Pavarotti; 3, K Hague’s Cyril’s Brigade. 4-y-o (Mr P Scott & Mr D Machin).— 1, K Ainsworth’s Hen Efail Mischief. amateur.— 1, J Blundell’s Rudensky; 2, H Hughes’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 3, V Campbell’s Righ Oliver. working hunter (Mr T Wiggett) open.— 1, C Lyons’s Barry Bug; 2, R Bowling’s Arrowthorn; 3, C Teltsch’s Czech Mate. restricted.— 1, M Colclough’s Smart Agent; 2, L Greenwood’s Time and Again V; 3, L Watson’s Sunny Villa. novice.— 1, M Cooper’s Mr McCormack; 2, K Scott’s Brooklands Bentley; 3, Sunny Villa. amateur (Mr P Scott, Mr D Machin).— 1, S Magee’s Clooney; cob (Mr N Arnold & Mr D Machin).— 1, R Simmonite’s Shameless; 2, L Greenwood’s Wide Load; 3, M Cooper’s Bye Bye. Deanwater Hotel supreme.— 1, Pride And Joy II; 2, Hallmark; 3, S Iggulden’s High Estate.

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