North of England Spring showing results, 19-21 April 2012

  • Working hunter (Mrs R King, Miss E Morley) novice.– 1 & res, V Smith’s Fulton Heights; 2, P Cooper’s No Name; 3, L Eadon’s Cloondalagan Flagmount. open (Miss S Leatherbarrow, Mr D Machin).– 1 & ch, J Callwood’s Thor; 2, K Ward’s Grand Conan; 3, C Richardson’s Unrico. hunter (Mrs R King, Miss E Morley) sml.– 1, J Day’s Party Time; 2, P Binks’ The Politician; 3, Mrs Galloway’s Lacken Master. nov (Miss S Leatherbarrow, Mr D Machin) 4/5yo.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Diplomat’s Choice; 2, H Gallagher’s Freckleton Monterey; 3, V Smith’s Bruce Almighty. 6yo & over.– 1 & res, H Curtis’ Lismon President; 2, J Tyldesley’s Out Of Sight; 3, P Hodgson’s Oak Hill. open (Mrs R King, Miss E Morley) lwt.– 1, J Tyldesley’s Tudor Minstral; 2, H McCloy’s Blues Proposal; 3, D Watson’s Bloomfield Basil. mwt.– 1, G Reed’s What A Day; 2, P Hodgson’s Jackpot II; 3, No Name. hwt.– 1 & ch, Dr O’Connell’s Avalanche II; 2 & res, R Harvey’s Welcome Back Elvis; 3, R Bosworth’s Osbourne. amateur (Miss S Leatherbarrow, Mr D Machin) lwt.– 1, S Chapman’s Kings Golden Wonder; 2, Blues Proposal; 3, I Darcy’s Diamond Hill II. hwt.– 1 & ch, P Coles’ Redwood Ash; 2 & res, Avalanche II; 3, R Harvey’s Welcome Back Elvis. Anglo/part-bred Arab (Miss M Cunningham, Mrs S Crane) 148cm.– 1 & ch, Dixon & Harforth’s Dance All Night; 2 & res, S Banister’s Hinwood Two Thyme; 3, G Mears’ Whiteleaze Dominique. exc 148cm.– 1, Ainscough & Grey’s Brindlebrook Little Scoundrel; 2, A Fellers-Smith’s Holltess Hackett; 3, Z Whittle’s Metallwood Mr Fahrenheit. hack (Mr A Fradley, Mr A Collins) sml.– 1 & ch, G Beal’s Whalton Salome; 2, L Kelbie’s Chance Encounter; 3, L Smith-Crallan’s Royal Engagement. lge.– 1 & res, L Rushton’s Marque Of Distinction; 2, L Needham’s Mortomley Twilight Jasper; 3, R Brown’s Strinesdale Destiny. nov (Mr M Skelton, Miss E Morley) hack.– 1 & res, S Carey’s Carrhouse Above The Law; 2, K Parkinson’s Renelles Royal Extravaganza; 3, R Walsh’s Chiddock Time Out. riding horse.– 1, Metallwood Mr Fahrenheit; 2, L Rigby’s Stanley Grange Swagman; 3, A Dervish’s Choleys Touch Of Class. cob.– 1 & ch, M Barnard’s Pac-Man; 2, A Peet’s Cobweb V; 3, J Shakey’s Riverway Rupert. riding horse (Mr A Collins, Mr A Fradley) sml.– 1 & ch, P Mortimer’s Whittakers Prince; 2, G Humphrey’s In Tune; 3, G Andrews’ Zandor. lge.– 1 & res, Holltess Hackett; 2, H Lang’s Eclipse; 3, G Eaton’s Ali Ba Ba. amateur (Mr M Skelton, Miss E Morley) cob.– 1 & res, A Kirby’s Tullys Brady; 2, S Oakley’s Chippendale II; 3, G Fisher’s Blaze. hack.– 1 & ch, G Bott’s Whalton Dimity; 2, M Lomas’ Kavanaghs Royal Fanfare. riding horse.– 1, J Kwasnik’s Dowtown Disney. cob (Mr A Collins, Mr A Fradley) lwt.– 1 & res, G Genders’ Romeo IV; 2, A Gregg’s Mister President; 3, K Hollingworth’s Hannah Pavlova. hwt.– 1 & ch, N Mant-Wood’s Stoneholme Rockaway; 2, J Howell’s My Pal Joey; 3, C Farrow’s Little Countryman. maxi.– 1, H & T Clay’s Hallmark IX; 2, J McTiffin’s Randalstown Limited Edition; 3, V Buckland’s Cobswallop. mini sp (Mrs P Clifford, Mrs S Smith) LR.