Newark & Notts County showing results, 14-15 May, 2011

  • RIHS ridden hunter (Miss S Chapman, Mrs R Hetherington) lwt.— 1 & res, P Bowdler’s Sutton Place; 2, C Laurens’ Ballynulta; 3, V Smith’s Yarrow Special Eddie. mwt.— 1, A Hunt’s Romany King; 2, Monserrat Sport Horses’ The Pilgrim’s Progress; 3, T Leesley’s Aesmynach Britannia. hwt.— 1 & ch, L Holt’s Act Flyn Lad; 2, V Henshaw’s Guiding Light IV; 3, J Robinson’s All Change. RIHS hunter (Miss J Armstrong-Small) ladies.— 1, Romany King; 2, G Chapman’s Rougemont; 3, L Taylor’s Spymaster. nov.— 1, D Heath’s Oathills Take The Biscuit; 2, D Harrod’s Bally Russell; 3, Yarrow Special Eddie. sml.— 1, I Kobbe’s Jemoon Starcatcher; 2, R Bosworth’s Trudi Thornton. cob (Mrs R Arthur) amateur.— 1, I Darcy’s Randalstown Landmark; 2, A Bartolomy’s Benetton II; 3, K Gillam’s Hortons Maclaren. lwt.— 1 & ch, Randalstown Landmark; 2, Benetton II; 3, C Pickersgill’s Moon Coin. hwt.— 1 & res, Hortons Maclaren; 2 & 3, J Tanner’s Shanbally Angel & Tuppence II. maxi.— 1, A Bartolomy’s Robert The Bruce; 2, C Hobster’s Macklers Hill Surprise; 3, N Shields’ Low Moor Purple Heather. RIHS riding horse (Mrs R King) sml.— 1 & ch, G Wilkes’ Lord Foxford. lge.— 1 & res, P Mortimer’s Kingswood; 2, D Webster’s Dalcotes Beretta; 3, P Mitchell’s Spellbound Mystique. RIHS hack (Mrs R King) sml.— 1 & res, C Palmer’s Sahereca Gracious Gift; 2, J Tate’s Rhyllandell Falcon; 3, SA Cowley’s Burfordly Valentino. lge.— 1 & ch, E Humphries’ Topsy Prima Donna; 2, N Moores’ Midnight Star; 3, D Webster’s Madame Butler. in-hand hunter (Mr MR Davies) y’ling colt/geld.— 1, M Dawson’s Cosmoss; 2, S Evans’ Apprentice; 3, N Croft’s Levanto. filly.— 1, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal. 2-y-o geld.— 1 & ch y’stk, S Hookham’s Revenge; 2, V Smith’s Kellythorpe Don Diamonte; 3, P Richmond’s Sutton Grange Regal Star. filly.— 1 & res, W Moran’s Lush Lashes; 2, E Steptoe’s Well Connected. 3-y-o geld.— 1, P Jarrett’s Eastern Index; 2, W Moran’s Look Twice; 3, M Nicholson’s Stanhopes Mr Macoy. filly.— 1, P Richmond’s Hawlmark Classic Twilight; 2, RM Parker’s Pealability; 3, V Smith’s Rocklodge Rhapsody. b’mare.— 1, T Wareham’s Who’s That Lady; 2, P McGrady & L Parker’s Queen Lucia. foal.— 1, P McGrady & L Parker’s Parisien Queen; 2, T Wareham’s. Arab (Mrs CM Nelson) pure-bred mare.— 1, NP & J Armstrong’s NPA Habeeba; 2, A Hurst’s Silent Breeze. stallion/geld.— 1 & ch, NP & J Armstrong’s NPA Hazan; 2, L Whitehead Shepherd’s Magnum Khayal; 3, C Sheerstone’s Jameel IBN Jillysu. Anglo/part-bred y’ling.— 1, J Harforth’s Moluccas High Thyme; 2, A Millington’s Barrdene Bell De Nuit; 3, J Shirt’s Poppyfield Pumpkin. 2-y-o.— 1, J Harforth’s Moluccas Juniper Jewel; 2, C Palmer’s Sahereca Finale Forever; 3, CR Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves. 3-y-o.— 1, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Alfie Moon; 2, M&T Carswell’s Marshley Mayflower. mare.