National Hunter showing results, 4-5 September 2012

  • HOYS working hunter (Mrs E Murray, Mrs R Morris).– 1, D Reid-Scott’s Harley Foxtrot; 2, L Juniper’s Beechfields Astra Zeneca; 3, J Armstrong-Small’s Andor O. open (Mr J van Praagh, Mr D Goldie) lwt.– 1, ch & res sup, P Rackham’s Bridgham; 2 & res, P Underwood’s Loch Royal; 3, S Chapman’s Kings Golden Wonder. mwt.– 1, P Nuttall’s Boss; 2, S Iggulden ‘s Oathill Take The Biscuit; 3, C Bardo’s Knightsbridge Court. hwt.– 1, Mr & Mrs Hall’s Major Moylaw; 2, Holts’ Act Flyn Lad; 3, A McGrath’s Donderry. sml (Mrs E Murray, Mrs L Hamilton).– 1 & sup, J Day’s Party Time V; 2, Mrs Cowley’s Miracle Mickey; 3, V Ramm’s Templebready Fear Not. amateur (Mrs J Banks, Mrs M Low) sml.– 1 & res, Templebready Fear Not; 2, G Merton’s Kilkea Castle; 3, S Coates’ Lanson. lwt.– 1, L Freedman’s Mr Mick; 2, I Darcy’s Diamond Hill II; 3, A Buckingham’s Drumconnick Diamond. mwt.– 1 & ch, P Coles’ Redwood Ash; 2, S Fisher’s X Factor; 3, P Duncan’s Lowmoor Playboy. hwt.– 1, Dr O’Connell’s Avalanche; 2, A McGrath’s Tobermory; 3, H Curtis’ Lismon President. home produced amateur (Mr J van Praagh, Mr D Goldie).– 1, Tobermory; 2, X Factor; 3, P Pickard’s Natterjack Toad. hunter breeding (Miss E Morley) b’mare novice.– 1, A Bassett’s My Something Special. foal.– 1, A Bassett. lwt.– 1, Haswell & Moran’s Tiger Lily IV; 2, Oliver & Upham’s Chantry Clover Girl; 3, V Redbart’s Red Silhouette. foal.– 1, Haswell & Moran; 2, V Redbart. mwt.– 1, D Collins’ Florestine. hwt.– 1, A Wareham’s Who’s That Lady. sml b’mare (M Maryan).– 1, C Mackness’ Gracie Fields. foal.– 1, C Mackness. not to exc 158cm y’ling.– 1, Evans & Jarrett’s Dapper Lad. 2yo.– 1, D Sadler’s Mr Tom Dooley; 2, S Illiffe’s Nutwood Mimic. 3yo.– 1, J Marsden’s Carrhouse Boston Legal; 2, Langaller Farms Ltd’s Trenavey Celtic Fustion. y’ling male (M Bullen).– 1, Evans & Jarrett’s Make My Day; 2, J Hunt’s Grandrock River. filly.– 1, I Darcy’s Westerdale Queen Of Hearts; 2, R Stanley’s Sylen Solitaire; 3, L Blake’s Lowmoor Yours Truly. male 2yo.– 1, res male & young hunter ch, Mr & Mrs May’s Potters Grenadier; 2, S Evans’ Dominator; 3, J Jerram’s Tower Bridge. do filly.– 1 & res filly, V Redbart’s Red Ramilly; 2, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal; 3, K Barley’s Drummatic. male 3yo.– 1 & ch male, J Anderson’s Oathill Best Of Both; 2 & Cuddy ch, Pitt, Smith, Charlesworth & Ellis-Owen’s Le Grant. do filly.– 1 & ch filly, K Barley’s Twilight Dream; 2, J Hunt’s Oathill Teacake; 3, K Davies’ Foxcourt Maddonna. produce group (Mrs J Hart).– 1, Classic Drummatic, Twilight Dream & Classy Mell. working hunter (Mr C Hunnable, Mrs J Hart) nov lwt.– 1, L Henson’s Rathcoole; 2, A Buckingham’s Drumconnick Diamond; 3, N Thompson’s Touch Of Black. hwt.– 1, P Callan’s Imposter; 2, N Holloway’s Downtown. open lwt.– 1 & ch, L Henson’s Ballydoogan; 2, S Cox’s Clonfert John; 3, J Snedker’s Kenlis Quality. hwt.– 1 & res, K Green’s I’m A Diamond; 2, J Snedker’s Keep Talking; 3, F Bentley’s Zepper. ladies (Mrs E Murray, Mrs L Hamilton) lwt.– 1 & res, Z Turner’s Hoppy Jumping; 2, N & P Moon’s Darius III; 3, P Duncan’s Aunty Iris. hwt.