New Forest Pony Performancee Tests 8 June ’03


Judge-Claire Moir, Dressage Grade 1 Preliminary Test No 10 (2002) WAYLAND CRANBERRY S35/090 Highest percentage, Sire: KATRIC CAPERS S04199 Dam: ESDAILE HOLLY BERRY M20/176;WAYLAND CHARIS M39/079, Sire: DEERACRES FRANCO S05492 Dam: ROWLANDS CHARISMA M26/320; FARRIERS FIELD OF DREAMS S33/049, Sire: PEVERIL PETER PIPER S21/093 Dam: HONEY IX M20/022;FARRIERS FIRELIGHT M37/126, Sire: FARRIERS NEW FLAME S32/064 Dam:HONEY IX M20/022; FARRIERS FINGER PRINT S39/055, Sire: PEVERIL PETER PIPER S21/093 Dam: WAINSFORD WHISPERING GRACE M12851. Dressage grade 2 Novice Test No 32 (2002) Wayland Cranberry as above highest percentage Farriers Field of Dreams as above. Dressage Grade 3 Elementary Test No 53 (2002) Wayland Cranberry as above.

Judge-Andrew Harris, Jumping Grade 1 Ponies 13.2hh and under 2’6″ Over 13.2hh 2’9″ Farriers Field of Dreams as above highest percentage; FARRIERS FIELDMOUSE S37/076(G), Sire: LUCKINGTON SPORTAIDE S28/047 Dam: WAINSFORD WISTARIA M20/263; Farriers Firelight as above; BURLEY BRANSTON S35/164, Sire: RANDALLS FIRE S24/064 Dam: WEIRS AVELINE M29/368; BEACON PIERIS M35/407, Sire: PEVERIL PETER PIPER S21/093 Dam: BEACON GUELDER ROSE M13443; COVE COPSE LITTLE JOKER S36/217(G), Sire: CRABBSWOOD ZANUSSI S30/051 Dam: COVE COPSE TINKER M31/257; Wayland Charis as above; Wayland Cranberry as above. Jumping Grade 2 Ponies13.2hh and under 2’9″ Over 13.2hh 3′ GREENCOTTAGE AMBASSADOR S38/056 Highest Percentage Sire: PEVERIL PETERBOROUGH S26/067 Dam: GOSDEN PRICKLE M11962; Wayland Cranberry as above; Farriers Field of Dreams as above; Burley Branston as above; Farriers Fieldmouse as above; Beacon Pieris as above. Jumping Grade 3 Ponies 13.2hh and under 3′ Over 13.2hh 3’3″ Greencottage Ambassador as above; Highest PercentageBeacon Pieris as above; SABINA’S GOLD SOVEREIGN S37/041 Sire: PEVERIL PETERBOROUGH S26/067 Dam: SILVERLEA DANUTA M26/040.

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