— 1, E Cross’ Faranella Valencia; 2, B Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent. stallion/geld.— 1 & ch, J Harforth’s Stanley Grange Cocksure; 2, E Cross’s Bombay Roay Prince; 3, S Heslop’s Topcat. ridden Arab (Miss J MacLean) pure-bred.— 1, A Boyle’s Maleikero; 2, C Cryer’s Tukki Amira; 3, C Doxey’s Oas Plashaal. part-bred exc 148cm.— 1, JM Foster’s Whalton Renaissance. 148cm.— 1 & ch, S Heslop’s Topcat; 2, S Bagshaw’s Belle Vue Scotsman; 3, C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition. CHAPS in-hand (Mr J Cookson, Mr A French) native/traditional y’stk.— 1, Plumbuck Stud’s Plumbuck Bunny Squiggle; 2, J Martin’s Checkpoint Charlie; 3, A Stott’s The Puzzler. 148cm.— 1, K McNeil’s Rock TJ; 2, H Tucker’s Gornoeth Well There You Are Then; 3, Plumbuck Bunny Squiggle. exc 148cm.— 1, H Tucker’s Danny Gizmo; 2, F Ritchie’s Minnie. non-native.— 1 & ch, J Saunders’ Parkdene Music Man; 2, J Hunton’s Cornellious Decor; 3, A Finney’s Lathkill Showman. 153cm.— 1, Parkdene Music Man; 2, R Hamilton’s Pattaya Flight; 3, A Butler’s Flying Colours X. exc 153cm.— 1, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, R Bowman’s Saundby Gentleman. ridden coloured (Mr J Cookson, Mr A French) native/trad 148cm.— 1, Gornoeth Well There You Are Then; 2, S Moro’s Jack Daniels; 3, A Russell’s Guinness V. exc 148cm.— 1 & ch, J Roberts’ Harlequin Henry; 2, P Langrick’s Spirit Of Darkness; 3, Danny Gizmo. non-native not exc 153cm.— 1, Flying Colours X; 2, L Blake’s Rich Thoughts; 3, R Hamilton’s Pattaya Flight. exc 153cm.— 1, J Plotnek’s Castle Lord; 2, P Langrick’s Castle Franko; 3, J Garnett’s Sansibae. RIHS BSPA ridden (Mr A Perkins, Miss R Thomas) plaited 153cm.— 1, Rich Thoughts. exc 153cm.— 1, Castle Lord; 2, Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 3, Sansibae. nat/trad/cob 153cm.— 1 & ch, Rock TJ; 2, Gornoeth Well There You Are Then; 3, Harlequin Henry. exc 153cm.— 1, Spirit Of Darkness; 2, E Clarke’s The Hammerman. WH (Mrs A Varley, Mr RM Gilsenan) nov.— 1 & res, T & C Fairburn’s Treburgett; 2, C Playne’s Curragh Boy; 3, S Smith’s Hero’s Gold. rest.— 1, Curragh Boy; 2, J Roberts’ Bankwood Boy; 3, L Gill’s Colour Scheme. RIHS WH.— 1 & ch, Bankwood Boy; 2, E Eadon’s Ulstar De La Barre; 3, F Vaughan’s What A Spark. ridden ID (Mrs J Cornthwaite) pure-bred.— 1 & ch, S Hill’s Castlerock; 2, R Morris’ Mourne Mountaineer; 3, K Riddle’s Skylark. sport horse.— 1 & res, P Cooper’s Clover Hills Diamond Lad; 2, B Langley-McKim’s Cos Me Is Black; 3, H Gallagher’s Bishop Rock. in-hand Shetland (Mr K Scott) y’ling.— 1, M Arden & S Nadin’s Claylands Golden Finale; 2, V Bell’s Butterby Dom Perignon; 3, L Gregory’s Breward’s Pollyanna. colt/stallion/geld 2-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, V Bell’s Butterby Kracker; 2, D Verity’s Claylands Prince Of Fox; 3 & best 2-y-o, G Olley’s Shirrford Popeye. filly 2-y-o.— 1, J Barugh’s Birchmore Gizelda; 2, A Hinchley’s Belboy Steltarnia; 3, V Bell’s Butterby Roxanne. 