Must see: Spirit – a family favourite

  • 5 July 2002 HHO reviews Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the new animated blockbuster, which goes on general release from this weekend

    Think Black Beauty meets Gone with Wind and you have a charming but not sugar-sweet story where good triumphs over evil mixed with a good old fashioned love story.

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a captivating animated feature film, which follows the adventures of a young mustang from birth into adulthood.

    A production from DreamWorks Pictures, the company responsible for last year’s hit movie Shrek , this film boasts an easy-listening soundtrack written and performed by Bryan Adams and music by Hans Zimmer.

    Horses are notoriously difficult to capture in movement and producing animated film that was both accurate and realistic could have potentially proved difficult.

    The filmmakers employed equine experts, as well as using the very latest technology in 2D animation. The end result is stunning graphics combined with lifelike characters that move and look like “real” horses.

    The feature that sets this film apart from other cartoonswhere animals feature as the starring roles, is that none of the horses speak. Instead, Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon narrates Spirit’s story.

    Adults and children alike will be held captive by this touching story of man’s brutality towards other humans and animals.

    Verdict A captivating but slightly predictable story which the ultimate kids’ chic flick

    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (Cert U) and opens nationwide from today July 5. For more information click here to visit the Spirit website www.dreamworks.com/spirit

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