New Forest showing results

  • NEW FOREST Brockenhurst, 30 July-1 August

    hunter pony breeding (Mrs J Stuart) stallion 1, D Stokes & C Thomas’ Shatterford Masterpiece. mare 1 & ch, S Lane’s Northlands Main Event; 2 & res, Mosse & Bast’s Moscombe Appucina; 3, H Safe‰s Ashley Rosalyn. y’ling 1, Dovery & Humble’s Perriland After Eight. 2/3-y-o 1, L Dixey’s Beaus Final Edition; 2, L Caldwell’s Peaceriver Tristar; 3, J Dare’s Saharan Atellite. colt 1, P Lester’s Tynefield Fair Light; 2, L Witcombe’s Royalyn Saxon. hunter in hand (P Hobbs) y’ling 1, P Armitage’s Estralita; 2, G & S Philips’ Mister Micawber; 3, W Miller’s Jarosa Consort. 2-y-o 1, V Scouoller’s Aidos; 2, N Brown’s Enruding Freedom; 3, L Thompson’s Broadstone Lovejoy. 3-y-o 1 & ch, N Brown’s Siunset Trend; 2 & res, J Dunlop’s Sister Rose; 3, G & S Philips’ Wot a Dance. mare 1, S Muirhead’s Sunley Swansong; 2, Mrs Sesh’s Medea Park; 3, J Mason’s Duch Cottage. foal 1, S Muihead; 2, Mrs Sesh’s Chasca; 3, A Fitsimmons’ Fair. riding pony in hand (Mrs S Rampling) y’ling 1,B Smith’s Fenwick Heaven Sent; 2, A Thomas’ Anton Princess Tina; 3, V Holliday’s Classic Cameo. 2-y-o 1, Mrs Martin’s Twylands Polly; 2, R Bartlam’s Pucknlal Hot Gossip; 3, L Witcombe’s Royalyn Saxon. 3-y-o 1 & res, Ripper & Carusso’s Radway All Talk; 2, Lady Giulbey’s Beckside Gold Dust; 3, B Smith’s Fenwick Rose Of Tralee. mare 1 & ch, C Powelll’s Courtland Polletta; 2, J Godden’s Rhos Elite; 3, C Trodd’s Tartan Silk. foal 1, C Powell; 2, Ripper & Carusso’s Sharlen; 3, L Ellis-Jones’ Botleigh Song And Dance. coloured in hand (Miss J la Four) pony 1, Countess Of Clarendon’s Jennienaydots;2, Mr & Mrs Rogers’ Forest Gump; 3, M Tarrant’s Cover Girl. horse 1 & res, V Redbart’s Stapleford Harvey Rose; 2, N Whitelock’s Samehills Mosaic; 3, K Russell’s Badgerwood Joie de Vivre. y’stock 1 & ch, S Mynard’s Badgers Luna; 2, J Evans’ Henrys Out Of This World; 3, S Baines’ Relaine. ridden hunter (S Somers, D Machin, Mrs J Wakley) l’wt 1, L Walkinshaw’s Broadstone Wizard; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Pukka Tukka; 3, J Armstrong Small’s Zin Zan. mwt 1 & ch, Jethro Enterprises’ Never Will; 2, Lady Wills’ Litchfield Derymor; 3, Beaverfast Ltd’s Dickie Boggledyke. hwt 1 & res, W & E Gibson’s Shelford Rupert; 2, Lady Wills’ Litchfield Rowallan; 3, P Moon’s Dolleys Greenhill. WH 1, A Vos, Mountain Ember; 2, Mr & Mrs A Andrews’ Dromarra Twist; 3, Zin Zan. sml 1, M Parrish’s Lord Oliver; 2, D Boylan’s Coppenagh Lad; 3, A Winbourne’s Omega. ladies (Mrs J Wakley, Miss D Atkinson) 1, V Cronk’s Turmeric; 2, Shelford Rupert; 3, Baileys Pukka Tukka. coaching (P Munt) 1, D Selway; 2, W Ginns & G Rawlings; 3, F Warrender. turnout 1, J Brown; 2, C Wigmore & J James; 3, J Loove. SHP (Mrs G Sabin) 133cm 1, D Day’s Classic Charade; 2, K Shields’ Wilowbay Whisper; 3, E Allen-Beales’ Bwlch Sea Pine. 143cm 1 & ch, M Kingston’s Fair Dominic; 2, R Digby’s Loveday Carey Lewis; 3, G Andrews’ Glenallen Harmony. 153cm 1 & res, G Andrews’ Riversdale Christoff; 2, N Whitelock’s Helsinton Next Generation; 3, N Whitelock’s Whispering Grass. SP (Mrs D Machin) 128cm 1, A Poulton’s Oakley Spring Fantastic; 2, B Snelling’s Stainswick First And Foremost. 