New Forest and Hampshire County, 25 – 27 July

  • NEW FOREST AND HAMPSHIRE COUNTY Brockenhurst, Hants, 25 – 27 July

    7-fence challenge 1eq, Nobull (R Prater) & Promised Land (T Fletcher); 3, Jump De La Cote (P Crago). speed stakes 1, Marleen (G Luckett); 2, Rex (M Armstrong); 3, Una (T Stockdale). grand prix 1, Billy Birr (W Funnell); 2, Rock Star II (P Charles); 3, Randi’s Gold (J Pay).AXA PPP Healthcare IT 1, Lucy May (R Bevis); 2, Fresh Direct Animation (T Stockdale); 3, Randi’s Gold. accumulator 1, Utah Girl (M Lanni); 2, Lucky (H Paul); 3, Quo Vadis (G Luckett). Knightwood NF pony Challenge 1, Buckland Falcon ((K Thorne); 2, Merrie Magnuson (J Noble); 3, Burley Touch Of Gold (A Wilson). Young Show Jumper Award 1, Maestro De Rend Peine (N Pavitt); 2, Ballinteskin Lucky Girl (J Kirk); 3, Whisker (R Prater). 1.40m 1, Larichter (B Willmer); 2, Nobull; 3, My Miss Saigon (J Kirk). B&C 1, Odysseus II (R Willis); 2, Mersley Mon Capatain (B Dunning); 3eq, Willems Jugerts & Cairo (P Charles).

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