No more muddy dogs

  • Waggers Dri-Bag is an effective way of drying your mucky pup while protecting your house or car

    In the wetter months a long country walk or a trip to the stables leaves most dogs plastered in mud.

    Waggers Dri-Bag is a clever design to help keep your home or car clean.

    Manufactured using strong cotton towelling, you place your dog inside and zip him in. Wet dog smells are eliminated and after 15 -30 minutes your dog will emerge clean, dry and warm.

    It is a perfect way to ensure that the inside of your car remains free from hair, mud and dog odours. By the time you get home, all you need to do is unzip your dog from the Waggers Dri-Bag.

    Machine-washable, these bag can simply be popped in the machine after use. Other features include a strong zip and metal poppers.

    Available in either green or blue and in four sizes – extra small for toy breeds, small for terriers, medium for spaniels and large for Labradors.

    Prices start at £14.

    For more information contact Waggers (tel: 01392 881285) or click here to view their website www.comfy-pet.co.uk

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