3-y-o.— 1, J Barugh’s Felicity’s Fleur; 2, M Parker’s Hackamore Poetic Justice; 3, K Grover’s Lotuspoint Victoria. mare.— 1 & res, J Stevenson’s Hose Rose Hip; 2, V Bell’s Butterby Isis; 3, A Hinchley’s Beltoy Steltara. Welsh sec A (Mr JEW Hendy) mare/geld.— 1 & ch, S McLagan & M Smith’s Tame Valley Polka; 2, B Carter’s Dagwod Little Black Eyed Pea; 3, M&L Kilbey’s Idyllic Angel Of Music. stallion.— 1 & res, Stonedge Stud’s Stonedge Samuel; 2, M&L Kilbey’s Lacy Buzbee; 3, T Coppins’ Friars Golden Mark. foal.— 1, S McLagan & M Smith’s. y’ling colt.— 1 & res y’stk, N Dyvig’s Sunwillow Rochester; 2, M Lucas’ Sunwillow Roscoe; 3, Stonedge Stud’s Stonedge Satellite. filly/geld.— 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Silver Charm; 2, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Tsvetana; 3, M&L Kilbey’s Idyllic Vienna. 2/3-y-o colt.— 1 & ch y’stk, J Devenney’s Haverford Imp; 2, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Torpedo; 3, T Millar’s Sunwilow Paris. filly/geld.— 1, S Green’s Elcon Poly Pocket; 2, E Waller’s Brynrodyn Blodwen; 3, J Stamp’s Belchford Mari. sec B (Mrs C Rankin) mare/geld.— 1, J Blackburn’s Westaire Saffron Lace; 2, R Hensby’s Laithehill Symphony; 3, P Fillingham’s Stockham Diamond. stallion.— 1 & ch, LE Bigley’s Boreton White Prince; 2, E Lynes’ Moelgarnedd Derwyn; 3, C Piper’s Stoak Valuer. foal.— 1, R Hensby’s Laithehill Symphony; 2, J Blackburn’s Westaire. y’ling colt.— 1 & ch y’stk, L Wilson’s Paddock Rio; 2, S Heslop’s Rotherwood Riviera Gold. filly/geld.— 1, P Doughty’s Rhoson Shani; 2, P Neal & S Green’s Telynau Ophelia; 3, S Noble’s Crookbank Pandora. 2/3-y-o colt.— 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Arctic Fox; 2, R Hensby’s Paddock Lorenzo; 3, P Doughty’s Rhoson Mandolin. filly/geld.— 1, J Blackburn’s Westaire Savannah; 2, R Hensby’s Laithehill Cobweb; 3, S Noble’s Crookbank Graceful Jubilation. Welsh sec C (Mr N Northam) y’ling.— 1, T Millar’s Saethydd Beau; 2, P Fryer’s Friskney Moonstone; 3, T Fisher’s Llandidan Twiggy. filly/mare/geld 2-y-o & over.— 1, T Hall’s D’Abernon Diva; 2, H Parr’s Hardys Gloriana; 3, A McLachlan’s Dewixwrt Zeus. colt/stallion.— 1 & ch, B Hobden’s D’Abernon Eminem; 2, J Kilbey’s Kalllistalodge Charlie Cool; 3, K Waite’s Fourjoys Flash Robin. foal.— 1, H Parr’s Hardys foal. sec D (Mr M Northam) y’ling.— 1, JE Knowlson’s Kylebeck Carmen; 2, A Wood’s Kylebeck Snow Patrol; 3, A Booth’s Rainhill Pendragon. 2-y-o & over.— 1, J Knowlson’s Kylebeck Cindy; 2, A Booth’s Rainhill Olwen; 3, L Tuach’s Atinas Midnight Blaze. colt/stallion.— 1, LE Bigley’s Llarnarth Fiery Jack. (Mrs T Whittle) Exmoor y’ling.— 1, F Dickson’s Beinnliath None But The Brave. filly/geld 2/3-y-o.— 1, A Long’s Hawkwell Clint Eastwood; 3, F Dickson’s Beinnliath Luachair; 3, L Bunker-Nixon & H Butcher’s Bemborough Tia Maria. mare.— 1 & res, S Beardsley’s Cosmic June; 2, RW & C Aldridge’s Dunkery Cirl Bunting; 3, AH & A Woodward’s Hawkwell Anything Goes. colt/stallion.