New equine poultice dressing

Animalcare has launched a new poultice dressing to work alongside their existing wound care management system

Treat poultice is a dressing which can help to draw infection out of a wound. It can be used wet, as either a hot or cold poultice, or as a dry dressing.

The poultice is completely sterile and doesn’t contain any chemical additives. It is suitable for use on wounds, cracked heels, mud fever, sprains and strains.

Cost at around £5.

Treat poultice can be used with either the Treatrap bandage, which is stretchy to reduce the risk of over tightening, or Treatplast, an elastic adhesive bandage.

Cost at around £2 for Treatrap and £6 for Treatplast.

The Treat range is available nationwide from local veterinary centres. Contact Animalcare (tel: 01904 487608).

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