New feed for dressage horses

  • Badminton Horse Feeds has launched a new mix formulated specifically for dressage horses

    Feeding for top dressage performance without the horse becoming “over the top” in the arena can be difficult. However, Badminton Horse Feeds has launched a new course mix, which aims to strike this delicate balance.

    Badminton Dressage Mix has been formulated to provide slow release energy from high levels of digestible fibre for stamina, while its oil content provides a concentrated slow release energy source and helps maintain a healthy glossy coat.

    A small amount of fast release energy from starch is also included to help the horse produce its top performance at competitions.

    The feed also includes Equimatrix, a herbal formulation that helps your horse utilise its feed efficiently, and a digestive enhancer to reduce the likelihood of digestive upsets.

    A 20kg bag will cost around £7.80.

    For more information including your nearest stockist contact Badminton Horse Feeds (tel: 01572 756091) or visit www.badmintonfeeds.co.uk

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