North-East Championship showing results, 8 September 2012

  • M&M in-hand (A Ablitt) y’stk.– 1, J Smith’s Rhydgwillim Gold Finger; 2, Z Wright’s Menai Cadi Fwyn; 3, N Cook’s Chagford Rothschild. 4yo & over sml.– 1 & res, J Smith’s Sardis Pascal. lge.– 1 & ch, M Stanford’s Rhibhinn Na Dailach. Apache in-hand (A Ablitt).– 1 & res, J Croft’s Summer Hit; 2, J Crofter-Harris’ Aelred; 3, M Wilkinson’s Corporate Colours. do.– 1 & ch, J Crofter-Harris’ Lokie; 2, Mrs L A Mayfield’s Skyelands Carousel; 3, A Robinson’s Desmond Man Fs. confined novice M&M LR.– 1, S Rowley’s Crestwood Bell. FR.– 1 & res, H Annall’s Rushfield Monarch. conf nov y’stk (A Overton-Ablitt).– 1 & ch, J Smith’s Rhydgwillim Gold Finger; 2 & res, F Wainwright’s Bess; 3, J Smith’s Genisis Sunshine. 4yo & over.– 1, C Marshall’s Triad Cracklin Rosie. Olympia Heritage M&M Welsh sec A/B (A Overton-Ablitt, P Dorman).– 1, B Thompson’s Milford Fair Ballad. sec C.– 1 & res, J Stacey’s Mowcastle Mickey; 2, L Atkinson’s River Valley Lou-Lou; 3, L Kitchener’s Glanaber Lady May. Connemara, New Forest.– 1 & ch, V Compton’s The Camus Hero; 2, D Nickson’s Kindesella Isabella; 3, S Grantham’s Tacaway Tipple. Fell, Dales, Highland.– 1, M Donaldson’s Rory Of Alltnacailleach. sec D.– 1, D Rawson’s Magef Rhion; 2, L Atkinson’s Nantymynydd Ysbryd; 3, C Marshall’s Triad Cracklin Rosie. conf nov (S White).– 1, D Rawson’s Magef Rhion; 2, S A Baker’s Wellbrow Dewdrop; 3, P Langrick’s Redvers Misty Morn. Springfield ridden part-bred 148cm.– 1 & ch, D Gawthorpe’s Braeglen Moonlight; 2, C Sowersby’s Megland Startime; 3, F Brown’s Barkway Cappuchino. exc 148cm.– 1 & res, P Langrick’s Eastlands Dawn. Llanarth M&M sml (S Howard).– 1, H Annall’s Rushfield Monarch. lge.– 1 & ch, River Valley Lou-lou; 2 & res, T Tanner’s Village Gladiator; 3, D Rawson’s Magef Rhion. jnr sml.– 1 & ch, Rushfield Monarch. lge.– 1 & res, M Donaldson’s Rory Of Alltnacailleach; 2, Mowcastle Mickey. SHP LR (T Barron).– 1 & ch, N Cook’s Chagford Daisy May; 2, F Brown’s Hillgarth Roger. Mirage SHP 133cm (M Hendrie).– 1 & ch, B Thompson’s Milford Fair Kashmere; 2, L Marshall’s Hindleap Tipsy Mouse. 143cm.– 1 & res, M Milner’s Mathemadam Royal Ensign. conf nov SHP.– 1, Hindleap Tipsy Mouse; 2, G Wardrobe’s Baliter Backfire; 3, Mathemadam Royal Ensign. competition/dressage pony 4yo & over 148cm (M Hendrie).– 1, P Langrick’s Dunlo Hill. exc 148cm.– 1 & ch, S Lambert’s Merrigans Heaven Scent; 2 & res, P Langrick’s Eastlands Dawn. SP LR (T Barron).– 1, S Bath’s Fountainhead Golden Girl; 2, F Brown’s Ravensash Midnight Star. 128cm (V White).– 1, F Brown’s Barkway Cappuchino. 138cm.– 1 & res, S A Youdan Mason’s Wycroft Passion Flower. conf nov SP.– 1 & ch, Baliter Backfire; 2, F Brown’s Barkway Cappuchino. conf nov int (M Hendrie).– 1, V Stockill’s Top Cent; 2, S Grantham’s Ammeretti Diamond. Sawtry riding horse/cob (C Senior).– 1, Miss E Lloyd’s Jemoon Flying Officer; 2, R Craggs’ Dotcom. conf nov coloured (C Senior, V White).– 1, A Russell’s Fieldside Nobleman; 2, J Sellars’ Hollow Marsh 01 You; 3, L A Mayfield’s Skyelands Carousel. Apache ridden nat/trad.– 1 & res, V Baron’s Barney Rubble III; 2 & ch, A Russell’s Fieldside Nobleman; 3, K Carroll’s Hoodwink. non-nat.– 1, Merrigans Heaven Scent; 2, J Sellars’ Hollow Marsh 01 You. amateur riders 153cm (V White).– 1, Barkway Cappuchino. ridden horse.– 1, E Lloyd’s Jemoon Flying Officer; 2, D Gawthorpe’s Braeglen Moonlight; 3, T Martin’s Herbie. riding horse.– 1 & ch, R Guy’s Jack Coal; 2, K Prince’s Pickerings Lets Go Party. cob.– 1, R Craggs’ Dotcom; 2, H Gray’s Harry. coloured.– 1, Barney Rubble III; 2, Hollow Marsh 01 You; 3, A Russell’s Fieldside Nobleman. M&M.– 1 & res, C Marshall’s Triad Cracklin Rosie; 2, S Grantham’s Smokey Blaze; 3, A Worley’s Brackens Helvellyn Harrier.

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