New scheme to rehome Greyhounds

  • The Retired Greyhound Trust, a national charity dedicated to finding homes for former racing greyhounds, has opened a new branch in the West Midlands.

    The Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust will focus on finding homes for those dogs retiring from racing at Perry Barr Greyhound Racing Stadium.

    Based near Wolverhampton, the new branch has been set up by greyhound devotee Alison Bandurak, with the help of Perry Barr Stadium’s promoter Maurice Buckland. Its kennels will offer the opportunity for prospective pet owners to meet greyhounds that need new homes.

    “We are very excited about running this branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust,” said Alison. “We have got off to a good start having re-homed 20 dogs since February and, with a range of greyhounds available, we are in a better position to find one that will suit the lifestyle of potential new owners.”

    Greyhounds make wonderful pets and are ideal for both individuals and families of all ages. Racing careers are short, with the majority of the dogs retiring at three or four years of age. Greyhounds live to up to ten years in retirement so they make excellent long-term companions.

    Their needs are the same as other breeds: they are gentle and adaptable and will be happy with two short walks each day.

    Maurice Buckland, promoter at Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium said: “Setting up a specially dedicated homefinding scheme for ex-racing greyhounds is something we have been considering for some time.

    “It is wonderful to be able to get a scheme – with the added bonus of considerable kennel space – up and running.”

    For more information contact the Perry Barr Retired Greyhound Trust (tel: 0870 444 0673) or visit: www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk.

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