— 1 & ch, R Jarvis-Broad’s Edwinsfield Nocturne; 2, R Brooks’ Twolads Hector; 3, L Graham’s Hawkwell Robert Redford. Dartmoor y’ling.— 1, PD Tyler’s Springwater In A Spin; 2, SE Hide’s Huttons Ambo Cornflower; 3, D Bonser-Hadfield’s Springwater What-A-Lark. filly/geld 2/3-y-o.— 1, PD Tyler’s Springwater Bryony; 2, B Mason’s Cayberry Flashdance; 3, Kyleburn Native Ponies’ Kingshaugh Ophelia. colt/stallion.— 1, E Cross’ Shilstone Rocks Freedom; 2, S Carney’s Langfield Kaisa; 3, L Mewes’ Broxdown Mayhem. mare.— 1, C Woodward’s Holyrood Damson; 2, Kyleburn Native Ponies’ Kingshaugh Linnet; 3, C Taylor’s Topthorn Twiglet. Connemara, New Forest y’ling.— 1, J Sutton’s Innellan Rambler; 2, D Nickson’s Kindesella Honeycombe; 3, V Compton’s Chilham Lola. filly/geld 2/3-y-o.— 1, D Nickson’s Kindesella Tallulah; 2, V Compton’s Moneen Girl. mare.— 1, D Thelwell’s Silver Fox; 2, JE Collins’ Mundon Fair Wind. colt/stallion.— 1, ch & M&M res sup, S Burton’s Clooneile Cashel; 2 & res, D Nickson’s Chaffcombe Aspen; 3, P Berry’s Cluain Laragh Star. (Mrs S Brooks) fell y’ling.— 1, J & S Woolerton’s Clandon Precious. mare.— 1, D Atkin’s Wolds Phalarope; 2, E Empsall’s Lunesdale Mountain Music. colt/stallion.— 1, ch & M&M sup, J Crane’s Murthwaite Windrush. dales filly/geld 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, J Smith’s Castle Hill Ruby. Highland filly/geld 2/3-y-o.— 1 & ch, P & C Bassett’s Heybrows Bernaray Lord Birtram; 2, TA & KM Pitcher’s Tower Drummer Boy; 3, EJ Rushton’s Firspark Frederick. mare.— 1, F Robinson’s Belshaw Tamarisk; 2, S&J Woolerton’s Robbie Of Allendale; 3, T May’s Stocks Sorcha. RP breeding (Mr J Grace) y’ling 128cm.— 1, M Coombes’ Goresmead Castslane; 2, J Laffey’s Wytchwood Love Potion; 3, S Lee’s Woodend Jackanory. 138cm.— 1, A Millington’s Barrdene Belle De Nuit; 2, P Lindley & S Ashendon’s Wynnmere Lilyput; 3, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Clearmoon. 148cm.— 1 & y’stk res, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Fandango; 2, J Harforth’s Moluccas High Thyme. filly/geld 2/3-y-o 128cm.— 1, Moluccas Juniper Jewel; 2, M&T Carswell’s Marshley Mayflower; 3, R Brittain’s Milford Sunflower. 138cm.— 1, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Alfie Moon; 2, C Palmer’s Sahereca Finale Forever. 148cm.— 1, S Haworth’s Carrhouse Almost Legal; 2, J Bradbury’s Billy Elliot. stallion/colt 2/3-y-o 148cm.— 1, ch & y’stk ch, BP Rennocks’ Rendene Royal Charm; 2, CR Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Thieves. b’mare.— 1, res & b’mare ch, BP Rennocks’ Rendene Lucky Charm; 2, B Smith’s Fenwick Bloomsbury; 3, J Laffey’s Wytchwood Spellbound. foal.— 1, B Smith’s; 2, BP Rennocks’ Rendene Whispering Charm; 3, J Laffey’s. in-hand sport horse (Mrs G Evans) y’ling.— 1, S Evans’ Apprentice; 2, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal; 3, A Staley’s Priors Park Passionate. 2-y-o.