New recipe for low-energy mix

  • Launched this month (January 2001) Spillers’ new Cool Mix has been developed using a unique diamond-shaped biscuit called NovaMin-s, which is said to help transform your horse’s appearance in just six weeks.

    Formulated as a low energy feed,Spillers point out that this does not mean low nutrition.”Health on the inside shows on the outside,” says Ruth Bishop, technical director of Spillers and nutritionist to the British Equestrian team.”We wanted to create a formula that was not onlygood for a horse, but so good, that it showed.”

    Spillers tested this new formula in a trial using privately owned horses that were being fed low energy mixes, in light to medium work.

    At the end of the six-week period, 95% of owners saw an improvement in coat condition, while 80% of owners felt that the overall condition of their horses had improved and 70% of owners reported an improvement in weight and temperament.

    The trial is now being rolled out to test the effect on hoof condition

    Cost at around £6.30

    Contact Spillers’ helpline on (tel: 01908 226626) or visit www.spillers-feeds.com

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