NCPA Cumbria show results 20 March ’05

  • NCPA CUMBRIA Carlisle, Cumbria, 20 March

    WHP (Miss J A Smith, Mrs V Harvey) baby beginners 1, E Addison’s Monty; 2, T Peet’s Millcroft Pharoah; 3, Mrs S Beattie’s Moonllight Minstrel. beginners 1, P Dawson-Coates’s Tilly; 2, G Storey’s Joey; 3, A Jackson’s Muchkin. M&M nov 1 & ch, Mrs A Metcalf’s Boston Buds Of Spring; 2, S Allison’s Ferndale Warrior; 3, C Claydon’s Fayre Jack A Dandy. do open 1 & res, Mrs S L Angus’s Wedderlie Marnion; 2, M Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 3, S Sloan’s Cruz Control. WHP (Mrs J Pybus & Ms C Barker) nov N S 1, Wedderlie Marnion; 2, Mrs A Wybergh’s Waitwith Marquis; 3, Duchess of Roxburgh’s Landswood Jack of Diamonds. nov int 1 & res, C Richardson’s Comberton Carlos; 2, S Allinson’s Dock Star; 3, J Clark’s Border Spice. open horse 1 & ch, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, Comberton Carlos; 3, V Knowles’s Kingston Manor. open int 1 & ch, Lough Crew; 2, Border Spice; 3, V Knowles’s One In a Million. CS 1 & ch, Waltwith Marquis; 2, Mrs J Jackson’s Cookson Lucius; 3, Mrs C A Hastings’s Brabyns Buck. ONS 1 & ch, Landswood Jack of Diamonds; 2, Wedderlie Marmion; 3, Mrs H Sloan’s Alandale Fair Cameo. 133cm 1 & res, Alandale Fair Cameo; 2, B Maxwell’s Magnum; 3, Mrs L Bryson’s Deacon Blue. 143cm 1, Ruby Slippers; 2, C Sloan’s Miami Blue; 3, Mrs G Wright’s Romp N’Roam. 153cm 1, G Clark’s Oliver; 2, Mrs S Tyson’s Whinneydene Bucks Fizz; 3, Cruz Control. mix nov 1, Oliver; 2, Mrs K Smith’s Guilded Lady; 3, K Watson’s Bracken.

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