— 1, S Brown & Baguley’s Chance In A Million; 2, V Smith’s Kellythorpe Don Diamonte; 3, A Staley’s Priors Park Precocious. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, P Jarrett & D Evans’ Eastern Index; 2, RM Parker’s Pealability; 3, E Shally’s Fulwoods Festival Boy. Cuddy in-hand (Mrs G Chapman).— 1, Eastern Index; 2, Rendene Royal Charm. side-saddle (Mrs J Bryer) concours d’elegance.— 1, H Allin’s Romany King; 2, L Brooksby’s Silver Mercedes; 3, J Tomlinson’s Ted. equitation jnr.— 1 & res, R Hall’s Rustic Dancer. adult.— 1 & ch, V Hood’s Park Potion; 2, K Milbourne’s Broadhill Otago; 3, Silver Mercedes. classical ladies.— 1, J Taylor’s Chester Bay; 2, Park Potion; 3, Silver Mercedes. SP (Mrs K Pole) LR.— 1 & res, J Tate’s Brookwater Thumberlina; 2, H Hume’s Fountainhead Golden Girl; 3, S Cantrell’s Minky Moo. FR.— 1 & ch, K Marshall’s Copybush Moonsprite; 2, V Sidaway’s Cosford Perilla; 3, L Mitchell’s Small-land Chatter. (Mrs S R O White) 128cm.— 1, L Maltby’s Chagford Leon; 2, A Hunt’s Kolbeach Holly’s Firefly; 3, L Hillyard’s Daldorn Victoria Plum. 138cm.— 1 & ch, T Barnett’s Pickmere Anser; 2, A Hunt’s Rotherwood Mr Pepys; 3, S Blythe’s Moluccas Moonlight Mace. 148cm.— 1 & res, M Crookes’ Tomfoolery; 2, K Gibbard’s Morrington Cairn Hivan; 3, C Cutmore’s Roseview Limited Edition. SHP (Mrs K Pole) 122cm.— 1, J Armson’s Hanmere Showman; 2, L Maltby’s Cottrell Chaucer; 3, J Hurdis’ Greylands Little Star. 133cm.— 1 & res, V Smart’s Wedderue Marengo; 2, M Crookes’ Acornhill; 3, J Oliver’s Laithehill Riverdance. 143cm.— 1 & ch, J Underhill’s Pebbly Silver Fox; 2, K Allen’s Millpond Look So Cheeky; 3, V Smart’s Precious Little Miracle. 153cm.— 1, L Walder’s Rachael’s Lad; 2, M Cumberland’s Doocastle Hurnconine. RIHS M&M (Mr P Cook, Miss A Grummitt) LR.— 1 & res, H Barton’s Eastways After Hours; 2, S Potter’s Heniarth Dilyscious; 3, M Birks’ Gartconnel Stealth. int.— 1 & ch, L Bates’ Bronheulog Harvey; 2, G Wilkes’ Llwynhywel Victor; 3, R Jarvis-Broad’s Dunsmore Balcarron. lge.— 1, L Hillyard’s Whitefield Prince Nettle; 2, K Gibbard’s Sarum Picasso; 3, N Evans’ Toprock Vienetta. sml.— 1, K Scott’s Cadlanvalley Sandpiper; 2, K Williams’ Horninglow Derwent; 3, K Allen’s Windle Dark Star. sml breeds.— 1, K Goulding’s Mossvalley Valentine; 2, R Jarvis-Broad’s Edwinsfield Nocturne. lge.— 1, T Hall’s D’Aberon Diva; 2, R Jarvis-Broad’s Taiforgan Ffefryn; 3, Whitefield Prince Nettle. WHP (Mrs G McMurray, Mrs S Brooks) CS.— 1 & ch, J Armson’s Hanmere Showman; 2, H Coy’s Master Rascal; 3, V Sidaway’s Mellor Mount Dylan. NS.— 1 & res, H Coy’s Noble Jigsaw; 2, C White’s Dun Master; 3, J Wilson-Barnes’ Liberty VI. 133cm.— 1 & res, J Phipps’ Wynswood Gatsby. 143cm.— 1, S Smith’s Todley Hall Noah; 2, K Gibbard’s Grange Bobbing Surf; 3, J Salter’s Royal Paradise. 153cm.— 1 & ch, L Walder’s Rachael’s Lad. veteran (Mrs H Lindsay) in-hand pre-vet.— 1, J Hall’s Rowanberry Mimic; 2, M Fairburn’s Maggie’s Pride; 3, S Fairburn’s Paddington Bear. vet.