New performance feed has the power

  • Dodson & Horrell has launched two new feeds for performance horses: Staypower Muesli and Staypower Cubes.

    Both feeds offer slow release energy with high levels of oil, digestible fibre, vitamins and minerals. They can be fed in small quantities to gain the desired levels of energy and should be fed alongside good quality forage.

    The Staypower feeds offers the same level of energy as Dodson & Horrell’s Performance Phase 3 feed, which they replace, but with reduced levels of starch.

    Staypower Muesli is available from your local Dodson & Horrell retailer at around £7.00 per bag, while Staypower Cubes are particularly cost effective at around £6.00 per bag.

    Contact Dodson & Horrell’s helpline (tel: 0870 4423322)

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