North of England showing results, 15 July 2012

  • HOYS coloured (M Lawrence, Miss J Lewis) unplaited horse.
    – 1 & res, Lady C Tyrell’s Ballustree Quality Street; 2, S Harris’ From A Distance; 3, J Dewhurst’s Funky Monkey. pony.– 1, L Shepherd’s Turbo HH; 2, J Turnbull’s Something Kinda Ohh; 3, D White’s Caerhos The Iceman. plaited horse.– 1 & ch, M Charlton’s Stoneraikes Ringmaster; 2, P Cook’s Crosby; 3, G Genders’ Picasso. pony.– 1, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 2, P Cook’s Caris Lhee Showdown; 3, S Stanley’s Monksfield Huntsman. miniature (S Somers) stallion.– 1 & ch, P Armitage’s Mostly Minnies Keywest; 2 & res, M Barnard’s Scott Creek Monarch Chrome Plated; 3, J Brown’s Kwaimoon Johnny Be Good. mare/gelding.– 1, L Foulkes’ Zealhouse Black Jack; 2, P Armitage’s Birchwood UK Flying Colours; 3, S & A Johnston’s Hailstone American Beauty. y’stk.– 1, S & A Johnston’s Hailstone Painted Cloud; 2, M Foulkes’ Dragonara Yankee Doodle Dandy; 3, P Armitage’s Scott Creek Surely A Commotion. HOYS M&M mini (Mrs S White, Miss J Custerson) LR.– 1 & ch, Team Harmony’s Khyber Iliad; 2 & res, H Barton’s Eastways After Hours; 3, S Stanley’s Monksfield Huntsman. FR.– 1, D Roberts’ Milford Mayfair; 2, G Tuer’s Thistledown Land Of The Free; 3, J Burnell’s Boston Bridie. HOYS M&M ridden (Mrs J Woods, Mrs R Haddow) New Forest, Connemara.– 1 & ch, T Gregson’s Walstead Pageboy; 2, K Humble’s Walstead Cartier; 3, J Rose’s Chilham Night Hawk. lge.– 1 & res, S Walsh’s Strathleven Drumochter; 2, L Ahmet’s Aquilas Stud Pendragon; 3, G McGill-McQueenie’s Glossopdalwe Smokey Classy Lady. sml.– 1, J Newbury’s Newoak Furious; 2, E Saxton’s Childcast Contender; 3, Lady Harper’s Cayberry Hotshot. Welsh sec A.– 1, S Joyner’s Sarum Rembrandt; 2, P Starkie’s Rosmarche Holly Sprig; 3, K Garrott’s Polaris Justin. sec B.– 1, J Cowan’s Colandra Harlequin; 2, C Edwards’ Wynswood Golden Guinea; 3, G Lawless’ Eyarth Milan. sec C.– 1, J Fairclough’s Pentrefelin Bodecia; 2, L Kitchener’s Glanaber Lady May; 3, L Atkinson’s Rivervalley Lou Lou. sec D.– 1, Kitchen/Squires’ Yswain Ameranthus; 2, T & K Pitcher’s Kala Flash Jack; 3, A Simcox’s Minyffordd Marinogion. miniature (Mrs C Frost) y’ling.– 1 & res, P Armitage’s Scott Creek Indi Twist And Shout; 2, B Thompson’s Exquisite After Dark. 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, J Brown’s Udenik Extasy’s Tomahawk; 2, A Roland’s Halstock Crackerjack; 3, P Armitage’s Scott Creek Surely A Commotion. 4yo & over.– 1, P Armitage’s Ltds Wild Card. draught.– 1, N Nelson’s Ujbnik Extasys Little Dreams; 2, P Armitage’s Birchwood UK Flying Colours; 3, A Scofield’s Collytown Golden Nugget. palomino/dun.– 1, A Cameron’s Llanfyllin Shooting Star; 2, A Schofield’s Collytown Golden Nuggett. Dales/Fell in-hand (Miss J Custerson) 4yo & over.– 1 & Dales ch, D Atherden’s Lowhouses Junior; 2 & Fell ch, K Richardson’s Darrenvale Warrior. lge, y’stk.– 1 & ch, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Zakhariah; 2, J Sutton’s Lynwellan Rambler. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, F Atherden’s Stirlingdene. sml, 2/3yo.– 1, Rossall & Wright’s Vean Set Sail; 2, L Graham’s Anchor Gorseman; 3, G Needham’s Highend Darcy. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, B Firth’s Dunmere Buff Ermine; 2, Rossall/Wright’s Treworgan Sandpiper; 3 & Exmoor ch, L Graham’s Hawkwell Robert Redford. CHAPS coloured (Mrs C Frost) in-hand, unplaited.– 1 & res, I Reid’s Woody; 2, Z Day’s Jimmy 2 Shoes; 3, M Findlay’s Penrock Puzzled Poster. plaited.– 1 & ch, H Sankey’s Dreamtime; 2, J Hooks’ Papaver Dior; 3, S Wheeler’s Winchester D. y’stk.– 1, Papver Dior; 2, M Barnard Scott Creek Monarch Bellagio; 3, K Fearn’s Freckleton First Class. ridden, unplaited.– 1 & res, S Shuttleworth’s The Freak; 2, V Baron’s Barney Rubble. plaited.– 1 & ch, S Wheeler’s Winchester D; 2, J Hateley’s Shybont Rise To Fame; 3, C Midgley’s McCartneys Double Time. mixed M&M (L Bigley) sml, y’stk.– 1, Anchor Gorseman. 4yo & over.– 1 & ch, Rossall/Wright’s Treworgan Tawny Owl; 2 & res, S Carney’s Langfield Kaisa; 3, L Graham’s Hawkwell Robnert Redford. lge, y’stk.– 1, J Ashforth’s Nantwood Caspian. sec A (L Bigley) mare/geld.– 1 & res, S Day’s Blethyn Roseanne. y’ling.– 1, G Lawless’ Forlan Honey Rhythm; 2, S Day’s Blethyn Starman. sec B, stallion.– 1, ch & res M&M ch, K Wainwwright’s Skellorn Bronze Soldier; 2, G Wilkes’ Burneside commander. mare/geld.– 1 & res, G Roberts’ Newtonhill Juliet; 2, S Constantine’s Barkway Heirs And Graces. 2/3yo.– 1, S Wallace’s Oakville Paris. sec C, stallion/colt.– 1 & res, R French’s Annod St Burt. mare.– 1 & ch, A Sharples/Kirkhamgate Roisin; 2, T Hall’s D’Abernon Diva. foal.– 1, A Sharples’ Arnie Tomi Trouble. y’stk.– 1, T Hall’s Ballarch The Buck. sec D, 4yo & over.– 1, res & sup M&M, T Owen’s Caerbryn First Lady. y’ling.– 1, A Cameron’s Powysvalley Pearl. 2/3yo.– 1 & res, P Denning’s Danaway Madison; 2, J Ashford’s Nantwood Caspian. RP breeding (Miss J Custerson), b’mare.– 1 & ch, E Mansfield-Parnell’s Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy; 2, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Geisha Girl. foal.– 1, C Duke; 2, E Mansfield-Parnell’s Rotherwood Fantasia. y’ling.– 1, C & J Lee’s Cosford Skype. 3yo.– 1, A Pease’s Lemington Marysai; 2 & res, S Holmes’ Tidesbrook Topcat. SHP breeding, b’mare.– 1, L Leeman’s Meacham Mambo No 5. y’ling.– 1, H Watts’ Velvets Wish. 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves. Arab in-hand (S Somers) mare/geld.– 1, C Duke’s Greenbarrow Geisha Girl. y’ling.– 1 & res, J Munro’s Freckleton First Class; 2, Cosford Skype. 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves. amateur/home-produced (Mrs S White) M&M, y’stk.– 1, Nantwood Caspian. 4yo & over.– 1, G Roberts’ Newtonhill Juliet; 2, S Carney’s Langfield Kaisa; 3, J Hulbert’s Morjon Dodi. SP/SHP y’stk.– 1 & ch, Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves; 2 & res, Tidesbrook Copycat; 3, Cosford Skype. hunter breeding (S Somers) y’ling.– 1, J Munro’s Freckleton First Officer. 2yo.– 1 & res, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Windsor. 3yo.– 1 & ch, A Drabble’s Lowmoor Arctic Venture; 2, J Munro’s Freckleton Mayfair. WPB, mare/geld.– 1, Rotherwood Flight Of Fancy. sport horse breeding (P Crafts) b’mare.– 1, J Hindley’s Wards Place Charisma. foal.– 1, Wards Place Picture Perfect. y’ling.