— 1 & res, B Seed’s Seriously Chunky; 2, C Ramsey’s Pembridge Lost And Found; 3, R Holmes’ Hornbeams Heyday. vet plus.— 1 & ch, K Keeton’s Whixham Samuel Whiskers; 2, N Grocock’s Roseland Heritage; 3, L Tuach’s Sara’s Little Imp. ridden pre-vet.— 1, N Binch’s Mostyns Pride; 2, H Tucker’s Grayswood Eclipse; 3, C Painter’s Special FX. vet.— 1 & ch, Hornbeams Heyday; 2 & res, Seriously Chunky; 3, J Davidson’s Hawkeye Again. vet plus.— 1, Whixham Samuel Whiskers; 2, L Taylor’s Lady Penelope; 3, Roseland Heritage. RoR show horse (Mr J Trice-Rolph, Mrs E Payne) Tattersalls RoR thoroughbred.— 1 & res, H Hume’s Bond Playboy; 2, C Sadler’s Our Joan; 3, AJ Bryan’s Cloud Trail. TARRA in-hand.— 1, Spellbound Mystique; 2, M Ashmore’s Mathmagician; 3, K Knowles’ Killygarvan Boy. ridden.— 1 & ch, Our Joan; 2, Killygarvan Boy; 3, Cloud Trail. private driving (Mr G Docking) single 13.2hh.— 1 & ch, Smith Bros’ Royal Sunshine; 2, H Cox’s Hardy’s Dillon; 3, B Woodhouse’s Togram Rembrandt. exc 13.2hh.— 1 & res, N Wray’s Baldwins Romany Prince; 2, M Salter & B Hill’s Peny-Bryn-Tywysog. donkey in-harness (Mr G Docking) best whip.— 1, D Street’s Hapgood. single/pair private.— 1, Hapgood. heavy horse turnout (Mrs C Grover) team, shire.— 1, J Goodwin’s; 2, D Curtis’ Zeus, Ron & Eros; 3, G Holmes’ Jim, Tom, William & Jerry. pair/tandem.— 1, Capespan Shires; 2, O Garner’s Freddie & Helen; 3, RC Roper’s Jim & Edward. trade single.— 1, Capespan Shires; 2, G Cass’ Kentwell Paigale; 3, Freddie. agricultural turnout.— 1, N Smith’s Block Fen Lucky; 2, R Roper’s Bonner; 3, J Owen’s Kypehall Oucha Boy. agric implement.— 1 & 2, G Roberts’ Sandy & Top Meadow Edward. Clydesdale (Mr D Mouland) y’ling/2-y-o.— 1 & ch, LM Fountain’s Carnaff Ashleen Rose. 3-y-o & over geld.— 1, G Holmes’ Tom; 2, C Currie’s Castlehill Harry West. Percheron (Mr P Ryder-Davies) 3-y-o & under.— 1 & res, T Henfrey’s Park Samantha; 2, J Mellor’s Eltra Roman. mare/geld.— 1 & ch, O Garner’s Helen; 2, T Henfrey’s Ludwell Atlas; 3, B Hall’s Halls Grace. shire (Mr D Mouland) 3-y-o & over.— 1, G Cass’ Grovemere Lucky Boy & Snow Hill Ikon; 2, D Spanton’s Acle Ryan; 3, KJ Harvey’s Ddrydwy Black Alfie. mare 3-y-o & over.— 1 & res mare, PB Shipman’s Kerrial Gina; 2, R Calder’s Broomsgrove Enya; 3, G Robinson’s Metheringham Upton Teasel. filly/geld 2-y-o.— 1 & ch mare, TJ Yates’ Sheepwash Derbyshire Eventide; 2, LM Fountain’s Woodhouse Bonnie Jean; 3, M Bray’s Wrangle Lady Emily. y’ling.— 1, TJ Yates’ Cowerslane Katy; 2, G Ward’s Decoy Royal Sunrise; 3, R Calder’s Calder Sophie Ellan. b’mare.— 1, N Cross’ Westfield Lucky Charm; 2, P Moss’ Bog Bank Elizabeth; 3, B Winn’s Winestead Elaina. foal.— 1, P Moss’ Hillmoor Edward; 2, N Cross’ Crossingtons High Definition. best 2.— 1, Sheepwash Derbyshire Eventide & Cowerslane Katy; 2, G Robinson’s Metheringham Upton pair. Suffolk (Mr P Ryder-Davies) mare/geld.— 1 & ch, Kentwell Paigale; 2, Block Fen Lucky.

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