– 1 & ch, W Smith’s Bann View; 2, P Nuttall’s Darragh Classic Prince. mare.– 1, D Stennett’s Time 2 Reflect; 2, A Bassett’s Glad All Over; 3, Countess Of Devon’s Skippy VI. Tattersalls RoR (W Goodhew).– 1, L Russell’s Stealth Project; 2, D Bremner’s Willie Wong; 3, C Chamberlayne’s Old Kent Road. sport horse breeding (C Hewlett) b’mare.– 1, D Collins’ Florestine; 2, V Redbart’s Red Silhouette; 3, J Townshed’s Raritat. foal.– 1, J Townshend; 2, V Redbart; 3, S Illiffe. 3yo.– 1, Le Grant; 2, S Hookham’s Revenge; 3, N Skill’s For-Tune. 3yo.– 1, Knifton-Reed & Davies’ Tremarl Dark Inc; 2, K Barley’s Twilight Dream; 3, E Steptoe’s Well Connected. 2yo male.– 1, D Sadler’s Mr Tom Dooley; 2, S Illiffe’s Nutwood Mimic; 3, D Heginbotham’s Great Expectations. filly.– 1, V Redbart’s Red Ramilly; 2, E Steptoe’s Cavalier Crystal; 3, K Barley’s Drummatic. y’ling male.– 1, Make My Day. do filly.– 1, Westerdale Queen Of Hearts; 2, Lowmoor Yours Truly; 3, S Barrett’s Cossack Cartier. amateur ridden (C Hunnable, M Maryan).– 1, A Tate’s Shanbo River King; 2, L Heseltine’s Sid II; 3, A Hargreaves’ Alderpark. sport horse (Mr J Geake, Miss E Morley) 4yo.– 1, C White’s Hello Dolly III; 2, j Bradwell’s Tommy Steel. 5yo.– 1, G Ward’s Frank Diamond; 2, J Quinton’s RMS Springtime. 6yo.– 1, A Buckingham’s Drumconnick Diamond; 2, P Price’s Cassinar; 3, F Dodd’s Billy Elliot II. Blue Chip Flat.– 1, E Humpston’s Nelson VIII; 2, A Loriston-Clarke’s Sandro Courage; 3, T Johns’ Mon Amie. working hunter (Mrs J Banks, Mrs M Low) rest.– 1, Andor O; 2, Touch Of Black; 3, K Green’s Shekanping. amateur.– 1, P Price’s Warco; 2, Ballydoogan; 3, V Rose’s Out Of Order. grand prix.– 1, Harley Foxtrot; 2, C Stevens’ Anchorman; 3, M Cooper’s Paper Moon. young hunter (Mr D Ingle, Mr D Kellow) 4yo lwt.– 1 & res, D Tatlow’s Union Hall; 2, M Smithers’ Stanhopes Mr Macoy; 3, S Cowgill’s Hawlmark Classic Twilight. hwt.– 1 & ch, D Tatlow’s Late Knight; 2, J Hunt’s Siona Diamond Navina; 3, Mr & Mrs Ebdon’s Ramscombmanor Just Harry. 5yo lwt.– 1 & ch, Time 2 Reflect; 2, J Day’s Diplomats Choice; 3, S Fisher’s Double Take VIII. hwt.– 1 & res, J Jerram’s Clonaslee Master Diamond; 2, P Richmond’s Highlane Riley; 3, R Harthern’s Hoghton Gossip. novice (Hon Mrs D Gooch, Mrs B Rich) sml.– 1, HM The Queen’s Favour; 2, V Ramm’s Short Notice; 3, J Whitham’s Woodrow Summer Time. lwt.– 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s About Town; 2, Diplomats Choice; 3, S Kenny’s Middletown Gerry. mwt.– 1 & res, N Holloway’s Downtown; 2, M Cooper’s No Name; 3, A Pavitt’s Don Kentucky. hwt.– 1, J Stallard’s Orions Cruiser; 2, J Cooper’s Naomh Eoin; 3, Hoghton Gossip. HOYS hunter (Mrs B Sturgis, Mr S Somers) lwt.– 1 & ch, Diamond Hill II; 2, Mr & Mrs Jerram’s Country Man; 3, J Tyldesley’s Tudor Minstral. mwt.– 1 & res, A Malim’s Ever So Lightly; 2, J Bickerton’s The Optomist; 3, K Candlish’s Shannon Beau. hwt.– 1, C Ellis’ Conrhenny President; 2, Darragh Classic Prince; 3, R Bosworth’s Osbourne. sml.– 1, D Trimarco’s Toncynffig Lord Harding; 2, Mr & Mrs Hodge’s Woodfoot Diamond; 3, D Charlesworth’s Exclusively Centerstage.

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