– 1, Freckleton First Officer; 2, L Simpson’s Fulwoods Lucky Star; 3, C Dilasser’s Suttons Amazing Grace. 2yo.– 1 & res, Lowmoor Windsor. 3yo.– 1 & ch, Lowmoor Arctic Venture; 2, D Bremner’s Casino Royale. hack/riding horse breeding (M Lawrence), mare.– 1, Wards Place Charisma. foal.– 1, Wards Place Picture Perfect. y’ling.– 1 & ch, S Caarey’s Stanley Grange Coral Bay; 2, C Dagless’ Freckleton Oso Glamour Girl; 3, J Dodson’s Comberton Capriccio. 2/3yo.– 1 & res, S Carey’s Comberton Cachet; 2, Casino Royale. M&M WHP (Mrs M Ludlow, R Oliver) 122cm.– 1, H Coy’s Forlan Honey Dancer; 2, M Darbyshire’s Brynodyn Darius; 3, J Cowan’s Waitwith Windchime. 138cm.– 1 & ch, K Harrison’s Furzley Charade; 2, L Hingley’s Millcroft Dow Jones; 3, Mrs Carter’s Millcroft Iska Roc. exc 138cm.– 1 & res, V O’Connor’s Murphy’s Law; 2, W Hinklet’s Ollerset Solar; 3, C Coward’s Riversdale Papago. veteran (R Buckley, J Bourne) in-hand, pre-vet.– 1, C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 2, Z Aspinall’s Smart Affair; 3, S Vincent’s Ranchwood Banana. vet.– 1 & ch, K Wilmot & E Doy’s Temple Guess What; 2, B Seed’s Seriously Chunky; 3, E Jones’ Cammac St George. vet-plus.– 1, P Beal’s Toffee Bay; 2, L Meadows’ Maisie. ridden, pre-vet.– 1 & res, J Blundell’s Forrest Gump; 2, C Blaskey’s I’m Blue Chip Too; 3, Ranchwood Banana Split. vet.– 1, S Comer’s Dickens; 2, Temple Guess What; 3, Cammac St George. Torne Valley sup M&M (Mrs A Bigley, Mrs A Leaver).– 1, Treworgan Sandpiper; 2, T Milward’s Waterside Ben; 3, V Compton’s The Camus Hero. Leeman sup coloured.– 1, M Hughes’ The Humdinger; 2, L Wright’s Moortown Frilly; 3, C Hamilton’s Up To D. Kellythorpe sup in-hand.– 1, A Charlesworth & M Armstrong’s Romanno Bedriska; 2, Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves; 3, Stanley Grange Coral Bay. Show pony (R Oliver, M Lawrence) LR.– 1 & ch, K Daniel’s Cosford Persia; 2, K Allen’s Cornashton Sky Wishes; 3, C Smalley’s Barkway Daisy May. FR.– 1 & res, L Williams’ Cosford Sky Blue; 2, L Homer’s Birtley Rainbow Quest; 3, J Munro’s Westhill Small Talk. 128cm.– 1 & ch, L Cade’s Sandbank Early Bird; 2 & res, J Templeton’s Kenilwood Tobias; 3, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Maydream. 138cm.– 1, D Thomas’ Astral Tinkerbelle; 2, R Studdart’s Archwood Romeo Gigle; 3, S Rodriguez’s Moscombe Cheeky Girl. 148cm.– 1, J Pritchard’s Chiddock Story Time; 2, Mesdames Jago & Carvosso’s Crafton Touch Of Gold; 3, D Thomas’ Cwmcarrog Dragonfly. SHP (Mrs P Ash, D Machin) 153cm.– 1, C Spencer’s Farellys Charlie; 2, J Templeton’s Rocco; 3, A Baybutt’s Tom Thumb. 143cm.– 1, J Lee’s Schumacher; 2, V Dutton’s Orley Wishful Joker; 3, M Baybutt’s Tindip High Noon. 133cm.– 1, J Bankier’s Parkhills Ronaldo; 2, A Studdart’s Annandale Motivator; 3, J Templeton’s Celestial Debut. 122cm.– 1 & ch, A Trodd-Bohin’s Gigman All That Jazz; 2 & res, S Dennison’s Crystal Vision; 3, R Maher-Burns’ Lyndeth Idle Fancy. LR of SHT.– 1, A Fowler’s Twylands Pedro; 2, S Bennett’s Top Vagabond; 3, H Barton’s Coeden Sir Galahad. WHP (Mrs B Rich, Mrs P Baker-Beall) CS.– 1 & ch, L Homer’s Tynymore Twm Sion Catti; 2, C Mawby’s Pantycoed Tawny Owl; 3, S Manners’ Daukester Simon Of Warleigh. NS.