– 1, C Simpson-Jones’ Conway Blue Moon; 2, C Helliwell’s Hightopps Magic Fairy; 3, Ahern & Clements’ Seaves Buzzy Bee. FR.– 1 & res, K Fuge’s Woodview Ianthe; 2 & ch, Mrs Maher’s Lyndeth Idle Fancy; 3, S Wood’s Thurstonhouse Sundance. SP (Mrs S Smith, Mrs P Clifford) 128cm.– 1 & res, S Manners’ Moluccas Saffron Surprise; 2, Mrs Meer’s Telynau Just Perfect; 3, R Stuttard’s Barkway Frivolity. 138cm.– 1 & ch, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Only You; 2, I Darcy’s Willowhill Forget Me Not; 3, J Templeton’s Whiteborro Tell Tale. 148cm.– 1, J Grierson’s Bengairn Princess Royal; 2, G Allen’s Sycamore Candyman; 3, A Fowler’s Maythornes Easter Dimension. nov (Mrs S Smith, Mrs P Clifford) mixed height.– 1, V Rudd’s Colbeach Royal Model; 2, A Maltby’s Tamana Monkey Puzzle; 3, C Bankier’s Barrdene Belle De Jour. int (Mrs S Smith, Mrs P Clifford) sml SRT.– 1, E Shepherd’s Wyld Amethyst; 2, A Tyldesley’s Hideaway Night Time; 3, V Timperley’s Grovelan Ascension. lge.– 1, J Thurston’s Saatchi; 2,Whalton Dimity; 3, L Crabtree’s Miss Gregory. SHT.– 1 & ch, F Hesketh’s Archeval Boutique Amadeus; 2 & res, Y Thompson’s Blaircourt Silicon; 3, J Templeton’s Kilkea Castle. SHP (Mrs C Frost, Mr P Aldred) 133cm.– 1 & ch, J Hampton’s Woodview Fiocco; 2, S Mace’s Wicklea Wikanda; 3, G McCloud’s Telynau Zeffarelli. 143cm.– 1, Sycamore Candyman; 2, C Khan’s Thimbley Final Edition; 3, A Hunt’s Schumaker. 153cm.– 1 & res, L Fitzgerald’s Midtown Magic; 2, L Jackson’s Kilmiston Sky Hawk; 3, K Bott’s Supernatural. 122cm.– 1, M Cartlidge’s Pumphill Ragamuffin; 2, S Manners’ Daukester Simon Of Warleigh. RIHS Heritage (Mrs J Hoyle, Miss D Chadwick) sml.– 1, S Carney’s Langfield Kaisa; 2, S Rawsthorne’s PHI; 3, K Duxbury’s Shilstone Rocks Freedom. Welsh sec A/B.– 1, K Vines’ Waxwing Prince Hal; 2, E Boardman’s Little Byron Harry Potter; 3, J Andrew’s Tabita Rio Grande. sec C/D.– 1 & ch, J Fairclough’s Pentrefelin Bodecia; 2, L Rowe’s Sydenham King George; 3, L Stevens’ Penclose Maestro. New Forest, Connemara.– 1 & res, A Smith’s Laburnum Richard; 2, K Wilkinson’s Geri’s Pride; 3, M Atkinson’s Cregduff Donal. Fell, Dales, Highland.– 1, L Stevens’ Waterside Black Prince; 2, T McKay’s Lottie Of Combebank; 3, C Galbraith’s Kilmannan Kilty. nov (Mr P Aldred, Mrs C Frost) mx ht SHP.– 1, Ainscough & Grey’s Brindlebrook Little Scoundrel; 2, V Rudd’s DJP Royal Heir; 3, S Borrowdale’s Crabfield Annigoni Christina. int.– 1, A Calvert’s Basford Cavalier; 2, V Hargreaves’ Maddie VII; 3, K Findlow’s Carnsdale Kings Mistress. RIHS LR SHT (Mr P Aldred, Mrs C Frost).– 1, S Wood’s Nantlais Gwerthfawr; 2, K Ward’s Charn Secret Legend; 3, S Collins’ Keepsake. BSPS Heritage (Miss D Chadwick, Mrs J Hoyle) LR.– 1 & ch, O Grimshaw’s Minsterley Poppin; 2, J Illingworth’s Abercamlais Deryn; 3, L Cassell’s Pumphill Blarney. FR.– 1 & res & 2, Mrs Kozersky’s Littlestones Silver Lady & Hisley Calypso; 3, J Southworth’s Mynddtarren The Maverick.

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