138cm 1 & ch, Mrs Prebensen’s Fidra Alba; 2, K Butler’s Rillaton Ring Leader. 148cm 1 & res, R Harris’ Nuthurst Aqarius; 2, A Richrds’ Rillaton Fermando; 3, J Lodwidge’s Rangehilol Minstrel. LR 1 & ch, K Brar’s Haighend Dreams Royal; 2, E Crew’s Fromewsay Fizzy Top; 3, B Holloway’s Rainsbrook Halcyon Days. FR 1, H Jeans’ Craydon Mandarin; 2 & res, B Holloway’s Abba Royal Ambassador; 3, J Knight’s Sandling Sea Breeze. hackney (J Neachell) open, 143cm 1 & res, Mr Wenham’s Semley Sparrow; 2, R Bass’ Stapleford Black Jack; 3, J Peters’ Gillcrest Sir James. over 143cm 1 & ch, J Peters’ Brookfield Sheeza Lady; 2, E Walsh’s Marylind Executive; 3, J Cresswell’s Forewood May Queen. ridden coloured (Miss J la Four, S Somers) pony non native 1, A Clark’s Spider; 2, L Sims’ Harroway Mr Harlequin; 3, S Fews’ Honeypot Right On Target. horse 1 & res, W Bartlett’s Amazing Grace; 2, V Jenkins’ Domino Dancing Sox; 3, N Whitelock’s Samehills Mosaic. native/traditional 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Triangulum;2, W Bartlett’s Sudgrove Sid; 3, S Wright’s Mr Smith. new forest in hand (Mrs J Webb, Miss G Evans) gelding, y’stk 1, Mitchener & Jefferis’ Empiure Top notch; 2, S Breese’s Willoway Clean Sweep; 3, A Cant’s Cantlease Just Jaye. 4-y-o &over 1, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Foxglove; 2, D Murrell & S Mace’s Farriers Man Friday; 3, M Williams & I Nash’s Frithjam Topper. y’ling, colt 1, A Adams’ Maytree Cranborne; 2, Mr & Mrs Andree Parsons’ Sabinas Monte Carlo; 3, A Cant’s Cantlease Fieldfare. 2-y-o 1 & res, K Eynott’s Sabinas Crackerjack; 2, Mr & Mrs A Bailey’s Furzley Magician. 3-y-o 1, C Ellis’ Tiptow Sundance. y’ling, filly 1, S Kilford’s Furzley Serenade; 2, Mrs Stainer’s Silverlea Sister Laura; 3, E Collis’ Dorridge Curlys Double. 2-y-o 1, J White’s Wheely Down Sonnet; 2, W Cobden’s Meon Bury Mrs McGregor. 3-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs A Bailey’s Applewitch Clairvoyant; 2, Mrs Martin’s Royal Acorn Nutmeg; 3, A McGrath’s Vernons Valeta. stallion 1 & ch, M Bryant’s Wayland Cranberry; 2, Bayless & Biddle’s Fijal Encore; 3, N Williams’ Peronne Plaver. mare 138cm 1, J Whitham’S Woodrow Delights Double; 2, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Firelight; 3, Mr & Mrs G Ellis’ Canford Countess. over 138cm 1, M Bryant’s Luckington Gala; 2, H Withers’ Jomsmead Victoria Plum; 3, N Head’s Ashley Tarragon. b’mare 138cm 1, Mr & Mrs B Wilson’s Bakeburn Cindy; 2 & forest-bred ch, J Young & T Nineham’s BrockBrocade. foal 1, Mr & Mrs B Wilson’s Bakeburn Petra; 2, J Young & T Nineham. mare over 138cm 1, Mrs Stainer’s Silverlea Sundora; 2, Messrs Sibley’s Merrie Maple Syrup; 3, S Kilford’s Foxhills Harmony. foal 1, Messrs Sibley’s Merrie Maple Gold; 2, Mrs Stainer’s Silverlea Sundeva; 3, S Kilford’s Furzley Fox Trot. Shetland (Miss B Miller) mare 1 & res, Pickett & Sargeant’s Champlers Rosebud; 2, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Lady Eleanor; 3, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Vasha