New feeds for leisure horses

  • Highlights’ new feed range is designed to take the mystery out of feeding leisure horses

    Highlight has introduced a range of feeds designed to make feeding the leisure horse asstraight forward as possible.

    Available as a cube or mix, the Highlight Leisure feeds have been designed specifically for amateur riders, whose horses are in light to medium work.

    The range has been designed so riders can swap between the different energy levels to suit their horse’s varied workload without worrying about upsetting the digestive system.

    “We realise that many leisure riders alter their riding habits according to weather and season. Most ride more frequently during the summer than in the winter, while weekend riding is popular all the year round,” says a Highlight spokesperson.

    “The Highlight Leisure Range has been specially formulated for horses and ponies who work irregularly between light and medium workloads due to rider commitments.”

    The range includes:

    • Highlight Leisure HiFibre Mix/Cubes: a low energy feed suitable for good-doers, natives and cobs in light work on an irregular basis or atrest
    • Highlight Leisure Riding Mix/Cubes: A low to medium energy feed for horses and ponies which are hacking out regularly, being schooling or doing fitness work prior to competing
    • Highlight Leisure Active Mix/Cubes: A medium energy feed ideal for more active leisure horses working daily and competing regularly

    For a leaflet about the range contact Highlight (tel: 01353 720237)

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