NCPA Derbyshire Festival showing results

  • NCPA DERBYSHIRE FESTIVAL, Somerford Park, Cheshire, 9 June

    RP breeding b’mare 1, A Moynihan’s Thornsett Love Story; 2, K Wood’s Leevale Lucy Locket. foal 1, A Moynihan’s Thornsett Royal Affair; 2, K Wood’s Leevale PeterPan. y’ling 1, P Mather’s Pickmere Sirocco; 2, A Roberts’ Royalviews Casanova; 3, G Neve’s Styalways Amadeus. 2-y-o 1, J Fox’s BN Georgies Surprise; 2, S King’s Kouros Killarney; 3, W Powers’ Kilattle Marking Thyme. 3-y-o 1, A Rosenbloom’s Valentine Minuet; 2, G Berrisford’s Deanhills Fairy Story; 3, M&T Barlow’s Woodview Fantasia. over 4yr 1, G Berrisford’s Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, A Roberts’ Royalviews Last Symphony; 3, A & K Mahan’s Brookwater Indigo Bunting. SH breeding mare/geld 1, S King’s Kings Krisana; 2, M Hughes’ Secret Rendezvous; 3, L Hall’s Rowanberry Mimic. y’ling 1, G Neve’s Styalways Amadeus; 2, V Radcliffe’s Kerandi First Gold; 3, L & R Carruthers’ Hilllin Tasmin. 2-y-o 1, A Rosenbloom’s Yealand Vain Glory; 2, M & T Carswell’s Paddock Paragon; 3, Mr & Mrs Clark’s Leesmoor Good Night Cholet. 3-y-o 1, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, M Beeston’s Stychlands Noble Heir. part-bred breeding 3-y-o 1, A & K Mahan’s Brookwater Indigo Bunting; 2, L Hall’s Hightops Marcasite. filly 1, S Paris’s Liongate Coney Greaves; 2, M & T Barrow’s Woodview Fantasia; 3, G Berrisford’s Deanhills Fairy Story. 2-y-o 1, Kouros Killarney; 2, Kilattle Marking Thyme; 3, K Robinson’s Oberland Excelsis. y’ling 1, P Gilfilllan’s Grindles Royal Cantata; 2, Royalviews Casanova. mare/geld 1, K Wood’s Leevale Lucy Lockett; 2, H Davidson’s Botleigh Portrait; 3, L Hall’s Rowanberry Mimic. foal 1, K Wood’s Leevale Peter Pan; 2, D Hardy’s Bexton Alouette. Welsh sec A 1, Unsworth & Bell’s Penwisg Picasso. barren 1, A Fairclough’s Minsterley Fenella; 2, E El Dharat’s Greenmeadows Posy; 3, Mr & Mrs Rushton’s Coed Tirio Honey Suckle. y’ling 1, P Galea’s Penwisg Merry Monarch; 2, E El Dharat’s Llafar Milo; 3, A Fairclough’s Shawgreen Rubin. 2-y-o 1, C Oldfield’s Siva Satin; 2, P Galea’s Penwisg Pirhouette; 3, R Wilson’s Tiverton Pudsey. sec B b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Isleym Walton Athena; 2, C Jones’s Bunbury Confetti; 3, E Meakin’s Ernford Mystique. foal 1, C Jones’s Bunbury Cahoot; 2, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Mercury; 3, J Bennett’s Tiavoric Cribou. y’ling 1, H Preston’s Wynswood Zeus; 2, Mr & Mrs Cheetham’s Carrwood Acclaim; 3, V Radcliffe Kerandi First Gold. 2-y-o 1, C Jones’s Bunbury Charlotte; 2, Robert & Taggart’s Locksbit Whispering Rose. NCPA in-hand M&M 1, R James’s Slaypits Fergie; 2, K Baxter’s Wayland Lion Heat; 3, J Glass’s Wolds Blackbird. non M&M 1 & ch, Stychlands Royal Secret; 2, D Hardy’s Brookvean Kimberley; 3, J Stone’s Alkerton Peregrine. y’stk M&M 1, J Glass’s Wolds Swift; 2, Tiverton Pudsey; 3, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Golden Harrier. non M&M 1 & res, Valentine Minuet; 2, G Berrisford’s Deanhills Minuet; 3, G Neve’s Lemor Exige. NPS/Picton M&M novice ridden 1, J Mansfield’s Montique Charioteer; 2, P Collier’s Tybanadl Gwilym; 3, A Milner’s Tymor Tamsin. medium 1, K Jones’s Inellan Golden Harvest. lge 1, M Jackson’s Paddock Tutor. nov 1, J McAuliffe’s Maeside Aderyn Bach. sec C over 3yr 1, C & J Costello’s Parvadean Rethink. y’ling 1, S Whitwam’s Farhill Blossom. 2-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Crutchley’s Synod Lucky Lucy. sec D over 3yr 1, A Denney’s Bwlchllan Royal Warrior. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs Hopkins’ Abercippyn Saran; 2, Mr & Mrs Squires’ Bethune Victoria; 3, J White’s Cefn Black Saphire. foal 1, Mr & Mrs Hopkins’ Lidgett Rio. y’ling 1, Mr & Mrs Squires’ Brynithon Royal Pride; 2, E Meakin’s Rhystyd Llwynog. 2-y-o 1, Mr & Mrs Hopkins’s Lidgett Sarah; 2, D Timmons’ Oakbury Regal Princess. M&M small 1, Mr & Mrs Crane’s Blackthorn Panache; 2, J Williams’s Serendipity Of Quimper. med 1, Wayland Lion Heart; 2, W Dyson’s Mundun Cluedo; 3, K Jones’s Inellan Golden Harvest. lge 1, J Glass’s Wolds Blackbird; 2, A Hibbert’s Waterside Grace; 3, J Stafford Shaw’s Heltondale Heaton Boy. y’stk small 1, J Hutchinson’s Chagford Natasha; 2, S Cambage’s Roecliffe Pippin. med 1, K Baxter’s Marley Denes Golden Harrier. lge 1, J Glass’s Wolds Swift; 2, Mr & Mrs Crane’s Tarnbeck Willow; 3, A Hibbert’s Owfen Miss Molly. stallion 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Crane’s Sleddale Jeffrey; 2 & res, R James’s Dartdale Peter Boy. P(UK) cobs lwt 1 & ch, E Cheffing’s High Moon; 2, S Comer’s Dickens; 3, C Igoe’s Walter Raleigh. hwt 1 & res, D Collinson’s Oakwood Bally Cavan; 2, H Boden’s Paddy. hunters small 1 & ch, V Smith’s Rufforth Rowena; 2 & res, A Schofield’s The Midas Touch; 3, L Onions’ Giovanni. lwt 1, K Watson’s Marton Elyvator; 2, S Wallbanks’ Glassvilawn Women. hwt 1, J Gibson’s Blundell Castle. NCPA ridden M&M 1 & ch, J Glass’s Wolds Woodcock; 2, Kings’ Roseoak Amber; 3, McAuliffe & Staley’s Wiston Mat Express. non M&M 1 & res, J Stone’s Alkerton Peregrine; 2, G Berrisford’s Blaircourt Glamour. palominos ridden 1, D May’s Moonshine State Emblem; 2, A Williams’s Ballymaginthy Hurricane; 3, T Johnson’s Tom Boy. y’ling 1,O Mason’s Grassendale Golden Legend. 2/3-y-o 1, D Timmons’ Oakbury Regal Princess. mare/geld 1, C Hassall’s Asil’s Satisfaction. part-bred/Arab 1, C Robins’ Sundancers Legacy Of Asil; 3, Asil’s Satisfaction. stallion 1, Mr & Mrs Dakin’s Coedderw Sunshine; 2, Sundancers Legacy Of Asil; 3, Chaldensford Candy’s Golden Legacy. hack breeding y’ling 1, M & T Carswell’s Sandby Excella. 