Of Touchwood. b’mare 1, V Harrison’s Kerswell Moth; 2, M Taylor’s Park View Miss Mink. stallion/gelding 1, C & R Rogers’ Starfire Gilton Briar; 2, Slade & Nichols’ Abbostbury Lysander; 3, Mr & Mrs I Bailey’s Boodle Of Touchwood. y’stk 1 & ch, Pickett & Sargeatn’s Clivercast Bi Bi; 2, Mr & Mrs R Turvill’s Highwood Florence; 3, T Johnson’s Riushetts Wistful. (A Cheyne, Mrs P Renwick, Mrs Newbolt-Young, Mrs J Webber) Exmoor, y’stk 1, S Marsh’s Cricky Boy; 2, J Payne’s Tawbitts Dart; 3, J Batho’s Brockshill Tosca. 4-y-o & over 1, J Payne’s Tawbiutts Golden Fudge; 2, M Williams & I Nash’s Sweetcombe Sun Valley; 3, Mrs Rees-Agnews’Frithesden Celebration. Connemara, y’stk 1, Lady Palmer’s Artful Archer.4-y-o & over 1, W Carter’s Charles Land Mystic Sionniana; 2, W Carter’s Packridge Rainbows End. Dartmoor, y’stk 1 & res, P Harrison’s Plovers Cockleshell; 2, Reid & Parkinson’s Micklehill Ace Amour; 3, Goodwin & Houseman’s Peps Malachi. 4-y-o & over 1, N Wright & G Wrossall’s Wynhill Blackbird. Dales/Fell/Highland y’stk 1, A Rogers’ Llancloudy Skirrid; 2, F McWilliam’s Brittleton Strathisla. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, M Smallman’s Heltondale Misty; 2, Sunglow Stud’s Sunglow Sabrina; 3, M Hewlettt’s Dartdale Buster. Welsh (Mrs G Sells, D Sykes) sec A, y’stk 1, J Rogers’ Ronswood Galaxy; 2, P Blake’s Lippens Honeybunch; 3, D Pickering’s Yaverland Eros. 4-y-o & over 1, L Caldwell’s LippensNightingale; 2, Tuvey & Airey’s Tilehurst Cassie; 3, T Armstrong’s Friars Supreme. sec B, y’stk 1, J Curtis’ Kingsmead Infanta; 2, D Bell’s Holyoake Shameka; 3, S Kemm’s Nefyn Jimbo. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, D Bell’s Holyoake Harmony;2, C Johnston’s Moelgarnedd Cadfidog; 3, K Vials’ Mondesfield Mr Mistofelees. sec D, y’stk 1, W Bruce’s Llyfnant Tegid; 2, T Young’s Tydfil Lloyd Dun ‘N’ Dusted; 3, L Saint’s Southcoast Mr Tom. 4-y-o & over 1 ch & M&M ch, Peaty & Deabill’s Trefaes Golden Pearl; 2, J Howell’s Horob Eiran; 3, E Collis’ Abermosan Harriet Express. stallion 1, L Pittman’s Llechryd Ap Jedd; 2, A Burke’s Abersyg Moonlight; 3, C Gatland Hanion’s Hollygrove Astaire. sec C, y’stk 1, E Pittman’s Lantine Lou Lou; 2, V Flux’s Erwwastad Georgia; 3, J Marzetti’s Hardys Limelight. 4-y-o & over 1, Mr & Mrs J Cooper’s Brysmith Citrine Spirit; 2, V Olive’s Llanweneth Cariadus; 3, S Murray-Brown’s Caechels Flying Daydream. stallion 1, Tuvey & Airey’s Somerford Granville; 2, R Kneller’s Cilyybebyll Llewellyn. private driving (M Broadbent, G Carter, Mrs P Young-Jamieson) non hackney, 138cm 1, J Manning’s Gunthwaite Tail Race; 2, M Edmonds’ Synod Guard; 3, L Swain’s Maesllwch Rosina. over 138cm 1 & ch, J Brown’s Harry & B Harvey; 2 & res, A Hasnnah’s Jetset High Flyer; 3, D Hanbury’s Petty Larceny. hackney 1, A Hill’s Bronzebeach Maggie May; 2, Mr & Mrs C Beale’s Redwing Richenda; 3, J Rowe’s Harlington Sapphire. concours d’elegance (B Peckham) 1, S Cullen’s Fritz; 2, J Carter’s Jameson; 3, D Milton’s Trixies Flash. ridden New Forest (Miss J Custerson) novice, 138cm 1, S Watkins’ Peveril Panache; 2, J