New saddle for polo ponies

  • The new Polo Pro was designed by an eventer turned polo player who had problems finding a saddle to fit her pony

    The Polo Pro is a new saddle that had been designed to fit typically lithe polo ponies and cope with the rigorous demands of the polo field.

    The saddle sits close to the wither enabling pony and rider to remain in balance during high-speed sprints and abrupt stops.

    The design of the saddle’s seathelps the player sit directly behind the pony’s shoulders, making it easy for them to get “up and over the ball” when playing a shot.

    The saddle also has an adjustable, wide weight-bearing wool-flocked panel, which helps diffuse the effects ofthe player’s constantly moving weight on the pony’s back.

    The Polo Pro is only available via mail order through the Polo Times.

    Cost at around £630, plus postage and packing.

    For more details contact (tel: 01865 554384).

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