3-y-o 1 & ch, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Sir George; 2 & res, T Gregson’s Valantino’s Royal Touch; 3, T Moulden’s Kings Ainjel. riding horse novice 1, V Edwards’s Royal Velverino; 2, J Lee’s Sunrise Sunrise; 3, J Stock’s Carnival Gold. small 1, Giovanni. lge 1 & ch, M Jackson’s Ethrow Intuition;2 & res, J Smith’s Copper Mill; 3, Royal Velverino. ridden hack novice 1, G Berrisford’s Blaircourt Glamour; 2, A Schofield’s Knightsbridge; 3, S Cowley’s Mystique. small 1 & res, Knightsbridge; 2, H Black’s Flynn. lge 1 & ch, H McHenry’s Cool Customer; 2, P Atkinson’s Diamonds Are Forever; 3, S Cottle’s Petronella Personified. hunters amateur 1, S Noble’s Tempest; 2, R Worth’s Castletown Spirit; 3, K Watson’s Marton Elyvator. ladies 1, J Boardman’s Moynalvy Sparkle; 2, L Snelson’s Capuchino. small 1, E Dale’s Ring Charlie Boy. lwt 1 & ch, A Leigh’s Robbidoux; 2 & res, I Susca’s Cavanagh; 3, H Birch’s Olivers Benedict. mwt 1, R Dugary’s Sandringham. hwt 1, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Diamond Crisp; 2, T Rayner’s Enlightening. open M&M ridden small 1, K Manning’s Dykes Rosiemead; 2, J Mansfield’s Ringcourt Sinatra; 3, P Collier’s Penwisg Belladonna. lge 1, A Cowdrey’s Castle Hill Polly; 2, J Mansfields’s Montique Charioteer; 3, J Nott’s Caebryn Susanna. Lobster Pot 1, H Turner’s Brierdene Benjamin; 2, D Unsworth’s Bengad Rosary Pea; 3, L Jackson’s Dagwood Bengalese. Brineton 1, Penwisg Belladonna; 2, J Mansfield’s Ringcourt Sinatra; 3, G Morton’s Twyford Maelgwyn. Dalkeith lge 1, S Ward’s Carraroe Pride; 2, F Claque’s Calerux Welsh Majic; 3, P Moore’s Milford Aramis. HOYS cobs lwt 1 & ch, Y Renwick’s Tom Firr; 2, D Ellerton’s Tom O’Hawk; 3, M Ward’s HVF Rosanna. hwt 1 & res, T Briggs’ Boy George; 2, P Sheppard’s Huggy Bear; 3, C Neame’s Awsome. ponies SHT novice 1, A Rothwell’s Anastasia; 2, K Manning’s Kelsborrow Chenille; 3, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Autumn Sun. interm 1, V Smith’s Rufforth Rowena; 2, A Schofield’s The Midas Touch; 3, P Chantler’s The Pedlar. 122cm 1, J Dean’s Millay Senoreta; 2, T Bacclochy’s Plasdelyn Limelight; 3, K Neachal’s Misty’s Imp of May. 133cm 1, R Platt’s Rhoson Matisse. 143cm 1, L Lloyd’s Wilderness Picaroon; 2, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Limited Edition; 3, Glenn & Whitehouse’s Riversdale Equuleous. 153cm 1, A Rothwell’s Anastasia; 2, A Robinson’s Wattlemeade Norman; 3, G Portnall’s Royal Command. LR 1, S Flavell’s Mountain Shale; 2, A Mills’ Litton Dancing Dreamer; 3, J Curbishley’s Pringles Ladybird. show ponies novice 1, J Rushton’s Courtland Chantilly; 2, J Schofield’s Chloe; 3, Glenn & WhitehousesF Greenacres French Connection. LR 1 & ch, S Alibinson’s Barkway Taffeta; 2, W Clarke’s Courtway Patience; 3, L Jackson’s Megland Vision. first ridden 1, Platts & Earp’s Fairley Chorister; 2 & res, J Ashdown’s Nantybai Candytuff; 3, R Leavesley’s Blithbury Be Fair. 128cm 1, K Manning’s Chinook Gem. 138cm 1 & ch, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, J Stone’s Alkerton Peregrine; 3, A Moynihan’s Thornsett Obsession. 