North of England Summer Horse Show, 8 July

  • NORTH OF ENGLAND SUMMER HORSE Osbaldeston Hall Farm, Lancs, 8 July

    amateur (Mr P Scott & Miss E Morley) cob 1, I Darcy’s Dr Bob; 2, R Simmonite’s Mulberry; 3, M Jones’ Boddington. hack 1, J Cox’s Kirkwood Guinivere; 2, N Hall’s Take Silk; 3, K Hewetson’s Morning Music. riding horse 1, J Tate’s Va Loin; 2, S Hibbard’s Greylands Amos; 3, S Turner’s Razzmattazz. hack (Miss S Chapman & Mr P Brightwell) small 1, L Cooke’s Springhill Sir Galahad; 2, C Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 3, Take Silk. lge 1 & ch, S Tootle’s Time Out; 2 & res, P Thomas’ Ardent Viscountess; 3, Kirkwood Guinivere. nov riding horse (Mr P Scott & Miss E Morley) 1, S Carey’s Unique; 2, K Igoe’s Pebbly Aga Khan; 3, J Knipe’s Foxy Formula. cob (Miss S Chapman & Mr P Brightwell) lwt 1 & ch, P Cooper’s Lord Of The Rings; 2, C Bardo’s Sonny Jim; 3, J McTiffin’s Highlander. hwt 1 & res, J McTiffin’s Private Benjamin; 2, M Colclough’s Scarlett O’Hara; 3, C Altham’s Solomon X. RH (Mrs P Miller & Mr P Brightwell) small 1 & ch, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh; 2, C Bardo’s Folies Bergere; 3, S Ambler’s Intrepid. lge 1 & res, Dell Park Stud’s Merrigan; 2, G Wilkinson’s Bronte V; 3, Mrs Timson’s Yarrow Dream Girl. nov hack (Mr P Scott & Miss E Morley) 1, G Russell’s True Blue; 2, C McCulloch’s Derwent Shadowplay; 3, A & K Gilmartin’s Dark Gem. nov cob (Mr P Scott & Miss E Morley) 1, Mr & Mrs Gale’s Barneebus; 2, J Jones’ Jimmy Jones; 3, G Hogan’s Warburton. home-produced (Miss S Chapman) 1, S Hibbard’s Greylands Amos; 2, L Taylor’s Weavers Deep Secret. maxi cob (Mrs P Miller) 1, R Taylor’s Jack Frost. nov hunter (Ms J Darwin & Mrs R Hetherington) 1, A Somers’ Port Patrick; 2, S Ambler’s Incognito; 3, D Bishop’s Dortinos Casanova. small hunter (Mrs S Hooper-Smith & Mr T Brash) 1, S Hinchcliffe’s Hogarth; 2, J Bartle’s State Policy; 3, V Clayton’s Mountain Firecrest. ridden hunter (Mrs S Hooper-Smith & Mr T Brash) lwt 1, Mrs Grieve’s Austin Q; 2, K Hague’s Commisioner; 3, D Richardson’s Simone. mwt 1 & ch, H Le Moignan’s Principal Partner; 2 & res, J Gilliver’s Fair & Square; 3, G Connor’s Sunset Trend. hwt 1, S Ashton’s Twickenham; 2, Mrs Laurens’ Derry Losset; 3, S Pine’s Scimmental. 4-y-o hunter (Ms J Darwin & Mrs R Hetherington) 1, T Smith’s Lowmoor Last Chance; 2, C Worsley’s Grafton St II; 3, P Hodgkinson’s Houghton Bah Humbug. open ladies 1, H Hunter’s Applejack II; 2, Equi-Trek Trailers’ Aquamoor; 3, J Valance’s Lowmoor Denver. amateur hunter 1, Sunset Trend; 2, J Maguire’s Kings Court II; 3, P Fletcher’s I’m Spartacus. open working hunter (Mrs P Miller) 1, N & K Ward’s Noble Best Man; 2, Bell & Grippenburg’s Cruise Control; 3, L Wright’s Hampton Court II. novice 1, L Moor’s Arrowthorne; 2, V Smith’s Ello Elvis; 3, N Rowles’ A Touch Of Frost III. amateur 1, R Wicks’ T In Vienna; 2, B Hester’s Casino III; 3, H Hughes’ Warren House Winston. working cob (Mr P Scott & Miss E Morley) 1, R Simmonite’s Mulberry; 2, A Leigh’s Willum; 3, H Normington’s Jimmy Jones. Deanwater Hotel Ridden Show Horse ch (Miss V Holden & Mrs G Chapman) 1, Principal Partner; 2, Time Out; 3, Gosh.

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