– 1 & res, H Coy’s Thistledown Royal Cadet; 2, S Manners’ Firefly; 3, L Homer’s Pebbly Seal. 133cm.– 1, S Moult’s Royal Opposition; 2, A Beck’s Claggan Silver Knight; 3, P Hollingsworth’s Gorm Agus Ban. 143cm.– 1 & ch, S Hammond’s Steel Liath; 2, M Dent’s Good Friday; 3, R Bagshaw’s King Brian Boru. 153cm.– 1, L Walder’s Rachels Lad; 2, J Ashmore’s Woodland Amarula; 3, R Skinner’s Noble Cuzco. int.– 1 & res, A Wybergh’s Wynona; 2, C Orr’s Victor; 3, J Shaw’s Majestic Lady. mixed height novice.– 1, A Headley’s Buillie Joe; 2, M Hancox’s Kerching; 3, S Williams’ Fisumayne Flash. M&M.– 1, R Greadley’s Hollizan Hosanna; 2, M Edgar’s Caerdoaniel Top Totti; 3, L Jones’ Garry Knight. int SHT (Miss J Lewis, Mrs D Gregson).– 1 & ch, K Findlow’s Carnsdale Constantine; 2, A Cook’s Vaguely Noble; 3, Pattersons Horseboxes’ Lambwath Classic Moment. SRT, sml.– 1, L Glover’s Chiddock Time Lord; 2 & res, L Minchin’s Greenacres Pilot; 3, G Holder & L Saunters’ Spirit In The Sky. lge.– 1, J Thurston’s Saatchi; 2, C Cooper’s Whalton Razzamatazz; 3, L Crabtree’s Miss Gregory. mx ht nov SHP.– 1, V Rudd’s DJP Royal Heir; 2, Mrs Stewart’s Arizona Gold; 3, M Barlyn’s Treworgan First Gold. nov int, SRT.– 1, A Bosworth’s Llanarth Fair Play; 2, A Calvert’s Basford Cavalier. SHT.– 1, J Knipe’s Fair Justice; 2, H le Moignan’s Table Talk. Pretty Polly (Mrs S Curtis) LR.– 1 & ch, A Hall’s Barkway Minstrel; 2 & res, M Baxter-Davies’ Nantcol Lady Charlotte; 3, Mesdames Cox & Tate’s Brookwater Thumberlina. FR.– 1, H Simm’s Hollybush Libretto; 2, R Thompson’s Leacon High Cockalorum; 3, G Ward’s Chagford Lewis. mx ht SP.– 1, M Cousin’s Jackets Mayfair; 2, K Gillott’s Small-Land Moon Girl; 3, L Phipps’ Moluccas Sweet Paprika. SHP.– 1, J Dodson’s Comberton Carbon Copy; 2, P Thompson’s Deja Vue; 3, Arizona Gold. nov SP.– 1, Rocks’ Trellech Magic Dream; 2, Z Muxlow’s Ballantine Jackpot; 3, H Varley’s Barkway Temerity. Heritage M&M (Mrs D Gregson) LR.– 1, S Bhogal’s Springwater Legato; 2, V Fenton’s Oldacres Lilli; 3, S Drake’s Hisley Carnival. FR.– 1, T Northfield’s Cadlan Valley Cascade; 2, S Bhogal’s The Rough Forrester Of Dryknowl; 3, N Worthington-French’s Milford Mayfair. sml ridden (Miss J Lewis).– 1, L Walker’s Julmar Padgent; 2, P Simpson’s Pepperwell Andantic. Welsh sec B/C.– 1, C Edwards’ Wynswood Golden Guinea; 2, M Berlyn’s Stockholm Nicohali. New Forest, Connemara.– 1, V Compton’s The Camus Hero; 2, C Miller’s Crazy Horse. lge.– 1, G Gould’s Horatio Of Langley; 2, L Stockley’s Murthwaite Oliver. Lilley mini sup (Mrs A Leaver, J Gilliver).– 1, G Tuer’s Westway Twilight Rose; 2, Y Jobling-Purser’s Basford Ballerina; 3, M Cartlidge’s Woodview Shangri-La. Sporting Sam int sup.– 1, S Timperley’s Ice Lady; 2, M Boundy’s Silken Story; 3, K Findlow’s Calowette. TopSpec Pretty Polly sup (Mrs H Wombwell, Mrs P Pattinson).– 1, D Morton’s Oldcourt Charlotte; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Cosford Chartreause; 3, Z Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition. Garrick Surface Coatings sup ridden pony (Mrs A Leaver, J Gilliver).– 1, M Harforth & D Dixon’s Dance All Night; 2, Chiddock Time Lord; 3, M Jones’ Greylands Stardust.

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