148cm 1 & res, P Morris’s Rotherwood Peek A Boo; 2, J Rushton’s Courtland Chantilly; 3, L Lloyd’s Wilderness Picaroon. int SRT 1, Kings’ Lydden Bewitched; 2, L Harbor-Smith’s Primadonna’s Jubilation. int 1, S Cottle’s Petronella Personified; 2, P Harper & C Twiston-Davies’s Strinesdale Elegance; 3, V Snelson’s El Primero. CHAPS pony 1, A Robinson’s Wattlemeade Norman; 2, C Hamilton’s Popstar. horse 1, J Stacy’s Mini Cooper; 2, Tom OFHawk; 3, S Large’s Spice’n’Eazee. y’stk 1, S Kendrick’s Lostock Kiss & Tell; 2 & 3,S Lowe’s Miskito & Ebony’s Elegance. in-hand pony 1, C Hamilton’s Popstar & Baby Spice; 3, S Lowe’s Domino. horse 1, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 2, A Hall’s El Nino; 3, S Pritchard’s Pandora’s Box. part-bred Arab breeding over 4yr 1, P Willliams’s Maraday April Love; 2, Mystique; 3, H Davidson’s Botleigh Portrait. y’ling 1, M Scott’s Fidra Miss Money Penny; 2, G Neve’s Lemor Exige; 3, M & T Carswell’s Sandby Excella. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, Kings Ainjel; 2,T Gregson’s Valentino’s Royal Touch; 3, A Rosenbloom’s Valentine Minuet. pure-bred mare/geld 1, Mr & Mrs Davies’s Amento Tamara; 2, Mr & Mrs Davies’s HT Fazid; 3, C Bennett’s Storm Gold. y’ling 1, Lustrells Show Horses International’s Ah Danza Bey; 2, Mr & Mrs Clinton’s Rimella Gold. 2/3-y-o 1, R Priest’s Kazim Ibn Djammai; 2, Wright & Mycock’s Ffantaziah; 3, C Horrox’s Parsifai. stallion 1, K ChildsF Samari. Ridden part-bred under 153cm 1, Kings’ Lydden Bewitched; 2, P Borrell’s Chancley William Tell; 3, G Berrisford’s Blaircourt Glamour. exc 153cm 1, Strinesdale Elegance; 2, Z Whittle’s Pencefn Trident; 3, V Snelson’s El Primero. pure-bred 1 & ch, C Bennett’s Storm Gold; 2 & res, K Houghton’s Madrid Ibn Maximo; 3, C Dann’s Kerim Ibn Kesharma. M&M WHP pony 1, P Jackson’s Misskarrs Travolta; 2, S Flavell’s Hobbs Saphire; 3, S Keepe’s Rotherwood Wild Snowdrop. 122cm 1, R Leavseley’s Isley Walton Sandstone; 2, R Platt’s Isley Walton Onyx; 3, R Leavseley’s Cadlan Valley Jackpot. 138cm 1, L Dickinson’s Windwillow Viscount; 2, C Calvert’s Falcams Marcus; 3, S Johnson’s Waverhead Rosanna. exc 138cm 1, M Nettleton’s Banrioghan Baun. WHP cradle 1 & ch, Cadlan Valley Jackpot; 2, Isley Whalton Onyx; 3, C Horsley’s Bradmore Claudia. nursery 1 & res, A Lafferty’s Alkerton Hyde; 2, P Collier’s Wrigley Puccini; 3, G Brobyn’s Alandale Fair Cameo. mixed ht 1, GBrobyn’s Alandale Fair Cameo; 2, H Johnson’s Lord of the Manor; 3, J Massey’s Cardsdale Oliver Twist. 133cm 1 & res, Wrigley Puccini; 2, Lord Of The Manor. 143cm 1 & ch, F Holton’s John’s Choice; 2, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 3, HJohnson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini. int 1, L Snelson’s Capuchino. open 1, J Callwood’s Famous Finch; 2, A Sharp’s Cwyrtai Karella; 3, J Whitwham’s Inishowen. novice 1, E Wrennall’s County Kilkenny; 2, S Smith’s The Joyrider; 3, J Callwood’s EJ.

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