Natural Dynamics Magnet Therapy dog collar

  • The Natural Dynamics Magnet Therapy dog collar is said to be ideal for older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. This collar is made up of three magnets and to be effective must be close to a major blood supply, which is the dog’s jugular vein at the base of the neck.

    I tested it on Rupert, an aged Springer Spaniel who had lost much of his sparkle and joie de vivre due to the onset of aching joints and general lethargy.

    At the time Rupert was undergoing aggressive veterinary treatment in the form of harsh drugs, so at first it was difficult to judge whether there had been any dramatic improvement.

    However, a few weeks later when Rupert had been weaned off the drugs and was being treated homoeopathically, I tried again. This time I took the collar to our vet who is one of the leading vets specialising in homeopathy and alternative treatments – he gave it the thumbs up and said he thought it would help improve circulation.

    Although Rupert couldn’t be described as completely “cured” yet, after several weeks’ use, there is notable improvement in his mobility and these days he is not quite as stiff when getting up after a long sleep.

    The brochure explains that while the dog collars have achieved remarkable results covering a broad range of ailments, they are not a ‘magic cure all’ and results may vary from dog to dog.

    For more information contact Natural Dynamics Ltd (0700 0444484) or visit: www.naturaldynamics.co.uk

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