Wilks’ Farriers First Light; 3, Williams & Cook’s Wellhouse Waterfall. over 138cm 1, F Biddle’s Fijal Floral Dance; 2, S Wiggins’ Sharpham Quaver; 3, M Bryant’s Wayland Charis. open, 138cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Drummer Boy; 2, Mr & Mrs S Young’s Farriers Firelight;’ 3, K Cornwell’s Sabinas Gold Splash. over 138cm 1 & ch, Wayland Cranberry; 2, Mr & Mrs Andree Parsons’ Sabinas Gold Soveriegn; 3, N Head’s Dorridge Chancellor. ridden Welsh pony (Mrs G Sells, D Sykes) sec A&B 1, S Keepe’s Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop; 2, S Keepe’s Gryngallt Playsome; 3, H Jeans’ Bengad Stonecrop. sec C&D 1, Mrs Cuming’s Broughton Rosie Jones; 2, V Olive’s Llanweneth Cariadus; 3, J Willis’ Arddyn Miss Rosey. competition horse (Miss M Gordon-Watson) y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Andree Parsons’ Peveril Peterburg; 2, V Scouller’s Bonheur; 3, W Miller’s Jarosa Consort. 2-y-o 1 & res, L Thompson’s Broadstone Lovejoy; 2, Mrs Merton’s Revelation; 3, T Rickards’ Faerie Rising. 3-y-o 1 & ch, C Wood & M Boyles’ Stormhill Michael; 2, J Barrow’s Periland Louisianna; 3, S Hill’s Pride Of Place. b’mare 1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Amazing Grace; 2, M Todd’s Lullaby; 3, S Muirhead’s Sunley Swansong. foal 1, C Wood & M Boyles’ Heaven Sent; 2, M Todd’s Lillibet; 3, S Muirhead. ridden M&M (Mrs A Berryman-Horne) Welsh D 1, K Novell’s Coedllys Sion; 2, Lady Forwood’s Mowcastle More Magic; 3, S Aylwin’s Cae Glas Tynan. lge breeds 1 & ch, M Hoare’s Mountain Rowan Of Craigie Loch; 2, P Whitlock’s Lowside Diamond; 3, M Sweeney’s Townend Breeze. Connemara/New Forest 1, Wayland Cranberry; 2, A Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 3, F Goodsir’s Rosena Harley Romilo. Welsh B&C 1 & res, Mr & Mrs J Cooper’s Waxwing Keepsake; 2, C Smalley’s Wortley Wild Jasmin; 3, C Johnston’s Moelgarnedd Cadfidog. small breeds 1, Mrs Roberts’ Springbourne Camelot; 2, Reid & Parkingson’s Denbury Down Democrat; 3, M Collett’s Glenwood Caradog. RH (J Conifey) small 1 & ch, J West’s Haddon Hurricane; 2, A Lintott’s Crofts Helios; 3, G Andrews’ Broxwood. lge 1 & res, A Lance’s Merlin; 2, A Terry’s Greylands Amos; 3, S Hislam’s Joli la Chinoise. Cob (A Mickleburgh) l’wt 1 & ch, J Henderson’s Braveheart; 2, A Lintott’s Tullydowey; 3, F Keeling’s Kelston Madam Butterfly. hwt 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 2, V Macrae’s Macateer; 3, C Bardo’s Carntall. hack (Mrs P Stacy) small 1 & res, C Ham’s Basford Blue Smoke; 2, J Watts’ Apple Blossom; 3, W Payne’s Whinchat. lge 1 & ch, C Smith’s Fernhill Park; 2, N Seely’s Rosedale Distinction; 3, A Whitehall’s Groveside Cassanova. M&M WHP (Mrs J Custerson) 122cm 1 & res, M Newton’s Collyers Oriel; 2, Tucker & Marston’s Moortown Bramble Boy; 3, S Everest’s Wynhill Seamus. 138cm 1, W Watherston’s Kiltinane Rufus; 2, Mrs Roberts’ Caroworth Pendant; 3, A Corney’s Bushmere Eclipse. over 138cm 1 & ch, C Streams’ Trefrfawr Comet; 2, S Wherry’s Willoway Thistle; 3, K Payne’s Riversdale Master Blaster.

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